Kensington parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Yes, it is true.

Kensington parkrun, as well as all other parkruns in the US, has been canceled for at least the month of March.

We PROMISE that we will celebrate our birthday with pi recitation and pie eating once we are back in action.

Your Kp Ops team will miss you all.

Stay healthy in body, spirit, and in mind.

-Pam, Greg, Ian, and Stephanie

PS We know we owe you a run report from last week. We've just had to put our parkrun energy towards pressing issues. Before you know it, it will be up and you can refer to it to vicariously live a Kensington parkrun!


Run report #105: Take a Leap parkrunDay!

Kensington parkrun comes around every Saturday, but Leap Day comes around only once every four years (most of the time). How often does Leap Day fall on a Saturday? We're not sure, but we know that it happened this year!

So we celebrated Take a Leap parkrunDay on February 29th at Kensington parkrun. Our run director defined Take a Leap parkrunDay as a day when you could leap while running or walking the course, or leap across the finish line. She also mentioned that participants could take a leap of faith, and she encouraged folks to define that for themselves.



Kensington parkrun had 45 participants on Kensington Leap parkrunDay and 14 volunteers. Here is our weekly group photo and a photo of a subset of our volunteers.



Four first timers last week! Welcome to Eric, Kaati, Jorge, and Katherine!


Four returning Kensington parkrunners set personal bests too! Congratulations to Mike, Sam, Heather and Jamie!



Dan scored an official milestone: he joined Club 10, which recognizes kids who have done 10 parkruns! Dan is now eligible to order his white parkrun 10 t-shirt. We had a couple of unofficial milestones too. Steve and Erik each completed their 10th parkruns! No t-shirt because they're grown-ups, but they do get our hearty congratulations on making it 20 percent of the way to the red t-shirt.



After parkrun a bunch of us, including first timer Katherine, got together for breakfast at La Gelatteria. We had a great time and encourage you to join us sometime. Henry entertained us with a dinosaur-turtle face off.



After Leap Day comes March, and March holds plenty of excitement at Kensington parkrun. In fact, it's a whole Kensingtonparkrunpalooza! Check it out at! We plan to celebrate Spring on March 21st, even though our reporter seemed to have forgotten about it when she wrote the news piece.

We hope to see you at Kensington parkrun real soon!


March 2020: It’s a Kensingtonparkrunpalooza!

Mark your calendars...lots of things going on at Kensington parkrun in March!

March 7: International Womens' parkrunday! 

The men and boys of Kensington parkrun will run the show so the women and girls of Kensington parkrun can run (or walk or skip or leap or hop or saunter) our beautiful 5K course!

March 14: Pi Day!

The first 10 or so digits of pi will be recited during the run briefing. Memorize it so you can join in. 3.1415926535. Google pi if you would like to memorize even more digits. If you are a math teacher (no names mentioned), consider volunteering to lead the pi chant. There will be that other kind of pi(e) to celebrate.

March 21: ???

Every Kensington parkrun is special, but March 21st has no theme yet. Any ideas? Let us know! Perhaps we should keep with the math theme and celebrate No Remainder Day? After all, 21 divided by 3 is exactly 7. We won't hold it against 3 and 7 that they are prime numbers.

March 28: Our second birthday!

Kensington parkrun celebrates its birthday on the final Saturday of March. This year it's March 28th. We'll have a post-parkrun snack potluck to celebrate. Bring something to share if you like. We'll provide plates, cups, utensils.

Hope to see you at one, a couple, or all of our March happenings!





March 28, 2020: Now we are two!

March 24, 2018: Kensington parkrun #1


It seems like it was just yesterday that we posed for our first group photo.

On March 28th we turn 2 years old! Come on out and be part of group photo #109!

Snacks afterwards on the bball court - bring something to share if you like.


Run Report #103 – 11th Hour Upload

With Event #104 - with its promises of tu-tu's, King cake, and purple, gold, and green beads - coming fast, we've got a few hours left to post the run report from #103. We're going to riff off the immediate-post-parkrun social media post instead of writing one from scratch. Hey, we need to sleep!

3️⃣7️⃣ finishers
14 volunteers, including 7 stalwart junior SSL'ers
6 PBs (including our 4 rabbits and our tailwalker Daisy)
3 First-timers - welcome Alain & David on your 1st ever
Chocolates to fuel & warm our furnaces
2 barkrunners

We will note two occasions from last Saturday:

Guofeng, seen in the picture below with his 50-milestone sash and RD Emily, first came out in August of 2018, to accompany daughter Holly who came to Kp to volunteer. Guofeng ran the course just shy of 30 min back then. Now, 17 months and 11 PBs later, he is a regular in the 22-24 min 5k pack. Very inspiring!

We also welcomed the return of Leisi for her 1st post-surgery barkrun! The fleet-footed canine has run almost as many Kps as her human companion. She had surgery recently to remove a growth (benign!) and took a few weeks off to recuperate.  She was in fine form for event #103.


The weather is looking good for the 22nd - for our wearing of tu-tus and celebrating Mardi Gras.

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