TRAC is here to help!

Dear Tucson Running Community,

During this time of great uncertainty and change, some local runners have been thinking through ways to support and connect our community. After a series of remote meetings, we came up with TRAC, the Tucson Runner Aid Community. TRAC is a mutual aid group for runners and their families in the Tucson and metropolitan areas as we all face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Tucson runners have already done the hard work of building community over many years, and we know that strong communities are what will get us all through this safely! TRAC aims to provide support, information, assistance, and rapid response to anyone in our running community, along with their families.

Ways TRAC can help:

Information: We will serve as a hub for accurate, up-to-date, and vetted info

Errands: for essential items such groceries or prescriptions or pet food

Connectivity: combating isolation using FaceTime, Zoom, or phone calls for:

  • happy hours & coffee hours
  • game nights
  • runner-specific classes and webinars

Funds: we are developing a small community fund where people in our community can donate if they wish, or request emergency financial support for essentials

Business: we will support runner-owned businesses and businesses that support runners by serving as a bulletin board for announcements from these local businesses

How can I reach TRAC?

You can reach us to ask for support, offer an idea, or join the coordination team. Please reach out via:

Email: email the team at

Facebook: search “TRAC (Tucson Runner Aid Community)”. You will be asked to answer 2 brief questions in order to join. Note: we are trying to keep this to runners and their families, just so we don't build something too big to function!

This is a community effort and a work in progress. Strong communities make us safer and healthier, we will do everything we can to support one another through this challenging time.



TRAC Coordination Team:

Robin Reineke

Tim Bentley

Marti Ackermann

David Armet

Alicia Armet

Merry Dearmon

Dari Duval

Michelle Edwards

David Edmeades

Angela Greynolds

Debby Jones

Steve Landau

Jeremy Markowitz

William Meikle

Caroline Mosley

Anne Neuenschwander

Lisa Osinga

Steve Outridge

Erin Paradis

Joe Plassmann

Jen Steyaert

Geoff Schmidt

Julie Stark

Kamran Talattof

Lori VanBuggenum



To everyone in the Himmel parkrun community - we would like to thank you for joining our event, and for sticking with us since our very first parkrun in November of 2018.   It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of Himmel parkrun for the rest of the month.  I understand that this will be disappointing, due to the limited impact that COVID-19 is currently having on our community in Tucson; however the safety of all participants is always our top priority.  This decision has been made by parkrun's global headquarters for ALL parkrun events in the following countries, effective immediately:


At the present time, we are anticipating Himmel parkrun will resume


Further updates will be posted here, and shared with you via email or text (if you are opted in to parkrun communications) as soon as more information becomes available.

Thank you again for being part of our parkrun community!   Have a nice break, and stay well - we look forward to seeing you all again in April!

With best wishes,

Your Himmel parkrun Event Team

Malcolm, David, Alicia, & Lisa


Want to sign up for a race? Here are a few upcoming events…

Hi parkrunners! There are a number of running events coming up in the next few months, and we often get emails about sharing these with our parkrun team. So, here are a few - let us know if you hear about a great event that we should share here. Happy running!

Thanksgiving Cross Country Classic!
When: Thursday 11/28/19 - 8AM start (ladies); 8:45AM (men); 9:30AM (1.5 mile fun run/walk)
Distance: 5k
Location: Gene C. Reid Park, Tucson AZ
Website and sign up information:

Check out our previous post for information on volunteering at this event.

Halualoa Tucson Marathon
When: Saturday 12/7/19, 7:00AM
Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay
Location: Highway 77 near Santa Catalina Mountains and Catalina State Park (Tucson, AZ)
Website and sign up information:

COMING IN 2020....

New Years Day, Do the Double!!! Himmel parkrun at 9am and Hair of the Dog Run / Walk 11:15
When: Saturday 01/01/2020, 11:15AM (AFTER OUR SPECIAL 9AM NEW YEAR'S DAY PARKRUN)
Distance: 8k, and 1 mile 'doggie dash'
Location: Udall Park, Tucson AZ
Website and sign up information:

BEYOND Tucson Events (various)
When: Saturday 01/11/2020
Location: Various (Tucson, AZ)
Website and sign up information:

Sprouts Mesa Marathon
When: Saturday, 02/08/2020, 6:30AM
Distance: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k
Location: Mesa, AZ
Website and signup information:

Sunrise at Old Tucson Cross Country Trail Run
When: Saturday 02/23/2020
Distance: 4 Mile trail run or 1 mile fun run
Location: Old Tucson Studios, Tucson, AZ
Website and signup information:

Beach and Bay Half Marathon
When: Saturday 04/18/2020
Distance: Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Location: San Diego, CA
Website and signup information:

B&B 2020 Flyer Back

Happy racing, parkrunners!


Holiday parkruns – there will be an extra parkrun on 01/01/2020!

Hi Himmel parkrunners!

All around the world, parkrunners celebrate their holidays together with - you guessed it - an extra 5k! Here in the USA, our options for extra events include Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day. Thanks to all of you that filled in our survey about your holiday plans to run a 5k (or not!). After reviewing replies, the parkrun event team has decided on a NO for Thanksgiving, but a YES for New Year's Day 2020.

The Southern Arizona Roadrunners will be hosting their annual Cross Country Classic on Thanksgiving day, which is an excellent way to get in your pre-turkey 5k! I think many of us at parkrun already have plans to attend - you can learn more, or sign up,
here. Also, if you are interested in forming a parkrun team for the Cross Country Classic, please email us at

And, of course, SAR will be looking for volunteers on the day, if you'd like to try your hand at signing up for something completely different! We will shortly be posting information about how to sign up, so watch this space.

Please note....though we will not have a Thanksgiving Day event on 28 November, we will be here as usual on SATURDAY 30 NOVEMBER at our regularly scheduled time of 8:00AM.

But back to our survey...we had an overwhelming YES response to holding a parkrun on New Year's Day, that's WEDNESDAY JANUARY 1, 2020, at a special time of 9:00AM. So, we look forward to celebrating New Year with you all! Also, that gives plenty of time for those of you who would like to run or volunteer with our friends at Run Tucson to join the Hair of the Dog 8k race, which takes place at 11:15AM on New Year's Day. More information can be found on their website, here.

Happy holidays all, and happy parkrunning!


Help us help Himmel Park! 3 ways to get involved…

Hello parkrunners! There are some new happenings in our beloved Himmel park for the autumn season, and several opportunities for Himmel parkrunners, neighbors, friends, family, and the entire community to get involved and help support our park in the years to come. If you are interested in helping out, or learning more about any of the items below, please contact the individuals listed in each note. Thanks for helping to keep Himmel park looking great!

1. They're baaaaaaack.....the dreaded GOATHEAD WEEDS!

goatheads with little yellow flowers

Himmel park has long been plagued by the goathead weeds - an invasive puncture vine that can be hard on both feet and bike tires! The Friends of Himmel park have been working to weed out these plants and clear sections of the park, in the hope of eradicating the growth over the next few years. The summer rains have unfortunately allowed for a lot of new growth, so there is a significant weeding effort going on now, and for the next couple of months.

How you can help:
The Friends of Himmel park have a goathead weeding group that gets together to contribute to the weeding every Sunday morning from 7-9am. Volunteers are needed, and all helpers are welcome! This Sunday they will be working in the south east corner of the park. If you would like to join them, don't forget to bring a weeding tool (or a screwdriver, this also works well), gloves, and a bag or bucket for the weeds. For more information, please contact Vytas Sakalas from the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association. Thank you for making Himmel park even better for all of us!

2. Himmel playground needs shade!
The new, larger playground at Himmel park has been raising funds for a ramada / shade structure over the past year. The current plans are for shade structure over the picnic tables in the middle of the playground, but there has been some debate about the choice between this and a traditional ramada. (As an aside, there are plans for a separate, traditional ramada over some of the picnic areas to the south of the playground, to be funded by the Parks Bonds raised last year).


How you can help:
Share your thoughts and feedback about the shade structure, or join us for the next Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday September 17 from 7-9PM (Himmel Library) to discuss. We appreciate your views! Comments can be sent to Sam Hughes Neighborhood Board Member Alicia Armet.

3. A new path in the park....
One exciting bit of news for us parkrunners is that the Parks Bond provides funding for a multi-use path in Himmel Park, likely to be installed in 2021. The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association is currently putting together a committee to work with the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation on proposals for the design and location of the path, and it would be a great opportunity for Himmel parkrun to be a part of this process.

Where should the path be located? What is the best material to use? How wide should it be? Would it be designated as multi-use (for runners/walkers and bicycles etc.)? And more, yet to be decided!

How you can help:
Contact Sam Hughes Neighborhood Board Member Alicia Armet to register your interest if you would like to join the committee. After an initial contact with the city and interested volunteers, a meeting will be arranged for late September / early October. Your feedback will make the park better for all of us!

Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks in advance to all of you that consider participating in one of these activities to help Himmel park.



Hi all,

This Saturday is our 5K FITNESS FIESTA, as many of you will have seen in the Sam Hughes Neighborhood newsletter. We are welcoming all neighbors, friends, and family members, experienced parkrunners and first timers, to join us for a parkrun and breakfast party in the park, and see what parkrun is all about! It's also a great opportunity for us to celebrate our HALF BIRTHDAY - that's right, one half year of Himmel parkrun, hooray! And, just in case that isn't enough, it is also parkrun USA's barkrunner day - a day to celebrate the pups that run or walk our 3.1 mile course each week, and their favorite humans. So come on down, bring a friend, bring your dog, and let's do this!

See you on Saturday!

parkrunners and barkrunners: don't forget, we're on summer hours, and it's a 7AM START TIME
all other Fiesta friends: 7:30 - 8:30, breakfast snacks and celebration


Himmel parkrun event #25

Another beautiful Tucson Saturday morning, and another great parkrun! 18 participants joined the team, along with several barkrunner pups.

This week's parkrun saw 4 amazing PB's! Coming in at 30 minutes flat and in 4th place, JOHN S. beat his PB by 14 seconds. LISA also shaved a few seconds off her best time from last week - well done! TRACI also scored a PB for her second parkrun. And finally, in an amazing feat of speed, DAVID L. arrived 49 minutes in to the parkrun, not realizing that we had moved to 7am, and smashed his PB by nearly a minute, completing the course in 24:09. Hope to see you all on May 4th to do it over again - great job, parkrunners!


There were some newcomers to Himmel parkrun as well this week, so let's all give a warm Himmel Howdy to our new friends, MARTHA, EMILY J., PHILLIP, MAX, and PENNY! Phillip and Max came back after participating in our provisional parkruns last year - great to see you guys again! Martha, recovering from an injury, saw parkrunners coming by her house each week and thought, "I could run with them" - so she did! Similarly, Penny was walking her dog, Harry, in the park as the parkrun team were setting up the event, and decided to join in on the fun. We also welcomed a new volunteer to the team, coming out for his first parkrun - ADAM did a great job of scanning barcodes this week! Thanks for coming out everyone, and we hope to see you again soon!


Himmel parkrun also welcomed visitors this week, RICHARD and BETH, who had been to a parkrun on the east coast on a previous trip and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to try ours too! Glad you stopped by!

Great job parkrunners, one and all - we look forward to seeing new friends, new PB's, and more fun next week.




See you next Saturday for our Sam Hughes community event, and half birthday party - the Himmel parkrun 5K FITNESS FIESTA! That's next Saturday, May 4th, at 7AM. Also, next Saturday is parkrun USA's barkrunner day. Grab your favorite 4 legged friend, a leash (and a pick-up bag...) and bring them along! We look forward to seeing you all then!



Spring is in the air….Himmel parkrun event #18

It was a lovely day for Himmel parkrun, with a hint of spring in the air. parkrunners certainly had a spring in their step last week, with 6 new PB's out of a total of 26 parkrunners!
Congratulations MALCOLM, MARY, AL, CYNTHIA, ALEYA and PATRICK for a job well done!




First Finisher DAVID celebrated the spring in his step by leaping over the line - what a finish!


Of course it wouldn't be Himmel parkrun without a field of smiling parkrunners! Happy friends enjoying a Saturday - that's what parkrun is all about!






As always, we'd like to thank our wonderful volunteers, without whom this event would not be possible:
Alan SHOULTS • Alicia ARMET • Amanda CLARK • C David MOGOLLON • Dale FLANNERY • Dana PADILL • David ARMET • Malcolm COOMBER • Midge OCHART • Stacy SHOULTS

And of course a wonderful thanks to those who have signed up for next week! Please consider joining our team, even if only once a month - it makes a big difference, and will help keep parkrun going strong in the weeks to come. Contact us at to sign up!

Have a great week parkrunners, see you all on the 16th!

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