JP parkrun #93: You can stand under my umbrella ella ella ella

The rain was coming down on Saturday, December 14th at Jamaica Pond, but that did not deter the 51 committed runners, walkers, and joggers! We applaud all of you!

But the true heroes of this past week’s run are our volunteers! While those doing their two laps around the pond were able to keep their heart rate up and their body temperature warm, our volunteers stood patiently waiting to cheer them all on to the finish line.


Dan Forward lent me his umbrella, Colby Jenkins lent him his pullover. We were a crew of 19 that were swapping clothing and accessories to stay warm and dry (with varying success in this endeavor).


Our volunteers make everything possible at parkrun. They help behind the scenes to make sure we have a place to run, and volunteers in place. They give up valuable square footage in their home to store parkrun equipment (Thank you Bob and Kent) They show up early to set everything up, they sacrifice the feeling in their fingers to make sure they capture everyone’s splits (Thank you Jen Shih for lending us your extra-long thumbs for timing) they sort the finish tokens over coffee at city feed. Our volunteers are the glue holding this operation together and we want to extend a massive thank you!


We are lucky to have a community of people willing to forfeit a 5K run to make sure that others are able to keep running. Devoted volunteers like James Smith, who has just reached his 50th volunteer milestone, are integral to making sure parkrun stays free, weekly, and timed!

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email, or shoot us a message on Instagram, facebook, or twitter! We would love some new faces volunteering.

And next time you’re running, give a quick thank the marshals on the course like Summer and Kent are doing in this photo!



Also, if you came from the North side of the river, test runs are underway at Danehy park, to bring another parkrun to the Boston area. If you are interested in getting involved in that parkrun, let us know!


We look forward to seeing you next Saturday when Mr. Forward will be at the helm!

Chrissie Connors
Run Director

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