Himmel parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Unbreakable: The Western States 100

Thank Alan!

He found this documentary on the "Western States 100" which was just released for free on YouTube for the first time and thought that it might help our fellow parkrunners get through this time.

Unbreakable: The Western States 100


Himmel parkrun virtual coffee

This Saturday do your own fitness, walk around the block, go for a jog, or simply stretch in your living room then brew up your own drink and join the Himmel pakrun crew for a virtual coffee!

Himmel parkrun virtual coffee
Saturday, April 4⋅9:00 – 9:40am

Join Zoom Meeting

password is:
please complete this sentence.

"don't forget your _______"


virtual race

Hi All here is a fun idea if you want to be inspired for a virtual parkrun while we are all social distancing.

Run the himmel parkrun strava segment (as long as the park is clear and you can keep your distance).

you need a gps watch or a gps enabled smartphone and the free "Strava" app

see the course and results here:

Everyone stay healthy!


TRAC is here to help!

Dear Tucson Running Community,

During this time of great uncertainty and change, some local runners have been thinking through ways to support and connect our community. After a series of remote meetings, we came up with TRAC, the Tucson Runner Aid Community. TRAC is a mutual aid group for runners and their families in the Tucson and metropolitan areas as we all face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Tucson runners have already done the hard work of building community over many years, and we know that strong communities are what will get us all through this safely! TRAC aims to provide support, information, assistance, and rapid response to anyone in our running community, along with their families.

Ways TRAC can help:

Information: We will serve as a hub for accurate, up-to-date, and vetted info

Errands: for essential items such groceries or prescriptions or pet food

Connectivity: combating isolation using FaceTime, Zoom, or phone calls for:

  • happy hours & coffee hours
  • game nights
  • runner-specific classes and webinars

Funds: we are developing a small community fund where people in our community can donate if they wish, or request emergency financial support for essentials

Business: we will support runner-owned businesses and businesses that support runners by serving as a bulletin board for announcements from these local businesses

How can I reach TRAC?

You can reach us to ask for support, offer an idea, or join the coordination team. Please reach out via:

Email: email the team at


Facebook: search “TRAC (Tucson Runner Aid Community)”. You will be asked to answer 2 brief questions in order to join. Note: we are trying to keep this to runners and their families, just so we don't build something too big to function!

This is a community effort and a work in progress. Strong communities make us safer and healthier, we will do everything we can to support one another through this challenging time.



TRAC Coordination Team:

Robin Reineke

Tim Bentley

Marti Ackermann

David Armet

Alicia Armet

Merry Dearmon

Dari Duval

Michelle Edwards

David Edmeades

Angela Greynolds

Debby Jones

Steve Landau

Jeremy Markowitz

William Meikle

Caroline Mosley

Anne Neuenschwander

Lisa Osinga

Steve Outridge

Erin Paradis

Joe Plassmann

Jen Steyaert

Geoff Schmidt

Julie Stark

Kamran Talattof

Lori VanBuggenum


Himmel parkrun cancellation continues

Hi parkrunners,

I hope you are staying safe and well. We just wanted to update you that, in line with state and local guidelines, the re-start of Himmel parkrun HAS BEEN POSTPONED. Currently, we are cancelled indefinitely. However, we will be back, as soon as it is deemed safe to do so! Please check back for updates, and we will also be emailing our parkrun community and posting on Facebook as soon as we have more information.

Stay healthy and well!

Your Himmel parkrun Event Team

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