Barkrunner Interview: Murphy Olson

We at Jamaica Pond parkrun often hear great feedback from our runners, walkers, and joggers. We have a very vocal fanbase that spreads the news about us. But we noticed a problem: we were only hearing from human beings! So when barkrunUSA correspondent Foxy got in touch with us about interviewing Nathan OLSON's dog Murphy, who has often been the star of the show at JPparkrun because of his tendency to attack the downhill start and then take a break in the middle with a dunk in the pond, we couldn't say YES fast enough. Here is that interview below, translated from the Canine into English for the benefit of most of our participants:


Hey there all you fabulous parkrunners!  Your favorite Foxy here with the latest barkrunner interview!  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this week we meet the energetic and athletic Murphy from Jamaica Pond barkrun up in Boston, Massachusetts!!!!!

Murphy 2

"Time to sprint to the water!"

Murphy, tell us about yourself.

I'm "Dropkick" Murphy Olson, standard schnauzer, 12 years old. I live in the suburbs north of Boston on a street where I can bark at runners, walkers, dogs, and delivery-people out the window! My home parkrun is Jamaica Pond, which is excellent for swimming as well as running.  I'm an excellent guard dog, and I'm LOUD. I bark at people and dogs on the sidewalk, I bark extra loud at people entering the house (including my parents), and I watch TV to bark at the commercials, especially to bark at animals on the screen. 

Oh my BAE [barking at EVERYTHING!!!] - You and I would have a divine time critiquing the red carpet arrivals at a dog show watch party!  Ah, but let’s try to set the joy of barking to the side for now and chat barkrun. How did you get started, and why do you like it?

I started running when I got seriously impatient on walks at 5 months old. I dragged my parents along until they reluctantly agreed to let me run a half mile at a time, and we gradually increased to 2 miles over my first year because I had so much energy that I demanded to run.  My first summer, we were running past a stream in hot weather, and I had the brilliant idea to pitch myself directly into the stream to cool off, and my love of swimming was born. Running and swimming are inextricably linked, and I'm all for swimming whenever there isn't ice preventing me.  I go to Harold Parker state park in Andover, MA a couple times a week for trail running and pond swimming. 

I find parkrun exciting because there are so many people to run with! I love running in a pack, because I am a natural leader and want to put on a good showing for my pack. If I run with one human, I get distracted by fun smells to sniff, but with a pack I have to focus on leading them! Means more running, less stopping.

I bet you have a killer game face too!  So, how would you recommend a visiting barkrunner tackle the course at Jamaica Pond?

Sprint the first quarter mile!  Then relax and enjoy the pond. There are too many smells to sniff and water stops to drink at; can't be all running all the time!  Oh, and smile for the cameras. I'm a good model for the photographers. Everybody wants to get my photo, but usually there's no time for that. Too many smells to sniff!

Oh, yes, gotta give the parkrunners what they really want — lots and lots of fabulous barkrunner pics!!!!  Okay, without further ado, let’s skip to the lightning round!!!!

Fave toy?  Fluffy soccer ball. Or really, any soccer ball. They're great for chasing, playing goalie, fetching, wrestling, tearing apart, and using as a pillow.  

How do you stay the life of the party?  Gotta greet everybody that comes to the party with barking, then act like I'm too cool for pets.  I can also catch treats with my mouth like 60 percent of the time if the timing is right!

Best spot at home?  Couch, overlooking the road.

Nice!  Mommy moved our couch away from the window for some reason….

Yummiest treat treat?  Snausages, pizza crusts, or really whatever the parents are eating that smells amazing. 

Oh, your parents are definitely catering our dog show watch party!  Mommy gives Foxy steamed okra and green beans as special treat treats, but I think snausages might tempt the taste buds even more!!!!

Thoughts on road tripping?  OMG - I love riding in cars! Anything with a good sound system that I can sing along with, and big windows so I can shout to my friends or really anybody that we pass by.  I sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall whenever we go in the car. Parents wear earplugs but whatever, I'm loud and proud!  

Holler!  Say, who is your character doppelgänger?  James Bond and I both are pretty good looking and smooth with the ladies. 

What would be your human job?  With my good looks and infectious enthusiasm, I'd be a greeter!  And, I might act too cool for pets, skritches, cuddles, and kisses, but secretly I love them. Just don't embarrass me in front of my friends ok?

"Remember that scene in Casino Royale?"

"Remember that scene in Casino Royale?"

Oh, just lean in to the pets, Murphy, lean in!  Show them how it's done! Speaking of which, I think it is time you and I go show the world how wonderful and energizing barking is!  Thank you for chatting with me. You are simply super!!!!

Signing off,

Special Correspondent Foxy

Foxy 4

Foxy is a reporter and barkrunner-in-chief for parkrunUSA





Join Murphy and a lot of other dogs (who always start in the back so we don't have to worry about tripping over leashes) at Jamaica Pond parkrun every Saturday at 9 AM.