Jamaica Pond parkrun #99 – The One Before the Big One

Yes, next week is JP's 100th parkrun, which is a huge deal (we'll have cake, treats, and a lot of general cheer, so please come by), but that doesn't diminish how great our 99th parkrun was. 68 of you came out to run, walk, or jog in some pretty chilly temps (we were looking for the one crazy person who would wear a singlet and shorts, but we were left disappointed/VERY RELIEVED). 13 of you were first timers (welcome!) and 11 of you recorded personal bests (in these conditions?! Seriously impressive).

Sarah-Jo waving welcome to all our first timers!

Sarah-Jo waving welcome to all our first timers!

Thank you to our volunteers for committing to making sure that everyone got a warm welcome, despite the conditions:

Chris MEENAN • Jarlath MEENAN • Sarah-Jo SINNOTT • Alex HALL • Laura CORNELISSEN • James ZEMARTIS • Dan FORWARD • Chrissie CONNORS • James SMITH • Robert STEEVES • Catherine ENWRIGHT • Martin WALSH • Ryan EILER • Kent HIRSHBERG • Karen ATKINSON • Ece BAPCUM

Special shout-out to Northeastern's chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity who volunteered en masse to tailwalk, barcode scan, and funnel manage. You brought a fantastic positive energy to our gathering and we can't wait to see you again!

Jarlath takes after his dad in finishing his run then immediately turning around to volunteer as barcode scanner!

Jarlath takes after his dad in finishing his run then immediately turning around to volunteer as barcode scanner!

But seriously, folks. Our ONE HUNDREDTH pARKRUN (always need that lowercase 'p') is this coming week!! We have gone through the absurdity of every single New England season, altered courses around the pond, a summer (and fall) vacation at the Arboretum, so many volunteers, tourists, regulars, the era of some incredible run directors (Rose PENFOLD, Laura CORNELISSEN, and Chrissie CONNORS, to name three and not myself because that's awkward), and so many new friendships formed since we began on March 31, 2018. We have a lot to be proud of, so come on down and celebrate with us!

"There will be cake and cookies?!" - Deena, James,  Neil, and Chris

"There will be cake and cookies?!" - Deena, James, Neil, and Chris

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So much love for this community,

Dan Forward

Event Co-Director


Jamaica Pond Park Run #98. Some Interesting Statistics

Aside from our routine statistics that we report each week, we have a couple to add today the most interesting of which was the ambient temperature for this time of year.  it was a balmy 65F at 1100 or for the Celcius- minded, over 18C.  Shorts and singlet weather.  Closely related to this statistic, and another interesting number for the middle of January was our turnout i.e., the number of participants for today’s run/walk which totalled 151.  We had 35 first timers, 22 PBs and a bunch of visitors.  Adding to the list of statistics, today was our 98th run at JP, which means in 2 weeks we have our 100th run so get ready to celebrate that!


It was a bit drizzly at the start but nobody minded too much as starting orders were issued and the gang took off down the hill.


A little over 18 minutes later, the first runner was seen in the person of Anthony Kariuki (SM25-29) who crossed the finish line in 18.13.  He was closely followed by Chris Meehan (VM45-49) who gave it all he had got to cross the line in 18.38, a new PB for him!  Very close behind in third overall place we had Bryan Petersen (SM20-25) a first timer in 18.40.  Second masters after Chris Meehan, we saw Paul Davies (BAA) (VM50-54) also in an excellent time of 19.04, not far off his PB.  Third masters was Lance Doherty (SRR) (VM40-44) in 19.45.

Our first lady was Gabriel Zak (SW20-24) a first timer, crossing the line in a speedy 19.34.  Second place was Zoe Bern (VW35-39) in 20.57.  Deena Abramson (SW25-29) came third lady in 21.05.  Both Zoe and Deena also had PBs today - well done!  First masters lady was Heather Barackman (VW45-49) in a great time of 23.37 and very close behind were Jeannette Robinson (VW45-49) in 23.46 ( another new PB!) and Letitia Meenan (VW50-54) in 23.48 for second and third place masters respectively


Our volunteer list included: Arnost LOBEL  •  Cherie TURNER  •  Chris MEENAN  •  Chrissie CONNORS  •  Claire MC MANUS  •  Dan FORWARD  •  Elisabeth KNUDSEN  •  James SMITH  •  Jarlath MEENAN  •  Jennifer SHIH  •  Karen ATKINSON  •  Kent HIRSHBERG  •  Lance DOHERTY  •  Letitia MEENAN  •  Liza NEUSTAETTER  •  Nelson KNUDSEN  •  Robert STEEVES  •  Sarah-Jo SINNOTT  •  Sharon TOUW  •  Stephan SMITH  •  Summer HARVEY  •  Wali SABUHI  •  Will PETERS


Thanks everyone for volunteering and participating.  See everyone next week for the 99th running




Welcome to JP parkrun #97 – 2020 bringing parkrun into the post-truth world

As we bring Boston Jamaica Pond parkrun screaming into 2020 with this post-truth world report we have a handy dandy guide (see bottom) to help you navigate the new waters that we're now in. This will prepare you all and any elections that happen this year - it will also make you want to get away from all the media and politics and join parkrun every Saturday at 9am to forget that stuff.

It was a beautiful sunny* Saturday morning. Yes, you really can see blue* skies and sunshine*.

IMG_1607125 runners survived the treacherous* course avoiding the attack* geese and their minefield* of droppings. We don't know how many starters there were.  The results are in with enhanced* times, everybody* achieved personal bests and of whom 39 were first timers (at this event) 33 first time ever and 13 [really] recorded new Personal Bests.

IMG_1600Representatives of 7 different clubs took part including 27 Somerville Road Runners club joining us and attaining 6 out of the first 10 places. Thank you to Liza NEUSTAETTER for organizing!

IMG_1722Also a big thank you to volunteers Chris MEENAN • Jarlath MEENAN • Sarah-Jo SINNOTT • Laura CORNELISSEN • Claire MC MANUS • Wali SABUHI • Jeanette ROBINSON • Dan FORWARD • Chrissie CONNORS • James SMITH • Robert STEEVES • Jon WILLCOX • Chamali NARANGODA • Kent HIRSHBERG • Will PETERS • Summer HARVEY • Deena ABRAMSON • Spencer RUPORT • Cristina AGUAYO-MAZZUCATO for making this possible.

IMG_1725Dad - have you got a pilot's license?

IMG_1644park run director "dad you're fired"

IMG_1747What a nice shirt!

In another victory we had ALL the tokens returned.  THANK YOU  parkrunners!

Next week Boston JP parkrun returns under the firm hand of Claire MC MANUS who will be inspecting all strollers* pilots licenses* and rooting out all dodgy activities with the park run police*

**Caused by an outbreak of politicianitis***
***A 1000 times stronger variant of wifitis/husbanditis/partneritis****
**** Partneritis definition: lies told to keep the relationship together - such as "that's quite alright being only 1.5 hours late without warning".

Your RD, James Smith


Jamaica Pond parkrun #96: New years day !

Clearly the draw of an extra special run of the best parkrun in the US, was very compelling because we had 143 new year runners out at Jamaica Pond! What a great turnout!!!

We had travelers from South Africa, UK, Ireland, and a few other from far flung lands, all to run in the amazing Boston January weather ;-)

The pond was looking absolutely fantastic, and despite the cold temps, the only ice present was on the pond itself, which was great as we had a few recovering injury and accident prone runners bringing in the new year with us, and everyone made it in one piece :-)

Coincidentally we had 143 runners clocking their best time of the decade so far. Big pat on the back to all of you !

But also it looks like the new year partying didn't slow down a lot of our keen runners as we had a plethora of new, and impressive lifetime PRs:

George BUTCHER,18:05
Jeffrey BELING,18:19

Anthony KARIUKI,18:36
Brian NORTON,21:03
Summer HARVEY,22:17
Marco MURA,22:45
Karen ATKINSON,22:53
Jeanette ROBINSON,24:18
Mallory SULLIVAN,24:22
Balam WILLEMSEN,25:14
Mary BUTCHER,30:19
Claire BERMAN,30:24
Marj RADIN,41:23

Off they go flying !!!

Obviously we are all dedicated parkrunners and we've taken the most important New Years Resolutions of NOT FORGETTING OUR BARCODES and RETURNING OUR FINISHER TOKENS Today we managed to return all 143 tokens except one. If anyone has number 76 please return it, it's brother and sisters (numbers 70-79) are missing it already and are very sad, it'll be happier back in its true home. No questions will be asked ;-).

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers today who where all looking bright and fresh, Katya BEREZHNAYA, Benjamin BIRCH, Chrissie CONNORS, Laura CORNELISSEN, Paul DZUREC, Dan FORWARD, Kent HIRSHBERG, Colby JENKINS, Claire MC MANUS, Jarlath MEENAN, Chris MEENAN, Andrew MESSINGER, Liza NEUSTAETTER, Jeanette ROBINSON, Spencer RUPORT, Harvey SHAW, James SMITH, Sara TIAN

Special shout out to the timers, bar code scanners and token distributors whose sterling efforts led to a 100% trouble free result and rapid processing (and thus an unstressed run director who could enjoy his Cityfeed coffee and muffin in relative calm).

And the best bit... we only have to wait 3 days before we can do it all again!!! Hoorah!!

Chris and Jarlath


JP parkrun #95: Parkrun is for Everyone!!

We hear it all the time: “parkrun is for all abilities and paces.” I’m sure I’ve said it myself at minimum 42 times. But I don’t think I understood what it meant until this past weekend. Let me explain.

I’ve never claimed to be the fastest runner but I have always been able to keep a decent pace. I’ve encouraged people faster than me, slower than me, and at my pace to come to parkrun. I think everyone is better for coming to parkrun and we celebrate all times and paces at parkrun as though you just won Olympic gold!

pictured: Actual fastest runner last week, David Wilson

But then this past week I suffered from what I can only characterize as a severe neurological meltdown. I could no longer keep that decent pace because I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t talk. And I will admit, in the midst of my worst moments, I did think “please don’t make me miss another parkrun,” probably not where my priorities should have been, but that’s where they were.

I finally left the hospital on Friday with my walking still severely compromised, which meant I had to use a walker at parkrun the following day. I had also used it at a grocery store, where I kept getting weird looks from people and could feel judgment and it felt a little disarming.

I normally long runs with these girls, but they're so supportive even when I can't walk

I normally do long runs with these girls, but they're so supportive even when I can't walk

But not at parkrun! I covered my walker in streamers and glitter and I was ready to go! From start to finish everyone at parkrun was so helpful! Dan picked me up so I could get there, then at parkrun everyone wanted to make sure I was ok, and helped me get around. They wanted photos with me and my sparkly walker which made me feel like a minor parkrun celebrity. There was no judgement and no looks and I was welcomed back with open arms!

if you wanted to know what 50 dollars worth of glitter looks like, this is it

if you wanted to know what 50 dollars worth of glitter looks like, this is it

Parkrun is in fact for everyone. In my handicapped state, I was still able to participate as a volunteer, but If I wanted to walk the course that day, the team would have been cheering me on and helping me complete the full 5K with my walker.

All the volunteers cheering on all the runners of all abilities!

All the volunteers cheering on all the runners of all abilities!

If you think you’re not fast enough for parkrun, or you’re differently abled and think you might not be accepted, please come talk to me! Parkrun is the best community where all are welcomed!

Love and Grattitude,
Chrissie Connors
(I was not your run director this week, but Dan let me write the report anyways)

PS: Just about all my visitors at the hospital were parkrun friends. Parkrun is a community that doesn't just exist on Saturday at 9am. Even though I couldn't walk or talk, I felt like the luckiest girl to receive so much love from the parkrun community. I had about 10 parkrun friends visit me in the hospital on Christmas, so I am in fact the luckiest girl! Parkrun truly has changed my life in Boston, and I feel indebted to it!



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