Run Report #229 – Fletcher’s Cove parkrun

241856667_10159882114408938_108925459291216235_n9/11. Twenty years have passed. For many of us, memories and images from 11 September 2001 remain vividly imprinted in our consciousness. We all can remember where we were, the shock and extended agony of that day, a day that witnessed almost 3,000 lives lost and changed the shape and form of the 21st century.

Twenty years on, the bright sunshine and resplendent blue sky was eerily reminiscent of 9/11/01.

Our collective thoughts were drawn back to that day and to where we are today, guided by the moving words of Matt, our RD and resident Marine, reminding us that the "free forever" freedoms we enjoy with parkrun are freedoms that we so easily take for granted, but that often are fought for. We took a moment to celebrate the Veterans amongst us, and stood as one to remember the sorrows, the grief, the staggering losses, the extraordinary heroism all on display that fateful day.

So much work to do to bend our common future, to make social justice meaningful for everyone, to make the world a better, fairer place. Think global, act local. There's something about our small parkrun collective endeavor that captures so directly the smorgasbord of aspirations that are tailor-made for a more sustainable and more caring world: inclusive, community-focused, fostering positive social capital, founded on volunteerism, self-sustaining, welcoming, non-judging....

So, as ever, we start with a round of applause to the selfless good deeds of this week's 13 volunteers, without whose stepping up, this event would not have happened: Aaron ZITNER  •  Dan OWEN  •  Daniel CONNOR  •  Douglas RINGEL  •  Linda RAHAL  •  Lucinda FLEESON  •  Maria GARCIA  •  Mariana RAHAL  •  Matt CHURCHWARD  •  Nancy EDSON  •  Richard GLAVEN  •  Rodger POTOCKI  •  Zoe PERSINA


Please consider volunteering. A good rule of thumb is to contribute to a volunteer spot every 10 runs or thereabouts. If you would like to volunteer for future weeks, look out for the whiteboard on Saturday mornings, go to the volunteer roster page on the website ( or simply drop us an email at

This week saw 59 parkrunners at Fletcher's Cove, including 4 first timers. With a marathon taking place on our normal course, we switched direction and ran the reverse route down the towpath towards Georgetown.


Big Up to Kevin Downie, who notched up his 50th milestone parkrun ! More milestones approaching in coming weeks, so watch this space...



Saturday's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Results Page.

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Please make sure you log in on to your parkrun profile and opt in for emails from us - important, for example, when we need to communicate event cancellations, etc. (fingers crossed, not needed - we have had to do that once in the past 5 years, due to an excessive heat advisory one summer).

We have several more Saturday's over the course of the next month where we will be running the reverse course again - keep an eye on our Facebook page for details. We are planning to make use of one of those occasions, on October 9th, to have a tailgate post-parkrun coffee and cake in the lower level parking lot just below the finish line, so make a note in the calendar.

Keep strong, stay healthy - let's make the world a better place - best, Dan