Making the Leap to 70 parkruns

IMG_7145 (2)

Beautiful sunny weather returned for the momentous coincidence of Himmel’s 70th parkrun and Leap Day! The number of participants doubled from 17 during last week’s rain to 34 enthusiastic runners and walkers. The parkrunners weren’t the only ones out enjoying the early hints of spring as Himmel Park was abuzz with the typical dog walkers, tennis players, and—new this week—a whole tournament’s worth of youth soccer players and their families. While finding a space in the parking lot was harder than normal, participants only had to “leap” over a few wayward soccer balls before they “leapt” across the finish. 

IMG_7140 (2)

The first finish was by new parkrunner Michael Tomchaney with a time of 18:14. Thanks for joining us! The first female across the line was Caitlin Cuslidge—celebrating her 30th Himmel parkrun this week—with a time of 27:07. Well done!

Other parkrun-anniversaries of note this week are Daniel Lewis celebrating 25 parkruns at Himmel, and 105 parkruns overall; John McKenzie celebrating 5 parkruns; Christopher Johnson celebrating 25 parkruns; Erik Johnson celebrating 25 parkruns; and David Armet celebrating 170 total parkruns! Impressive stats everyone!

IMG_7136 (2)

Gabriel Hauser, Kevin Nelson, Eli Barber, Sandy Vanostrand, Gail Reich, and Denise Leahy all achieved PBs this week. Nice work!

Himmel parkrun welcomed Michael Tomchaney, Jerry Brasher, Hannah Martin, and Jenny Russel for the first time this week. Thank you for joining us! Also a few folks returned for their second time at Himmel parkrun—Willie Runwith, Kevin Nelson, and Eli Barber—welcome back!

Many of the Himmel parkrun participants said they were motivated by the promise of a snack and beverage at the nearby Red Garter Saloon, which opened early to welcome the local running and walking community watching the Olympic Marathon Trials. Other parkrunners enjoyed a less rowdy cool down at the Himmel Park Library where results were tabulated and books were perused.

Many thanks to this week’s volunteers who made this event happen: Alicia, David A., Lisa, Christopher, Malcolm, Anna, Abby, David M. Midge, Mary, and AlbertoThanks too to the soccer players, dogs, kiddos, grandparents, and everyone whi added to the hustle, bustle, and festive spirit of this week’s event! IMG_7143 (2)

Remember next week, March 7, International Women's Day is being celebrated by parkruns all around the world. We would love to celebrate the ladies that help make parkrun great, both on our volunteer team and on the parkrun course. See you there! 


Weather and Special Guests Highlight Himmel #69

After a long string of mostly perfect parkrunning weather, it was bound to happen that a less than perfect weather day would come along. Himmel park, as well as the rest of Southern Arizona, received a fair amount of rain overnight making some parts of the course a bit on the muddy and slippery side. However, by the 8:00 start, the rain had stopped, so it was pretty comfortable running conditions after all. The only issue was that runners/walkers had to be somewhat careful of their footing in places. Everyone survived just fine and many congregated at Rincon Market afterward for coffee and a bite of food. It was one of the larger post parkrun gatherings there, despite the weather keeping the number of participants to a low number as only 17 ran/walked Himmel parkrun #69.


Caitlin Cuslidge was the first female finisher with a time of 26:22. The first male across the finish line was Christopher Carsey who set a new PB of 18:20.

Besides Christopher, David Abbott and Nathan Kappler also set new PBs.  That is very impressive with a less than ideal running surface.

We welcomed two first timers in Kim Stone and Martin Black. Two others came and toured the course, but are listed as 'unknown' so their names aren't available. However, we do know that one is from Olympia WA, and the other is from upstate New York.

Special Guest: I think that you can call Molly Auman an advance scout.  She showed up today to check out our parkrun as she is part of a team trying to start a parkrun in Prescott AZ. This is exciting news that Arizona will be getting another parkrun. The closest parkrun to Himmel right now is Aspen parkrun.  The team from Prescott will be visiting us again as they learn how parkruns are put together and run.  There is more work to setting up a parkrun than it might look like.  Good luck to the Prescott group!

Another Special Guest: Martin Black is a parkrun tourist who most often runs the Highbury Fields parkrun in London.  Highbury Fields also happens to be the parkrun that David and Alicia Armet ran most often when they lived in London. Yes, Martin knew the Armets from that time period.  Now, when David told Martin he was moving back to Tucson and was planning to start a parkrun, Martin told him about a parkrunner he knew who had moved from the UK to Tucson and might be willing to help. Malcolm Coomber and Martin used to watch track meets in London together. So Martin was very instrumental in those two meeting and we are all the beneficiaries of their collaboration in making Himmel parkrun a reality. Thank you Martin! And now you must return to Himmel! BTW, Martin is now a parkrun ambassador.

Some Himmel parkrun statistics for you: Since Himmel parkrun was born on Nov. 17, 2018, there have been, as of today, 605 participants, who have run/walked exactly 2,000 parkruns in Himmel park totaling exactly 10,000 kilometers.  We needed exactly 17 parkrunners to hit those numbers right on the button today!  Also, there have been 416 personal bests set.

Also of note: There have been 80 individuals who have volunteered 612 times. Thanks to all 80 of you who have made these 69 Himmel parkruns possible.

Speaking of volunteers, this week's parkrun was brought to you by volunteers Alicia, David, Molly, Lisa, Malcolm, Alan, Mike, Alberto, and John. Thank you all very much for dragging yourselves out of nice warm beds to stand around in rainy weather in your high viz vests on a cool (for Arizona) day!

See you next week for Himmel parkrun #70!

IMG_2505 (2) IMG_2544 (2) IMG_2543 (2) IMG_2542 (2) IMG_2541 (2) IMG_2540 (2) IMG_2539 (2) IMG_2538 (2) IMG_2537 (2) IMG_2536 (2) IMG_2535 (2) IMG_2534 (2) IMG_2533 (2) IMG_2532 (2) IMG_2531 (2) IMG_2530 (2) IMG_2529 (2) IMG_2528 (2) IMG_2527 (2) IMG_2526 (2) IMG_2525 (3) IMG_2525 (2) IMG_2524 (3) IMG_2524 (2) IMG_2523 (2) IMG_2522 (2) IMG_2521 (2) IMG_2520 (2) IMG_2519 (2) IMG_2518 (2) IMG_2517 (2) IMG_2516 (2) IMG_2515 (2) IMG_2514 (2) IMG_2513 (4) IMG_2513 (3) IMG_2512 (2) IMG_2511 (2) IMG_2510 (2) IMG_2509 (2) IMG_2508 (2) IMG_2507 (2) IMG_2506 (2)


Happy Day After Valentines Day Edition Of Himmel parkrun

Himmel parkrun #68 brought out 34 parkrunners (16 males, 15 females, and 3 unknowns) who braved the perfect conditions. Temps in the 40s are thought by many to be ideal running weather, and low 70s are also hard to beat for enjoying your post parkrun glow. Southern Arizona weather this time of year is not a bad way to spend your parkrun Saturdays.

First time ever parkrunner Mali Gaber was the first woman to complete her 4 laps with a time of 21:10, while Steven Anderson crossed the finish line as the first male in 18:36. Very good show you two!

Besides Mali, we had 6 other parkrunners/walkers join us for the first time here at Himmel.  They were Willie R, Randy C, Laura K, David G, Ann W, and Diane C. You are more than welcome to join us again any Saturday.

Willie is a parkrun tourist from Australia who most often does his parkrunning at St Peters parkrun as well as Rhodes parkrun, both near Sydney.  David is from the UK and can normally be found on Saturday mornings NE of London at Maldon Prom parkrun.  Also from the UK is Ann who often parkruns at Rother Valley parkrun and Poolsbrook parkrun in North England.  Diane and Randy are from Ohio and their parkrun home is Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton.

There were 9 PBs posted today---by Steven A, Gabriel H, Hayden P, Hilary L, Xiangmeng W, Christopher H, Rochelle B, Kristy M, and Stacy I.  Congratulations to all of you on your improvements!

Today's Himmel parkrun was brought to you by the fabulous volunteers Alicia, David, Lisa, Malcolm, Alan, Dale, Abby, Kristy, Midge, Mike, and Elaine.  Without volunteersIMG_7079 (2) IMG_7073 (2) IMG_7058 (2) IMG_7055 (3) IMG_7046 (2) IMG_7042 (2) IMG_7041 (2) IMG_7038 (2) IMG_7037 (2) IMG_7035 (2) IMG_7031 (2) IMG_7005 (2) IMG_7003 (2) IMG_7001 (2) IMG_6986 (2) there would be no parkrun fun every Saturday. If you haven't been a parkrun volunteer as of yet, why not give it a try? It's as much fun as touring the course 4 times!

See you next week for Himmel parkrun #69!




2/3 of the way to #100!!!

Yes, today was Himmel parkrun #67, so we are now 2/3 of the way to the 100th Himmel parkrun!  This wonderful milestone figures to be reached on or about September 19.  That will be a huge day for our local Tucson parkrun.  It would be nice if a parkrun could be awarded a black 100 shirt!  But we may have to settle for cake, which will be almost as nice.

Perfect running/walking weather today here in Southern Arizona at our 8:00 am start time, in the low 40s.  Then climbing into the 70s later, which is hard to beat post parkrun. We had 35 parkrunners cross the finish line today: 19 males, 15 females and one "unknown" (meaning no data available).

We had some speedy parkrun tourists show up today with Ainsley Pahljina from Australia the first female across the line in 22:14. The first male was Ian Simon in 19:47.  Ian is from the NE of England and runs mostly at Druridge Bay parkrun. Other UK parkrunners, who also run at Druridge Bay parkrun, that joined us today were Venda Louise Pollock and Tracey Sample. It's always nice to welcome travelling parkrunners that are adding Himmel to their parkrun resume.

There were 6 first timers here today: Ian S, Ainsley P, Venda Louise P, Brooke C, Maycee R, and Phil B. We are glad you parkran/walked with us today. You are always welcome.

There were 11 PBs today. That's a testament to the great running weather we had as well as the effort that was put forth. Those PB runners were Gabriel, Alberto, Tracey, Jackson, Ann, Abby, David, Christopher, Freddy, Joe, and Suzanne.  Congratulations to all of you!

Much thanks to today's wonderful volunteers: Alexander, Alicia, David, Malcolm, Alan, Midge, Mike and John.  Volunteers are what make parkrun work. Thanks again for your efforts!

We hope to see you next week for Himmel parkrun #68


Another Beautiful Day At Himmel parkrun

Himmel parkrun #65 was another wonderful Tucson weather day for a parkrun. The temperature at the 8:00 start was in the mid 40s which is very pleasant running/walking weather. Then, once again, it got warmer as the post parkrun day reached the low 70s.  Can we ask for better than that?  Just look around the rest of the country and realize how lucky we are here in southern Arizona this time of year!

IMG-2233 2020-01-25 (1) 2020-01-25

There were 48 parkrunners/walkers today with 26 females and 22 males.  The first woman across the finish line was Linzi Gray in 24:20 in her first Himmel parkrun.  The first male was Steven Anderson in 19:21.  Good job Linzi and Steven!

IMG-2309 IMG-2320 IMG-2343 IMG-2307 IMG-2306 IMG-2308 IMG-2329 IMG-2335 IMG-2336 IMG-2343

We welcomed 9 first timers today.  They were Linzi G (yes, that speedy Linzi), Hayden P, Eli B, Hilary L, Kate M, Robert L, Kelly R, Sara R, Nicola D.  We hope that your first Himmel parkrun was enjoyable and we sure hope that you return soon.

Even the short muddy section on the far side of the park wasn't enough to slow parkrunners down.  There were 9 PBs today.  Congratulations go out to Royal B, Ann L, Mike S, Nathan K, Diana S, Freddy B, Heidi K, Kristy M, and Laretha Y.

As is often the case, we had some parkrun tourists show up.  First timer and first woman across the finish line, Linzi Gray, runs most of her parkruns at Catton parkrun NE of London. Freddy Bon and Ann Laerte returned from last week for their second Himmel. They both frequent Ashford parkrun SE of London. Peter Banks first ran Himmel months ago, but returned for his second tour here. Peter can usually be found parkrunning at Winchester parkrun SW of London.  We just need someone now from the NW of London!  We're not sure what area of London David and Alicia lived in over there, but they wouldn't count anyway because they belong here now.

IMG-2301 IMG-2298 IMG-2296 IMG-2295 IMG-2294 IMG-2293 IMG-2292 IMG-2287_crop IMG-2283_crop IMG-2276 IMG-2273 IMG-2271 IMG-2268 IMG-2258 IMG-2256 IMG-2253 IMG-2247 IMG-2246 2020-01-25 (2)

It is always important for parkrunners to step up and volunteer from time to time.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of parkrun and we always want to encourage everyone to give it a try. It's fun and easy, and most of all, vital for Himmel parkrun's continued success.

Much thanks go to this week's volunteers: Justin, David, Julie, Lisa, Al, Malcolm, Dale, Midge, Mary, Daniel and Mike.

See you next Saturday for Himmel parkrun #66.

IMG-2267 IMG-2278 IMG-2240 IMG-2280 IMG-2279


Happy 100th to Daniel!

After the recent rainy day, it was a very pleasant, cool morning that greeted those that showed up for Himmel parkrun's 64th edition.  It sure was a great day to be a parkrunner in Tucson in the middle of January with temperatures in the 40s for our 8:00 am start, perfect for running, followed by a nice rise to 70.

Daniel pointing to the shirt he is about to earn.

Daniel pointing to the shirt he is about to earn.

Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.18.10 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.16.54 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.16.10 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.14.59 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.14.31 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.12.12 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.11.39 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.10.12 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.09.39 PM Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.08.59 PM

Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 10.07.32 PMThe great weather brought out a near record crowd of 63 (the current attendance record is 66).  There were 25 females and 38 males that completed their 4 laps of Himmel park.  There were 20 runner/walkers that completed their first parkrun ever, with hopefully many to come.  Those new parkrunners were Christopher C, Alberto T, Alec C, Huong T, Judi S, Royal B, Evan R, Adam R, Clint M, Steven K, Jahsiya C, Naomi V, Caleb R, Eli R, Connor R, Corey C, Stacy I, Clare A, Loretta Y, and Suzanne B.

Among the first ever parkrunners were 5 members of the Renner family.  That's quite a contingent and parkrun is a great way to burn off youthful energy.  Another first time parkrunner has a long history of running and in fact is an author of a running book.  Clint Morrison wrote a book titled "Running the Seven Continents, Tales of Travel and the Marathon".  That sounds interesting, especially the section on Antarctica.

The nice running conditions, despite a bit of a muddy section on the far side of the park, led to a speedy effort by the first male to cross the finish line, first timer Christopher Carsey in 19:07.  Likewise, the first female, Claire West, managed to finish in 25:53, impressive for someone in the 11-14 age group.

There were also 8 PBs recorded.  That's a pretty good number and congratulations to Jordan D, Nick S, Aaron J, Ezra G, Abby G, Emily H, Kristy M, and Andrew J.

There were three parkrun tourists who ran their first Himmel parkrun. Ann Laerte and Freddy Bon are both from the UK. And Sergey Aleshin, originally from Russia but now living in Seattle.  Sergey is an Alphabeteer, that's parkrun lingo meaning that he has completed the alphabet in parkruns (except x as there currently are no parkruns that begin with x) and he's a member of the Cowell Club, which means that he has run 100 different parkrun locations.  Actually, Himmel parkrun was his 110th unique parkrun event.

But very special mention and a heartfelt congratulations belongs to Daniel Lewis who completed his 100th parkrun today! We are honored that Daniel, who is a regular at Himmel parkrun, accomplished that remarkable feat here at Himmel.  Daniel began his parkrun adventure in his native England, continued it in British Columbia where he ran 53 times at Richmond Olympic parkrun and some others there, and now he is often seen flying around Himmel park Saturday mornings. 100 parkruns puts you in a special category and eligible for the coveted black 100 shirt!

None of us would have been able to run our weekly parkruns if not for our volunteers.  Thanks this week goes to David, Alicia, Lisa, Malcolm, Alan, Ezra, Abby G, Abby M, Midge, Mary, Mike, and Nick. parkrun wouldn't exist without volunteers.  Everyone is encouraged to give volunteering a try from time to time. It's easy and fun.


2020-01-18 (6)2020-01-18 (2)2020-01-18 (5)2020-01-18 (4)2020-01-18 (3)2020-01-18 (1)2020-01-18






Celebrating Tucson Togetherness for Beyond 2020 | Himmel parkrun #63

Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020

What a beautiful, glorious day to be out in the park with friends, new and old acquaintances, younger and older folks, dogs (and no cats, yet) for another parkrun at Himmel Park.

The park had a higher number of visitors today due to the soccer schedule with FC Sonora youth soccer and the Tai Chi for Health group at Himmel Library, which are among those who share the park with us, as well as our event’s inclusion in the Beyond 2020 festivities.

This particular run is always an extra joy because of our affiliation with the Beyond Foundation to celebrate Tucson coming together as a community to heal and regrow the ties that bind us after the tragic events of Jan. 8, 2011. A total of 17 events, including our parkrun, were planned around the city to honor that legacy of healing and recovery. See #GoBeyond and #BeyondTucson on your favorite social media platform for more (may I suggest our Facebook page, where you can see photos from today's run).

As part of Beyond 2020, we also shared our venue with a Community Harvest with the Iskashitaa Refugee Network where volunteers after the run gathered to collect surplus fruit from trees in the surrounding Sam Hughes Neighborhood to benefit refugee families in Tucson. Thank you to the homeowners and people who chose to participate.

Those who took part in either the parkrun or community harvest got a free “Beyond Tucson” T-shirt.

For Himmel parkrun No. 63, we welcomed 43 runners and walkers today. They ranged in age from 70-78 to under 10. There were nine personal bests set this week from Jordan Davison at 19:54 to Jeff Judkins at 46:06. We also had at least nine new participants (maybe more, as there were seven write-in registrants onsite). High fives to runner No. 5, Ezra Green, one of several participants age 10 or under. In his first parkrun, he came in at 23:47. We’re still missing tokens for Nos. 12, 21 and 39 – it would be greatly appreciated if those folks please show up next week to return them and run/walk with us again. You can check all today’s results here.

Among new participants, Drew Matheson, of the West Lothian Triathlon group whose home site is the Livingston parkrun found at Almondvale Park, Livingston, Scotland, between Edinburgh and Glasgow, finished his 77th parkrun with us. He’s also run at one in Durham, North Carolina, but is always surprised there aren’t more U.S. sites participating. He said he has four to choose from at home, all of which draw a couple of hundred people.

We also hosted Simone Biddle from the Sweeney Runners, a "relaxed running" group in Petrie, Queensland, Australia, north of Brisbane. She noted that, no, they are not suffering from excess smoke in her area as the widespread fires plaguing Australia that have made news of late aren’t in her area. She traveled from Salt Lake City for today’s parkrun, again, due to the dearth of U.S. events. The nearest other parkruns to Tucson currently are two in California’s Bay Area and Aspen and Ft. Collins, Colorado.

We welcome one and all from Tucson, the Southwest, East Coast, West Coast and “Beyond” to join us in our lovely Sonoran Desert to partake of the wonderful weather and views here. Yes, it was 36°F at 7:30 a.m. but the sky was sunny and gorgeous and the temperature had warmed to 60°F by noon.

Our gratitude to Michele Crow, Bill and Quinn Mark for coordinating with Beyond Tucson and hosting the T-shirt giveaway.

Thank you to David Armet, our parkrun founder, for bringing coffee for everyone to share.

And a big thanks also to all our fabulous volunteers John Ward, Amanda Clark, Abby Green, Caitlin Cuslidge, Alice Barker, Alan Craig, Mary Preden, Alicia Armet and David Mogollon. Malcolm Coomber couldn’t make it because his return flight back to Tucson got caught up in weather on the East Coast.

As we are a volunteer-run organization, if you would like to help with setup and running of the event, see the multiple roles you can play at our future volunteer roster webpage here.

See you next week!

IMG_9229 IMG_9230 IMG_9234 IMG_9231 IMG_9231-71_2016x1512 IMG_9231-2295-2-940x1024 IMG_9232 IMG_9250_2016x1512 IMG_9237_2016x1512 IMG_9235-2365-2-924x1024 IMG_9242 IMG_9236-5 IMG_9238 IMG_9237-2361-2-1024x960 IMG_9241 IMG_9236 IMG_9257_2016x1512 IMG_9262 IMG_9265 IMG_9261 IMG_9260 IMG_9259 IMG_9254 IMG_9255 IMG_9253 IMG_9244 IMG_9249 IMG_2302 (2) IMG_2303 (2) IMG_9264-crop_2016x1512 IMG_9266_2016x1512 IMG_9251 IMG_9267 IMG_9268 IMG_9270 IMG_9256 IMG_9273 IMG_9275 IMG_9276 IMG_9278 IMG_9279


The Post-Turkey Trot…Himmel parkrun #56

Hi parkrunners! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. 25 parkrunners managed to roll onto the Himmel course on Saturday, following the weekend of feasting. Welcome to visitors and newcomers NICHOLAS, DANIEL, MARK, STEPHEN, and PATRICK, all completing their first 5k with us at Himmel! PAM, a regular face on the Himmel scene, also finished her first parkrun! Well done all!

IMG_1974 (2)

PB's were also celebrated by SEBASTIEN, ELIZABETH and MEAGHAN, who were not afraid of going fast after their Thanksgiving treats!

IMG_1966 (2)

IMG_1951 (2)

Overall, a great day!

IMG_2029 (2)

IMG_1997 (2)

IMG_1992 (2)

IMG_1996 (2)

IMG_1970 (2)

Thanksgiving weekend is also a great time to run with family, as Event Team members DAVID and ALICIA discovered. It's great to have a parkrun buddy!

IMG_1999 (2)

Run Director LISA also did a great job of keeping things on track. Thanks LISA, and all of the volunteers - this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for YOU!

IMG_1961 (2)

This week's volunteers included the fantastic David ARMET, Alicia ARMET, Lisa BROSKY, Malcolm COOMBER, Caitlin CUSLIDGE, Dale FLANNERY, Daniel LEWIS, Midge OCHART, John WARD

IMG_1972 (2)

IMG_1969 (2)

IMG_1950 (2)

IMG_1943 (2)

Notice anything new about our timer? We are now switching to the parkrun app for both timing and barcode scanning! Why not use this as an opportunity to learn how? We'd love for you to join the team! Contact today to sign up.

See you all next week!

IMG_1902 (2)

IMG_1900 (2)

IMG_1896 (2)

IMG_1893 (2)


“Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” – Himmel parkrun 1st Anniversary, event #54

Well I think we can claim to have got our little acorn growing, and now we have
celebrated our First Birthday.


Your humble scribe never quite knew what he was getting into on that August day in
2018, when he arranged to meet David Armet, who was mistaken for a lost member of
the Foreign Legion as he ran around Himmel Park; and later met Alicia and their 3
youngsters. These 3 children, Alex, Emily and Andrew, had the best possible start to
life, being born in England! and since have never known life without a parkrun on

We have literally been tending our acorn in the desert, but also metaphorically as the
closest parkruns to ours are 800+ mile away in Colorado and 1200+ miles away in San
Francisco. This has led to visitors from far and wide, seeking their parkrun fix in Tucson;
States that have so far been represented – California, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Texas; and Countries – Australia, Canada, Germany (we learned that
“himmel” in German means “heaven”!), Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and
the UK.

During our first year participants covered 7,135km, run/walked for 35 days 18 hrs 58
mins (!!) and achieved 301 personal bests – the full statistics are available here.

We wish thank all our sponsors and supporters - O'Reilly Chevrolet; New Sun Energy; Mr Jake Stephens; Catalina Algorithmic Investments LTD; Meet Me at Maynard's Team; The Running Shop; Southern Arizona RoadRunners; Ward 6 Council Member Steve Kozachik; Tucson Parks and Recreation; Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association; and the University of Arizona Campus Recreation, who made our parkrun possible, and helped us out along the way.


Members of The Workout Group join us in celebrating our birthday with their Saturday morning 5k (or the last 5k of a long run, for some!)

For our “Birthday” event the weather gods gave us a beautiful still fall morning, 60F, and
abundant sunshine - supported by Southern Arizona Roadrunners and The Workout
, we had a record turnout of 66, including 30 first timers, produced 30 personal
bests, a new female record, and a new age graded record – full results and event
statistics can be found at this link

Workout Group member Tia flies across the finish line in 20 minutes flat, setting the new female course record!


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: 
David ARMET, Alicia ARMET, Lisa BROSKY, Malcolm COOMBER, Dale FLANNERY, Reba HILLIER, Daniel LEWIS, Abby MOGOLLON, Midge OCHART, Mary PREDEN, Michael

Your core team (Alicia, Lisa, David and Malcolm) get to meet, talk, plot and plan, but nothing happens without the support of the wearers of the yellow vests and purple t-
shirts – OUR VOLUNTEERS – and at our after party we were able to do some additional recognitions:

“Instant Volunteer” – Dan Lewis, always willing to volunteer at a moment's notice!

“Early Bird/Late Bird Volunteer” – Mary Preden, from pre-event setup to tailwalker!
“Leading Lady” – Catie Cuslidge - first female finisher more than 10 times this year!
“Longtime parkrunner” - Al Conrad - with us since our preliminary events in August of 2018!
“Himmel parkrun Passionista” – Denise Leahy - this title is given to the most passionate parkrunners around the globe, who attend their local event nearly every week!
“Volunteer Passionista” – Midge Ochart - just as passionate about volunteering!
“Volunteer Variety” – Dale Flannery - for trying out roles from Run Director to Results Processor (and, of course, cake serving!)- thank you!

Some additional recognitions that did not get given this week (but we hope to catch you next week!) go out to:
“Fabulous Photographer” – John Ward - John will be back behind the lens next week!
“Awesome Improvement” – Lizzie Eadie - a 10 minute improvement since event #1, and she topped it off with a new PB this week at Event #54! Well done!
“Biggest Troublemakers” – Denis and Gail - thanks for keeping parkrun fun!

“Babysitters extraordinaire” - the Ferry sisters (Grandma Armet and Auntie Pam)

And last, but not least, someone 7,000 miles away, onetime Event Director at Highbury Fields (the Armet’s parkrun in London) and presently a London parkrun Ambassador,
Martin Black; who was responsible for linking up David and Malcolm to get this adventure started! Thank you all!


IMG_8188 (2)




Himmel parkrun events 51 and 52

25 and 25, plus one more each, makes 52 Volunteering Days combined for Volunteer Heroes CATIE and MARY at event number 52! They both earned their purple T-shirts at Event 51 on 26 October. Great job, ladies - we are so glad to see you on the team each week!


Speaking of which....let's make sure to recognize our other volunteer extraordinaires for these events - thank you for all that you do!

Event 51's superstars: Alicia, Catie, Dale, Dan, David A., Lisa, Mary, and Michael!

Event 52's superstars: Abby, Alicia, Catie, David M., Lisa, Malcolm, Mary, Michael, and Midge!

Come on....let's get YOUR name up here in bold on our website! Sign up today to volunteer - even if it's just once every couple of months, every little helps and we'd love to have you on the team! Email us at


Now, for the highlights of the last 2 weeks' results....

Event 51 - Congratulations parkrunners RICK, LIZZIE and ALAN on your new Personal Bests, great job! Himmel parkrun also welcomed some visitors all the way from Australia - Leanne and Scott had a great parkrun on our Himmel Course - nice to meet you!



And rounding out the crew, Abby brings it home, on this, our LAST 7am 5k of the year. Well done everybody!

Event 52 was well attended - that extra hour of sleep can work wonders! We had 30 parkrunners for our first 8AM event, and 6 Personal Bests, congrats to Ryan, William, Ermes, Molly, Ellie, and Al!



We also welcomed visitors Agata, Mandy, and Scott. Thanks for joining us!



And of course, it was great to see the return of some of our Tucson Village Farm Healthy Living Ambassadors! Thanks for making parkrun your new Saturday morning destination!


Have a great week, Himmel parkrunners!


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