Kensington parkrun is cancelled on 2021-04-24 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

DNKp #3!

Results from Definitely Not a Kensington parkrun #3!

Vanessa C 5K (3.1 miles) 00:30:07 trail Slower than in recent weeks, but still worth it!   Had some mask issues and had to stop to adjust. Enjoyed a brisk walk with Pam, too!
Mike and Rosa Zielinski 5K (3.1 miles) Park Run course
Daisy R & Sushan Y 2.6miles ~45 mins Ovid Hazen Wells Park Trail Loved the sight of woolly Caterpillars.
Heather Sisan 4.5 miles Beach Drive Overcast skies but the temperature was perfect for running, and all the yellow trees lining the road made a nice backdrop. I'm trying to get out as much as possible these days to enjoy the mild weather - I know it won't last!
Liang Huang/Dan Huang/Aiyun Li 5K (3.1 miles) 29:26 Rock Creek Trail We did a different section of the Rock Creek Trail, starting from Picnic Area #18. Went to La Gelatteria after the run and met Pam. Had a quick social-distancing chat.
Judy Mason 7.37 km 1 hour 25 minutes Kensington - Parkwood Enjoyed chatting at Beach and Cedar
Sally N 7.37 km 1 hour 25 minutes Kensington - Parkwood
paul mcg 5K (3.1 miles) 30 mins on my elliptical in the basement watched espn during it
Pam M 5K (3.1 miles) a long time Kensington parkrun course - both laps!

DNKp #2: Sunshine Day!


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Judy M I ran a different distance 7.3 km 1:26:00 Parkwood Drive, Kensington It was a perfect morning for a walk, and it was great to see a few other Kensington parkrunners.
Sally N I ran a different distance 7.3 km/4.5 miles 1:26:00 Parkwood Drive, Kensington
Heather Sisan I ran a different distance 4.5 mi n/a Beach Drive Still on a high from yesterday, and the glorious weather matched my mood. I love this combination of summer warmth, fall colors, and hope for the future.
Vanessa Chang 5K (3.1 miles) n/a 00:28:05 Trail A beautiful, warm day!  I ran close to my PB, but ate breakfast too close to running, and suffered the consequences!  :)
Liang Huang 5K (3.1 miles) n/a 27:55 Rock Creek Trail It was so good to be back on the same trail where Kensington ParkRun is. We went to La Gelatteria too, but was a little earlier at around 10.
Dan Huang 5K (3.1 miles) n/a 31:05 Rock Creek Trail
Kevin Cheriyan I ran a different distance 5 miles 46:24 min Beach Drive
Colin Phillips I ran a different distance 4 miles 34:17 I ran to Acredale Park in College Park It felt great to get out and run at dusk on a spectacular fall day. And of course I ran into a couple of parkrunners along the way. (Sorry for submitting this late. Oops.)

DNKp #1: wet, wet, wet!

Photos and results from our very first DKNp!

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Vanessa Chang 5K (3.1 miles) 29:16:00 trail A rainy day adventure!!
Liang Huang 12 Kilometers 55 minutes  Annapolis Rock via Appalachian Trail It was foggy but extremely beautiful.
Heather Sisan 4.5 mi N/A Beach Drive Had a great early afternoon run on a nearly deserted Beach Drive. The temperature was just right, the air smelled like damp autumn woods, and there were big sycamore leaves twirling down, tempting me to catch them. So glad that Kensington parkrun got me out the door for this run!
Pam M. 2K N/A RCT Boy was it wet!

Freedom freedom run/walk reports: week ending 7/19/20 (the last one)

Hi, it's Pam. In case you hadn't figured it out, I've written most of these reports. I received help from Judy M and Greg. Judy was a lifesaver - she volunteered at a point when I wasn't certain that I could keep doing them. So we teamed up and managed to keep it going for a few more weeks. But I am out of steam. Call it pandemic-sitis. I hope everyone else is faring better.

I want to thank everyone who contributed by sending in their runs every week. It was fun for me to hear from all of you. We raised a boat load of money for La Gelatteria. You are all amazing and I know that we will be back at parkrun someday. And that will be my happiest day.

So, thanks to Judy, here is the final FFR report for this week:

Liang H. and Aiyun L. ran a 5K from Lock 22 to Seneca Aqueduct on Sunday July 19. It was one of those hot days but the run itself was very pleasant. Lots of sweat, measured by a soaking shirt.

Samantha W. We'll miss you. Thank you for your hard work on the FFR report keeping us motivated. I'll continue on my running schedule and check out College Park Parkrun for motivation. This week I did my typical 3/5/3 mile run Mon-Wed and made it to 8 miles on Saturday... getting closer to13.1M goal. :-)

Judy M. and Sally N. I (Judy) did some 6 to 7 km morning runs early in the week, but by the end of the week when it was hotter I dialled it back to walking. On Saturday I walked 6 1/2 km at 6:30 am, then a bit later I walked just over 6 km with Sally. Even just walking, we both sweated a whole lot. I'll miss reading everybody's run reports each week.

Heidi. Hi parkrun: The notice that this week was the last freedom freedom run finally got me over my inertia to do my first. Better one than zero?

My course took advantage of the weekend closure of parts of Sligo Creek Parkway. Thank you MoCo for giving us more room to run.

Virginia C. I was glad to be able to jump in the pool after this run! It’s nice having something more than the heat to make it feel like summer.

Ashley G. Got out for 3.1 this morning and it was HOT HOT HOT. This was my last Saturday morning run because I am relocating to start my PhD. I’ll miss this Parkrun community and bummed I didn’t get to do one last real Parkrun (just means I’ll have to come visit!).

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 8.17.48 PM IMG_9764 Morning walk with Sally Early morning walk image0 (2) image0 (11) image2 (4) 20200718_182109-COLLAGE 1595110705097


Freedom freedom run/walk report: week ending July 12

The penultimate run report. It's special, because it allows us to use the word penultimate. Penultimate events occur just as often as final events (as long as there are at least 2 events) but doesn't get the same fanfare. So with this run report, we salute all the underappreciated and often ignored penultimate event.

Angela L and Pam M were off their running game this week. First it was the rains of Monday (coupled with a little car trouble). Pam decided to quarantine starting on Tuesday due to a very weird interaction with a stranger, but Angela got out for a walk on Wednesday. After Pam's test came back negative on Saturday afternoon, they went out for a social distancing walk. Yes, Pam wore her mask, and also put a filter in it. She huffed and puffed through most of it but she reports that it was good to have some in-person human interaction. Pam just broke her own rule by writing more than 3 sentences, but we're giving her a break since she had a tough week.

LIang H. and Aiyun L. are back at C&O canal lock 21. Our Sunday morning 5K run was very pleasant. More people are coming out doing outdoor exercise.

Amanda B. I ran twice this week (Thursday and Saturday) and really struggled with the heat and humidity even after bumping up my start time to 7:30/8am. I'm thinking about starting earlier, but not sure that I can peel myself out of bed at 6am any more now that I've adjusted to quarantine life. Hope everyone is well!

Samantha W. Hello! Summer is in full (heat & humidity) swing. Fortunately, mornings have been treating me well for my runs. Not many interesting encounters on my routes this week, hopefully, this week would be more inspiring. Cheers!

Vanessa C. I ran almost a 10k (actually ran over that amount but didn’t start the app until later) and enjoyed being at Peirce Mill after some time off for a shin injury. It was beautiful and shady, which eased some of the humidity, but my mask was still soaked in sweat afterwards, as was my entire self! Staying hydrated.

Stephanie, Ian, and Henry. Dew point was 71 for today's fake parkrun.

Judy M. This week I went for an early morning run every day except Thursday, but every day was hard because of the high humidity. Today (Saturday) I covered just over 6 km (almost 4 miles).

Heather. Wet trails on Tuesday morning but wow, that fresh, cool breeze felt good after the thunderstorm the night before. I ran three miles in my neighborhood and saw a few storm casualties, like this one on Beach Drive.

Pam, hope you have bounced back from your bunny hop, and Sally, hope you are recovering well! Appendixes - who needs em? Cheers.

Greg G. Ran a 5k and a 10k this week, which will be my weekly max distance for now. I did a few long bike rides, one to work in Falls Church and back and some shorter rides around town. Our pool opened for lap swims so have worked a few of those in too.

Sally N. has done several 5 km walks during the last week, recovering well from losing her appendix.



image2 (3) image1 (5) 20200711_125747-COLLAGE IMG_20200711_104235937 Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 9.18.24 AM Freedom freedom run 11th July Poor Tree

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