Help us help Himmel Park! 3 ways to get involved…

Hello parkrunners! There are some new happenings in our beloved Himmel park for the autumn season, and several opportunities for Himmel parkrunners, neighbors, friends, family, and the entire community to get involved and help support our park in the years to come. If you are interested in helping out, or learning more about any of the items below, please contact the individuals listed in each note. Thanks for helping to keep Himmel park looking great!

1. They're baaaaaaack.....the dreaded GOATHEAD WEEDS!

goatheads with little yellow flowers

Himmel park has long been plagued by the goathead weeds - an invasive puncture vine that can be hard on both feet and bike tires! The Friends of Himmel park have been working to weed out these plants and clear sections of the park, in the hope of eradicating the growth over the next few years. The summer rains have unfortunately allowed for a lot of new growth, so there is a significant weeding effort going on now, and for the next couple of months.

How you can help:
The Friends of Himmel park have a goathead weeding group that gets together to contribute to the weeding every Sunday morning from 7-9am. Volunteers are needed, and all helpers are welcome! This Sunday they will be working in the south east corner of the park. If you would like to join them, don't forget to bring a weeding tool (or a screwdriver, this also works well), gloves, and a bag or bucket for the weeds. For more information, please contact Vytas Sakalas from the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association. Thank you for making Himmel park even better for all of us!

2. Himmel playground needs shade!
The new, larger playground at Himmel park has been raising funds for a ramada / shade structure over the past year. The current plans are for shade structure over the picnic tables in the middle of the playground, but there has been some debate about the choice between this and a traditional ramada. (As an aside, there are plans for a separate, traditional ramada over some of the picnic areas to the south of the playground, to be funded by the Parks Bonds raised last year).


How you can help:
Share your thoughts and feedback about the shade structure, or join us for the next Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday September 17 from 7-9PM (Himmel Library) to discuss. We appreciate your views! Comments can be sent to Sam Hughes Neighborhood Board Member Alicia Armet.

3. A new path in the park....
One exciting bit of news for us parkrunners is that the Parks Bond provides funding for a multi-use path in Himmel Park, likely to be installed in 2021. The Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association is currently putting together a committee to work with the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation on proposals for the design and location of the path, and it would be a great opportunity for Himmel parkrun to be a part of this process.

Where should the path be located? What is the best material to use? How wide should it be? Would it be designated as multi-use (for runners/walkers and bicycles etc.)? And more, yet to be decided!

How you can help:
Contact Sam Hughes Neighborhood Board Member Alicia Armet to register your interest if you would like to join the committee. After an initial contact with the city and interested volunteers, a meeting will be arranged for late September / early October. Your feedback will make the park better for all of us!

Thanks everyone for reading, and thanks in advance to all of you that consider participating in one of these activities to help Himmel park.