Jamaica Pond parkrun #96: New years day !

Clearly the draw of an extra special run of the best parkrun in the US, was very compelling because we had 143 new year runners out at Jamaica Pond! What a great turnout!!!

We had travelers from South Africa, UK, Ireland, and a few other from far flung lands, all to run in the amazing Boston January weather ;-)

The pond was looking absolutely fantastic, and despite the cold temps, the only ice present was on the pond itself, which was great as we had a few recovering injury and accident prone runners bringing in the new year with us, and everyone made it in one piece :-)

Coincidentally we had 143 runners clocking their best time of the decade so far. Big pat on the back to all of you !

But also it looks like the new year partying didn't slow down a lot of our keen runners as we had a plethora of new, and impressive lifetime PRs:

George BUTCHER,18:05
Jeffrey BELING,18:19

Anthony KARIUKI,18:36
Brian NORTON,21:03
Summer HARVEY,22:17
Marco MURA,22:45
Karen ATKINSON,22:53
Jeanette ROBINSON,24:18
Mallory SULLIVAN,24:22
Balam WILLEMSEN,25:14
Mary BUTCHER,30:19
Claire BERMAN,30:24
Marj RADIN,41:23

Off they go flying !!!

Obviously we are all dedicated parkrunners and we've taken the most important New Years Resolutions of NOT FORGETTING OUR BARCODES and RETURNING OUR FINISHER TOKENS Today we managed to return all 143 tokens except one. If anyone has number 76 please return it, it's brother and sisters (numbers 70-79) are missing it already and are very sad, it'll be happier back in its true home. No questions will be asked ;-).

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers today who where all looking bright and fresh, Katya BEREZHNAYA, Benjamin BIRCH, Chrissie CONNORS, Laura CORNELISSEN, Paul DZUREC, Dan FORWARD, Kent HIRSHBERG, Colby JENKINS, Claire MC MANUS, Jarlath MEENAN, Chris MEENAN, Andrew MESSINGER, Liza NEUSTAETTER, Jeanette ROBINSON, Spencer RUPORT, Harvey SHAW, James SMITH, Sara TIAN

Special shout out to the timers, bar code scanners and token distributors whose sterling efforts led to a 100% trouble free result and rapid processing (and thus an unstressed run director who could enjoy his Cityfeed coffee and muffin in relative calm).

And the best bit... we only have to wait 3 days before we can do it all again!!! Hoorah!!

Chris and Jarlath