Public Service Announcement – Return to the Pond


Mark your calendars
. Jamaica Pond parkrun will be returning home to Jamaica Pond permanently. Effective December 7th.

We would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to our friends at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. The folks at the Arb made it all possible to use their space on a Saturday morning! We were so lucky to be able to spend the summer running a single 5k loop through the lilacs, conifers and willow trees.

We had many compliments on how much you all enjoyed the course and having an opportunity to explore new green space in the city of Boston! (Let's not talk about undulating aspects of Bussey Hill!).

Over at Jamaica Pond, the Boston Parks & Rec Department invested $5 million in significant renovations. Read all about it here.  Expect newly paved paths, landscaping and improved drainage. Thank you to everyone involved in this massive project. We are so excited to return.


Some of our parkrunners went to the unveiling of the Jamaica Pond paths. Recognise a few familiar faces? How about Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh (left), and City Councillor Matt O'Malley (squeezed in-between the apricot sandwich).

For the newbies of parkrun
You are going to LOVE the Jamaica Pond parkrun course.  A flat, 2-lap course, along the waterside now awaits, featuring the good ole turnaround point for high-fives and loud cheers.

The course is out-and-back, meaning that the start and finish is in the same location. Meet at the top of Pinebank Promontory (adjacent to Moraine St x Jamaicaway). The parkrun flag will be visible from the road, along with the colourful punnets on the finish chute.

Hopefully all that training around Bussey Hill will help you all to crush the finish section as you go up "that hill" and through the finish.



  • Thursday, November 28th: 9AM, 2nd ANNUAL Jamaica Pond PARKRUN TURKEY TROT @ Jamaica Pond | Read all about it here.
  • Saturday, November 30th: 9AM, Arnold Arboretum (our final run at our temporary course!)
  • Saturday, December 7th and onward: 9 AM, Jamaica Pond


0600 BOSTON.  Jamaica Pond parkrun will take place today, March 2nd.  See you on the course at 0850 for the First Timer's Brief!


WINTER STORM UPDATE – March 2nd 2019

WINTER STORM UPDATE: Two winter storms are hitting Boston this weekend! Snow is predicted to start on Saturday at 5am.


At present, Jamaica Pond parkrun is still going ahead. Our JPparkrun course inspectors will be checking the course early tomorrow morning to make any last minute calls if the route looks unsafe.

Follow us on social media or check in on FB or this parkrun news page for regular updates.

Read all about the predicted and contrary forcast on this article in the The Boston Globe.  For those of you feeling optimistic, the Globe writes:
"But, there is also a slight chance that Massachusetts will see no snow at all Saturday"


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