Jamaica Pond parkrun #96: New years day !

Clearly the draw of an extra special run of the best parkrun in the US, was very compelling because we had 143 new year runners out at Jamaica Pond! What a great turnout!!!

We had travelers from South Africa, UK, Ireland, and a few other from far flung lands, all to run in the amazing Boston January weather ;-)

The pond was looking absolutely fantastic, and despite the cold temps, the only ice present was on the pond itself, which was great as we had a few recovering injury and accident prone runners bringing in the new year with us, and everyone made it in one piece :-)

Coincidentally we had 143 runners clocking their best time of the decade so far. Big pat on the back to all of you !

But also it looks like the new year partying didn't slow down a lot of our keen runners as we had a plethora of new, and impressive lifetime PRs:

George BUTCHER,18:05
Jeffrey BELING,18:19

Anthony KARIUKI,18:36
Brian NORTON,21:03
Summer HARVEY,22:17
Marco MURA,22:45
Karen ATKINSON,22:53
Jeanette ROBINSON,24:18
Mallory SULLIVAN,24:22
Balam WILLEMSEN,25:14
Mary BUTCHER,30:19
Claire BERMAN,30:24
Marj RADIN,41:23

Off they go flying !!!

Obviously we are all dedicated parkrunners and we've taken the most important New Years Resolutions of NOT FORGETTING OUR BARCODES and RETURNING OUR FINISHER TOKENS Today we managed to return all 143 tokens except one. If anyone has number 76 please return it, it's brother and sisters (numbers 70-79) are missing it already and are very sad, it'll be happier back in its true home. No questions will be asked ;-).

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers today who where all looking bright and fresh, Katya BEREZHNAYA, Benjamin BIRCH, Chrissie CONNORS, Laura CORNELISSEN, Paul DZUREC, Dan FORWARD, Kent HIRSHBERG, Colby JENKINS, Claire MC MANUS, Jarlath MEENAN, Chris MEENAN, Andrew MESSINGER, Liza NEUSTAETTER, Jeanette ROBINSON, Spencer RUPORT, Harvey SHAW, James SMITH, Sara TIAN

Special shout out to the timers, bar code scanners and token distributors whose sterling efforts led to a 100% trouble free result and rapid processing (and thus an unstressed run director who could enjoy his Cityfeed coffee and muffin in relative calm).

And the best bit... we only have to wait 3 days before we can do it all again!!! Hoorah!!

Chris and Jarlath


JP parkrun #92: The Rise of Pondwalker

After an extended vacation at the lovely Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Pond parkrun returned to the newly revamped and repaved Jamaica Pond. Although the temperatures were quite cold, we saw 76 parkrunners come join us for our return.



Within these numbers we saw two 50 run milestones. Huge congratulations to Janice Fergusson NISBET of Harpenden Arrows Running Club and Gillian KEENAN of Sloggers to Joggers for their achievement. We also had seven first timers who braved the cold to get in their first two laps of Jamaica Pond. Congratulations also to Charlotte LEAPE, Sophie PODHURST, Patricia MCGALEY, Brigid MEEHAN and Vicky PHAM for running personal bests!


Our volunteers really are what makes parkrun possible. A huge thank you to those who marshaled, tail-walked, helped with setup and all the other volunteer positions during our time at Arnold Arboretum and especially to Dan FORWARD and Chrissie CONNORS for working tirelessly each week to make sure that we have a full roster of people to make parkrun run (or walk) every week.IMG_20191207_091230

Yesterday's volunteers included Jeannette ROBINSON who ensured that our runners and walkers safely made it through the funnel, while with cheer encouraged everyone at the finish. Thanks also to Wali SABUHI, James SMITH, Robert STEEVES,Kent HIRSHBERG, Eric AVERION, Colby JENKINS, Arnost LOBEL, Karen ATKINSON, Neil GUERTIN, Anthony NASCH and Katie KELLNER for volunteering this week.

-Ben BIRCH, Run Director

What’€™s a snowman’€™s favourite Mexican food?



JP parkrun #67 – The First of Summer

Well, it’s official folks. Summer is here (and it only took her 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 19 seconds) and the arboretum is starting to feel just like home. This week’s edition of JP parkrun saw some beautiful weather and 85 lovely, suffering faces who pushed their way through the endless hills and trails of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.

To kick off the day, we knew we needed to have our very best Run Director on duty to ensure that things went smoothly. Unfortunately, Laura, Dan, Drew, Ben, James, Robbie, Wali, and Chrissie were all unable to take the reins, so, as truly desperate as they were, they came to me for help running another lowkey edition of JP parkrun.

Dan always looks Forward to a great Saturday 5k.

As the date was June 22nd, aka 2-2, we had our fair share of runners out wearing their tutus in recognition.

Themed days are always a favorite of ours at JP parkrun, and our next “theme” will be our club day on July 13th. Gather up all of your fellow club runners and join us in celebration of the Boston running community!

Sir Ben volunteers as flag wrestler

June 22nd also marks the birthday of JP parkrun’s own James Smith, who celebrated with us by leading the pack of runners up Bussey Hill and towards the Conifer path while riding his bicycle in shorts that made many of us look away in horror.


On the course, it was all “thumbs up,” as we saw an appropriate number of first timers with 22 runners completing our parkrun course for the very first time, while 7 of our runners ran new PBs on this tricky, hilly course.


And after all hope was nearly lost, our tailwalkers crossed the finish line to tumultuous applause.

As a first time run director, I of course need to give a huge shout out to our volunteers,

Benjamin BIRCH • Chamali NARANGODA • Chrissie CONNORS • Claire MC MANUS • Dan FORWARD • James SMITH • Jon WILLCOX • Julie CAMPBELL • Karen ATKINSON • Nicole TAIKEFF • Pu YUE • Rick SMUDIN • Robbie COOK • Robert STEEVES • Sami ELAMIN • Sarah-Jo SINNOTT • Summer HARVEY

without whom none of this would be possible. I have volunteered at JP parkrun on many occasions, and I have to say that run directing was perhaps the easiest role with so many knowledgeable and eager individuals helping.

Will you join their ranks in the weeks to come? We are always looking for new volunteers to join us any roles ranging from course marshalls to timekeepers and barcode scanners, all the way up to new run directors! Volunteer by signing up here or emailing jamaicapondoffice@parkrun.com.

This could be you!

Follow us on social media:
Facebook: facebook.com/jamaicapondparkrun
Instagram: @jamaicapondparkrun
Twitter: @jpparkrun

See you Saturday.

As reserved as always,
Colby Jenkins


JP parkrun #59: Anarchy in Paradise

While the Queen is away, the royal subjects will play. That was the theme of this week’s edition of Jamaica Pond parkrun, as we saw Queen Laura depart for San Francisco with several of her corgis in tow. We love it when parkrunners support different venues while traveling, which is exactly what this group did at Crissy Field before Laura and Drew tore it up at the Big Sur International Marathon. We look forward to their return, and hope that Sami left his shorts (instead of his heart) in San Francisco.



Meanwhile, back in Boston, Sir Ben ruled with an iron fist over his team of 25 dedicated volunteers, dishing out demerits left and right. In contrast with his lovely, serene, and calm demeanor, the below picture shows the face of a man who isn’t messing around! I can still hear his voice echoing in my head: “Two laps around the pond!”


Despite the gloomy weather and threatening storm clouds, 99 brave runners (and several good pups) took to the starting line. This number included 27 first timers, with visitors from Washington, DC and Ireland. Irish visitors Tom and Mary had a particularly strong impact on our volunteer team. We wish them the best as they depart on their cycling trip from Boston to New York!

And as this was the 4th Saturday of the month, we once again featured our odd numbered pacers who, decked in their blue vests and wonderful socks, helped lead the group to 16 new PBs! Included among this number were our first-place male and female finishers Amit OZA and Alejandra QUINTANILLA, along with Mark SADECKI, David REES, Emily RYAN, Pippa FORD, Holly MASEK, Arnost LOBEL, Jennifer KELLETT, Meghan GRZYBINSKI, Matt WHITE, Eric AVERION, Moriah BAUMAN, Paul LASHOTO, Adele HARNETT, and Remy NIKKA. Well done all!



As always, thank you to our wonderful volunteers (thank your marshals, folks!) who make this great event possible every week.

This week’s lot included Allison AMICO (accompanied by Murphy OLSON on tail-walking/catching duty), Benjamin BIRCH, Ann CARBONE, Chrissie CONNORS, Robbie COOK, Lance DOHERTY, Elisabeth DWYER, Dan FORWARD, Summer HARVEY, Kent HIRSHBERG, Colby JENKINS, Nelson KNUDSEN, Claire MC MANUS, Chris MEENAN, Chamali NARANGODA, Jenna PALIN, Peter POLLOCK, Lynda ROE, Sarah-Jo SINNOTT, Robert STEEVES, Nicole TAIKEFF, Sharon TOUW, Martin WALSH, Jon WILLCOX, and Pu YUE.


This Saturday (May 4th) features our Star Wars themed parkrun, so we'd like to invite everyone to come out in their best costumes. Rumor has it that Dan will be buying coffee for the best dressed*. Until then, may the fourth be with you.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (@jamaicapondparkrun), Twitter (@JPparkrun), and Instagram (@jamaicapondparkrun) for bonus content and news. Reach out to us via social media or e-mail (jamaicapondoffice@parkrun.com) if you are interested in volunteering at a future event.

-Colby Jenkins

*This is a rumor that I’m starting right now.


JPparkrun #58: The Party of the After Party

Hello parkrunners,

The weekend came and went as we have settled into nice calmness outside the wake of two fantastic parkruns this month, our 1st year anniversary run, and Boston Marathon Weekend run. What's next? May the 4th Weekend! #maythe4thbewithyou . We want to encourage all participants to bring a little industrial light and magic to May 4th's parkrun to celebrate a Star Wars themed experience. Dust off your lightsaber, don your favorite jedi robes, and unleash your inner wookie for a new personal best! "Do. Or do not. There is no try..." (-some green alien dude).

I will get off the soapbox and hand the mic our special guest parkrun tourist Roderick Hoffman who has trotted the globe enjoying parkruns from New Zealand to California and back.

Run Director
Drew Messinger

Jamaica Pond parkrun run #58. With only 116 finishers numbers were well down on the last few weeks. But hang on a minute…go back a month and we'd have shouted out that we had had as many as 116 finishers! It would have been the second highest ever only exceeded at run #3 at last year's Marathon weekend. So the 116 actually represent an increase of 40 from the numbers we were getting just one month ago!

First prize in the run week lottery goes to Chrissie CONNORS who finished in 58th place on run #58. The prize, as usual, is a free run next Saturday. Chrissie was first overall - with the 58th male finisher being Mr UNKNOWN, one of 17 bearing that name…or rather the circumstances of not presenting a parkrun barcode at the finish. Hopefully most of those 17 were so inspired by last Monday's Boston Marathon that they committed themselves to do the parkrun on Saturday and now that they know the process will turn up again with a barcode. Amongst the 99 runners WITH barcodes there were 21 who were having their barcodes scanned for the very first time.

Those 21 can consider their Jamaica Pond personal best to have been set, and they now have a target for the next time that they run - or rather they have a measure against which they can monitor their performance. parkrun isn't a race, it is what you want to make of it. So 78 runners had run a previous parkrun. Of those 23 hadn't run at Jamaica Pond before, whereas the other 55 had. Robert STEEVES was running at Jamaica Pond for the 47th time - so he has only missed eleven weeks! Robert is also one of many who have only ever run parkrun at Jamaica Pond. Looking at all of the runners again, 41 of us had run at other parkruns beside Jamaica Pond. 12 of those 41 are Jamaica Pond runners who have managed to run somewhere else and the other 29 are visitors to Jamaica Pond. Looking at the other parkruns each participant had run at I'd estimate that 15 of the visitors were from the UK, 7 were from Australia, 4 from Ireland, 1 from South Africa and 2 from the USA. The two from other parkruns in the USA has previously run at Crissy Field and Fletchers Cove. Those are two of the parkruns that I've also run at…but then again looking at the non-US participants I can also claim to have run at most of the featured parkruns. More about me later.

Thank you to Sami ELAMIN - who was recorded as finishing in 116th place and as the official tailwalker enabled everyone else to record a finish without any risk of embarrassment of being last finisher. Whilst I'm at it thank you to all of the marshals and other members of the set-up team. I would say more about your efforts but unfortunately there aren't currently reports that show how many times each of you have helped out at Jamaica Pond or other parkruns.

At the other end of the field our first finisher was one of those without barcodes but the second finisher was Andreas HAILMANN, and he also had the highest age grade on the day with 73.76%. Kyle ANDERSON was the first junior with an impressive time of 19:28. First lady was Deena ABRAMSON in 22:06. All three of those finishers were outside their PBs perhaps because of the relatively high humidity and blustery conditions. However 13 finishers DID set PBs - too many to mention on the day but well done all. No new Age Category records were set but since I checked these records I thought it worth going back a week and congratulating Kevin MURRAY on one of three such records set last week and in his case to finish with 83.61% which was the fourth best by anyone at Jamaica Pond. Back to today and the lady with the highest age category score was Jennifer KELLETT with 73.45%. There is a table that shows the top 1,000 runners at Jamaica Pond by Age Grade and that shows Kevin MURRAY in 3rd place (Rosie DONEGAN having two of the fastest three age grades), Andreas HEILMANN in 34th, Jennifer KELLETT in 116th place and down in 1,000th place, for one week only, myself!

Amongst the clubs Forest Hill Runners have had the most runners (23) and runs (112) at Jamaica Pond. They had no runners at Saturday's event. The second largest team on runs is Boston Athletic Association and Andreas HEILMANN added another run to their total (now 62). The second largest team on runners is a local team from my area in the UK - Ealing Eagles - and the DUFFS added to their total by two runners (now 12). Mike DUFF most commonly runs at Northala Fields parkrun which is my local and home parkrun - though I rarely run there.

I am what you would call a committed parkrun tourist. Overall I've run 345 parkruns but within that I've run at 271 different parkrun venues. Saturday's run was also the eleventh consecutive week that I've run in a different parkrun country! Yes, I am quite mad (and I used to work for an airline which does help with the travel).
If you get the chance I strongly recommend visiting other parkruns. You will find that they are all the same, and they are all different. They are the same with the same welcome, the same process, the same barcode required, the same distance and so on. They are different because every course and every group of people are different.

I've now run at six different US parkruns and I thought you'd like to hear a bit about each one:
· Livonia, near Detroit, was the first US parkrun and the first US parkrun that I did. It starts in the middle of a collection of sports fields, park in the wrong place and you could find yourself roped into a baseball game instead. The course is flat and I got my best US time there at just under 26 minutes.
· Crissy Field, in San Francisco, is also flat and is one of my "must do" parkruns. But you do need to do it on a day when they don't have sea fog! Without the sea fog you'll end up with a parkrun finish line photograph showing the Golden Gate Bridge behind you.
· I did Fletcher's Cove, one of several in or near Washington DC. I had been due to run Roosevelt Island parkrun and had picked by hotel accordingly but that one was cancelled due to another event. Fletchers Cove was a bit trickier to get to, though I was able to walk to it from the hotel, but it was well worth it with a flat course up and down the length of canal.
· I'd also advise you to choose your weather carefully for South Boulder Creek near Colorado. I was there for the inaugural run, largely by chance since a long planned two week's skiing trip started the following day. The night before they had six inches of snow but of course, the show had to go on. It remains as the only parkrun I've ever run where I've overtaken someone on skis - though the run did take me over 35 minutes.
· Des Moines Creek, near Seattle, presented a different challenge. You start at the bottom of the creek and run along the path parallel to it. This rises by a total of 65meters before the turnaround point - but then it is downhill all the way from there onwards!

And what is next for me? Well, on Saturday I hope to be running in Norway to make twelve parkrun countries in twelve weeks. After that I hope to run my home parkrun at Northala Fields and perhaps a few other local ones I'm keen repeat run. My next in the States? Well, I've yet to run in Florida or Texas and there are now options but one that I'm keen to run at is Moberly in Missouri. It isn't in a very populous place and not easy to get to and often the lady who has set it up runs alone. They also ran their 58th run last Saturday and the record turnout there is just 15. So if you get the chance to travel there - there is an almost guaranteed top ten finish awaiting you, no matter how slow you are!

-Rodrick Hoffman


Jamaica Pond parkrun #54 – Fake News! Conspiracy! Collusion! Spring is here?

PR31The Spring Equinox has happened, as has the full moon but no Spring parkrun at JP this week. With a good inch coating of snow for this week's parkrun Old Man Winter doesn't know that he has over stayed his welcome. There's also rumor of conspiracy and even collusion - that the Run Director is involved! Remember last time that James SMITH was RD? It snowed then too the night before JP parkrun. Clearly an investigation is required!


The grand jury (of one) was convened, member selected, investigation conducted and this is what was found.

This week 76 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers (yay!) and 10 recorded new Personal Bests (cool!). Representatives of 10 different clubs took part. No injuries, accidents or mishaps, only with the wind chill it was pretty cold. We had visitors from Australia, UK, Ireland and Switzerland this week - an impressive international representation.  Also Will PETERS who shaved a minute off his PB! and Andreas HEILMANN reached his 25 parkrun milestone (in addition to coming first), nice one Andreas.


We had 19 volunteers including pacers - thanks to Nelson KNUDSEN and Arnost LOBEL.  A big thank you to Laura CORNELISSEN, Claire MC MANUS and Ann CARBONE for time keeping, Andrew MESSINGER,Benjamin BIRCH, the one and only Wali SABUHI, Dan FORWARD, Cristina SMITH (nice photos),Robert STEEVES,Elisabeth DWYER, Tancy ZHANG, Martin WALSH, Summer HARVEY and Colby JENKINS for scanning bar codes, Nicole TAIKEFF and Jen TOMICH for volunteering for the various duties.

As we come up to our first birthday (next week - can you believe it?) Jamaica Pond parkrun started on 31st March 2018, since then 1,579 participants have completed 3,912 parkruns covering a total distance of 19,560 km, including 576 new Personal Bests. A total of 122 individuals have volunteered 680 times. So with a good turnout next week we need 88 people to run to make the 4000 parkrun  / 20,000 kilometers (12,000 miles) milestones. Looking forward to seeing you all there for the party and the run, your RD James.

BTW the investigation found No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction but did find some lost property  - so if you lost a set of keys or clear wrap round glasses please see James SMITH next week. Oh and the Run Director did personally carry out, supervise and wrote the final investigation report.  Good eh?


Jamaica Pond parkrun #48: Blown Away

"It's not as cold this week as it was last week," you thought, looking at the weather report early on Saturday morning. "I bet JPparkrun will be great this week!"

Well, you were half right: JPparkrun was amazing, despite strong winter wind storming across the pond.

Bob, ever-dedicated, bundled up to chase Sarah-Jo around our course!

As the title says, we weren't just blown away by the wind this past weekend, but also by the 62 happy participants and 18 dedicated volunteers:

Sarah-Jo SINNOTT • Claire MC MANUS • Andrew MESSINGER • Wali SABUHI • Dan FORWARD • Jim TREMPER • Chrissie CONNORS • Andreas HEILMANN • James SMITH • Pu YUE • Martin WALSH • Jon WILLCOX • Chamali NARANGODA • Tancy ZHANG • Junzhi MA • Nicole TAIKEFF • Sami ELAMIN • Shihan QIN

Thanks to pacing, some people pulled double duty. Or triple duty, in the case of our equipment storage person James!

We had a familiar face as first finisher--Rosie DONEGAN arrived back at home base at Pinebank Promontory just 17 minutes and 37 seconds after beginning her sojourn. She was followed by two guys who are becoming very welcome regulars: Nelson KNUDSEN and Lance DOHERTY. Thanks for coming, guys!

Rosie pictured here bundled up, but wasn't the pace hot enough to keep her warm?

A favorite story of the week came from Sami ELAMIN, a frequent volunteer and runner, who brought his brother Amr and his mother Aisha along to parkrun. Between them and Chris, Letitia, and Jarlath Meenan, Jamaica Pond played host to more than one family reunion this Saturday. It's almost enough to fight off the persistent Bostonian chill in your bones to think that parkrun is a place our participants want to bring their families when they're in town. But maybe we shouldn't be surprised, as we've had couples on their wedding anniversaries and flight attendants that have changed their routes to do laps with us before as well.

Sami in his spiffy pacing vest. Rumor has it that he even sleeps in the vest so that he can make the proper pace a part of himself.

We all remain grateful and humbled that you choose to spend your Saturdays with us. As long as you keep coming, we'll keep putting on JPparkrun. Meet at 8:45 for a 9 AM start at Pinebank Promontory at the top of the sugarbowl for your weekly dose of a free, timed 5k.


Event Co-Director

Sign up here to volunteer with us!

Congrats to Rex Plex North parkrun on a stellar debut!


JPparkrun #44: Choo Choo! The Pacer Train is Here!

Brrrrr. That was a cold one. We've finally thawed out and thought it was about time to get the Run Report up.  JPparkrun #44 was a week of firsts.

  • First time Sir Dan was shivering so much that he couldn't even make a joke.
  • First time the megaphone was used!  (Featuring novelty siren).
  • First time we broke the volunteer record in 2019 - with TWENTY ONE VOLUNTEERS
  • First time we used the pacing bibs!

WOW! What a blast!

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Ready, set, go... woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo

Pacers were ready with finish times starting at 18mins upto 34mins.  All our pacers received credit for running parkrun, and for volunteering at the same time.  You're all well on your way to earning that purple 25-volunteer milestone shirt!

Let's meet some of this week's pacers:

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19
Recently ordained, Sir Robbie shot off down the hill with feet on fire and his pack of feisty 18-min runners.

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Pacer Alex of Ukraine looked gallant as he represented the 20-min group.JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Pacer Marc, ultra runner and Forest Hills Runners-runner, represented the 22-min group and came in bang-on-the-nose with a 22:00:00 finish time.
JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19Pacer Alina, of Forest Hills Runners fame, with her 24-min posse including barkrunners.

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Pacer Jim with Daniel and his 26-min crew finishing their first lap before heading to the turnaround point (above), and then preparing to battle with the hill (below).

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19


JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Pacer Lynda showing us how 30-mins is done properly!

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19
Pacer Sami leading the 32-min group!

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Pacer Sybille and JPparkrun passionista Bob Steeves coming in at 34-minutes. Bob's ran the most number of JPparkruns of anyone to-date and is on target to be the very first parkrunner in North East USA to reach a 50-milestone (coming to JP in May 2019).  

  JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19 Team C(h)ristina on their final lap of the pond. Congrats to Christina (right) on her birthday parkrun, accompanied by JP's Master of Timekeeping, Chrissie (left). 

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19 Tail-walker Brian brings the troops home as the 71st and final finisher crossed the line at 37:37. JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19

Nicole (middle), Sir Dan and Jo (right) packing up the kit, while Colby (left) monitors the situation.

JP Parkrun #44 1/12/19
Alex (left) collecting finish tokens after running an awesome parkrun, with Summer (she's volunteered more times than ran) and James of Newton (right).

An extra special thanks to our very talented photographer Madeline Davis!

Results Summary

We had 71 parkrunners brave the -11C temperatures this week. The trick was to layer up and get moving as quickly as possible.  Leading the finish group was Nelson KNUDSEN (18:04) for the men, and Jo DAVIES (20:59) for the women.  Paul DAVIES, JPparkrun regular, came first in the Age Grading scores with a whopping 74% for his effort of 20:08.

We welcomed 11 First Timers including Kate of Wimbledon Common parkrun UK who ran her 192nd parkrun with us!  Meanwhile, JPparkrun poster girl, and parkrun regular, Ann McKinnon, ran her 174th parkrun.  You're all incredible.

We had lots of positive feedback about the pacing groups. So... we will be doing it again, every 2nd and last Saturday of the month.  Please sign up to pace if you'd like to.

That's all for now.  Sir Ben Birch will be your Run Director next week. So buckle up and get ready for an awesome start to the weekend!

Happy running!

Run Director & Event Co-Director
parkrun #44, January 12th 2019


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  • January 19th: Terry Hershey parkrun launch (Houston TX; 28th parkrun in the USA)
  • February 9th: Rec Plex North parkrun launch (Pensacola, FL; 29th parkrun in the USA)
  • Up and coming milestone awards:  Ann Carbone, JP parkrun Core Team member, needs to volunteer one more time to earn her purple 25th milestone t-shirt!

Fancy barcode wristbands
Are you a frequent parkrunner, does your barcode regularly fail to scan, or is your printer running low on ink? Be the envy of all your parkrunning chums: Get yourself a waterproof barcode wristband!


All Kinds of PBs at Jamaica Pond parkrun

November 10th was a great day at Jamaica Pond parkrun! We finally got some reprieve from the rain, the clouds cleared, and nearly 70 runners turned up. We had the cast of usual characters that turn up regularly, but also had 16 people who joined us for the first time, including 3 parkrun tourists! We also had 13 incredible volunteers who made it all possible.


9 people set new PBs at parkrun, which is always incredible to me. Running your best effort ever is no small feat! Good job to everyone! Alina Gatowski just broke the record for most amount of sub-20 runs at Jamaica Pond, previously held by Rose Penfold, our former run director. We are sure Rose is killing it with the sub-20s across the pond though. (Rose had to leave us and go back to England earlier this year. Pretty sure the last two weekends of rain was the pond crying over her absence)


It’s great to see PBs set, but my favorite thing about parkrun is the less traditional PBs that are set. Like a PB in number of new people you meet and have the pleasure of talking to, or number of coffee cups consumed at city feed because you don’t want to leave all of your parkrun friends for the day.


Dan Forward, who volunteered as a tail walker this weekend, made friends with Katya on the run. Katya is new to parkrun and flew in from LA to meet her friend, Kay, who flew in from Australia. Even though they both come from totally different parts of the globe, they decided to make Jamaica Pond parkrun part of their trip and we were so glad to have them! Also of note, Dan modeled his new parkrun shirt he earned by volunteering 25 times. If you want to be as fashionable as Dan (and we all do!), sign up to volunteer. It’s a great way to get to know everyone at the run.


After the run, we all gathered at City Feed and I think we lingered there until 12:30 PM. That is certainly not a record for the group, but it’s pretty close. I think one of these days we are going to set a record for number of times we say goodbye to each other and then continue to stay and chat. I’ve heard the phrase, “seriously, I’m really leaving now” too many times after parkrun (and it’s usually a lie, they’re not leaving).


Come out to the next parkrun and score a PB in number of new people you talk to! Parkrunners are friendly bunch so that won’t be difficult!

We don’t need to wait until thanksgiving to be thankful for our volunteers. Thank you to: Alex SEMENOV  •  Alina GATOWSKI  •  Allison AMICO  •  Andrew MESSINGER  •  Ann CARBONE  •  Chrissie CONNORS  •  Dan FORWARD  •  James SMITH  •  Laura CORNELISSEN  •  Martin WALSH  •  Sarah-Jo SINNOTT  •  Summer HARVEY  •  Wali SABUHI

Speaking of Thanksgiving, did you hear Jamaica Pond parkrun is having a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day at 9 AM? Volunteers are still needed if you’re interested! We're meeting next to the pond again (directions found here).

See you then!

Chrissie Connors


Jamaica Pond parkrun #32: New Route!

This week we had 55 runners and 9 volunteers turn up in the undulating rain at Jamaica Pond's 32nd parkrun. The course was lined with glorious reds and golds of the leaves (and the puddles).


Alex Luetchenford, a first timer, led the pack and was first finisher at 17:55. Sneaking up behind him were parkrun regulars, Nathan Olson and Alex Semenov.

First female was our favorite Irish lady, Sarah Jo Sinnot, at 21:31. Second and third placed females were Jessica Husbands (first-timer to JP) and Lauren Dobson.

Congratulations to Collete Meenan for setting the course record for the Age Group 70-74! An incredible feat with a time of 31:50.  Collete and her family are three generations of runners who come to Jamaica Pond every week- and some of whom will soon be celebrating their 50th parkrun including Chris (23:26 and 47 parkruns to date), and Jarlath (23:23, 44 parkruns AND our course record hold for the "Under 10's" ).

Jamaica Pond parkrun #32 (November 3rd, 2018)

Dana Heusinkveld escorted Robbie Cook (our Tailwalker) over the finish line as he completed his very first parkrun having volunteered every week for the past few months! Well done both!


Talking about volunteers - Dan Forward gave the world's longest First Timer's Brief - in the rain. Thanks Dan*! In Dan's defence, the construction work on the Promontory meant we needed to try out new 'Route #2' and Dan wanted to make sure everyone knew where the new finish funnel was located**. Big thanks to volunteer Claire McManus (our other favorite Irish lady) for helping design the new route!

Jamaica Pond parkrun #32 (November 3rd, 2018)

1. Start/finish will continue to be located on the waterside until further notice. (see "PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT" for exact location).
2. Call for volunteers - We need YOU- it's totally free to participate and really fun! Bring a cowbell!
3. Come join us for the Inaugural Jamaica Pond parkrun Turkey Trot on Thursday November 22nd at 9am. All welcome! Totally free to attend!

See you all next week!

Event Co-Director

*Dan will be Run Directing in a few weeks so make sure you bring a chair and get comfortable for the "RD briefing".

** New start/finish is located on the north side of the pond - by the outdoor gym and ~100m from regular the turnaround point.


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