JP parkrun spotlight: Letitia Meenan

We miss seeing all of you every single Saturday morning! Until we can run, walk , and volunteer together again, we are going to feature some of our regular parkrunners here! First up is regular parkrunner, Letitia Meenan, matriarch of the Meenan clan. Letitia is personification of parkrun, she turns up with her family in every weather, ready to run and lend a hand. She is also a pond devotee and has been making weekly trips to Jamaica pond during quarantine. We can't wait to be back at the pond with her.

Dan, Wali, and the Meenan Clan (Letitia, Chris, and Jarlath)

Dan, Wali, and the Meenan Clan (Letitia, Chris, and Jarlath)

For how long have you been coming to JPparkrun?
Since May 2018 (event  #9)

How did you find out about JPparkrun?
I was a keen parkrunner in Belfast before moving to Boston so I was watching out and delighted when a parkrun started so close. We couldn't make it for the first few weeks because of schedule conflicts (I'm looking at you Newton Youth Soccer) but started to come as a family as soon as we could.

How many JPparkruns have you done?

What is your favorite time of the year to do parkrun at the Pond?

How many times have you volunteered at JPparkrun?

Do you like the original course or the arboretum course better?
Arboretum is beautiful but the Original is the Best

How many parkruns have you done besides JPparkrun?
49 across 6 other locations in UK and US

What’s your favorite thing about JPparkrun?
Where do I start? The wonderful volunteers working with so much enthusiasm and encouragement and humor and super-efficiently! Also seeing fellow runners/walkers, faster and slower, on my way round - the course works really well for that.

What’s your favorite volunteer role at JPparkrun?
First Timers Briefing with assistance from my trusty sidekick Jarlath, 12 year old parkrun regular who has happily inherited his Dad's running genes rather than mine

Letitia and Jarlath give a hysterical first-timers briefing

Letitia and Jarlath give a hysterical first-timers briefing

What parkrun that you have not yet visited would you like to do next?
JP parkun the restart, hopefully before we head back to the UK in the summer

What do you order at cityfeedandsupply after parkrun to treat yourself?
Lemon and poppyseed muffin shared (unequally) with Jarlath plus filter coffee for me and warm milk for him

How many people do you think we’ll have at our pre-Boston Marathon parkrun in September?
384 (better get those finisher tokens dusted off!)