OMG did our 5000th Finisher just happen?! – Run Report #109

Little did timekeepers Daisy and Nish know at the time, but they recorded a Kp milestone today. The 5000th finisher came through the finish chute, and joined the august group of little-M millenial finishers Marvin B (2000th), Bryce C (3000th) and Edi T (4000th). Who was the 5000th, you ask? (and who was the 1000th btw?)

Maybe we failed to mark the moment because Trent P recorded a Groundhog event, when a parkrunner finishes in the same exact time in 2 consecutive finishes. That is very hard to do, and supposedly if you 'try' to do it, it never happens. It has to come naturally like it did for Trent, who did so in Grover-Cleveland-style on #107 & #109. Trent ran with 5 other parkrunners who have a Kp groundhog, so perhaps the presence of Angela L (our first to record a Kp groundhog at #47), Liang H (#65), Andy H (#89), John G (#94), and Susan O'B (#103) was the magic sauce.

Maybe we failed to mark the 5000th because we were welcoming 4 first-parkrun-ever first timers: Usha V, Vajeeha J, Nina V, and Maria Elena F. We hope they join us again. Thanks Micki P for giving the 1st timers briefing.

Maybe it because we also noted that Sebastian L and Jonathan H joined the unofficial Kp 5-event and 10-event club today; we hear that once you've done 5+, your Saturdays are never the same and browsing the worldwide events at becomes key to making your vacation and travel plans. (Yes, your bar code works everywhere!)

Maybe we were cheering too hard for Caroline R, a junior parkrunner who marked a PB by shaving almost a minute-and-a-half off her time. Bravo Zulu, Caroline!

Maybe the rod-and-cone activating high viz yellow vests of our volunteers distracted us from marking that 5000th finisher. The Mech clan came out in force again to support the volunteer effort, with Enora providing finisher tokens, and Elma cheering parkrunners while serving as near marshal. Elma's counterparts as far marshals are the indefatigable Amber S and Chris S. Liang H was car marshal, Pam M lugged the gear, and aforementioned Groundhogger Trent P was our pre-event setup master. Brody R, who manufactured a field-expedient bar code, tail-walked the course. John G scanned bar codes, and his dad Greg G was Run Director, Results Processor, and Run Report Writer - doing his best to start the timekeepers by 9:05 am, get results posted by 11:00 am, and post the Run Report by 3:00 pm.

As the parkrunner's high wore off from the groundhog event, Caroline's super effort, welcoming new faces along with the old, and the blare and glare of the volunteer vests, we did indeed note that our 5000th finisher had crossed our finish line. Congratulations, Sharon O - you did it for all of us!

(btw, who was the 1000th? shhh... we will reveal that next week unless you digital sleuths can figure it out before then)