Fletcher’s Cove Parkrun 206 – Run Report

Evening all!  Slighter later this week, but designed as a motivational reminder to clean those trainers, dig out the warm running gear (it's going to be slightly cold, but hopefully sunny) and get ready for Saturday morning!


After our 4th birthday run a few weeks ago with an impressive 133 participants, the cold weather hit, then the rain last week, resulting in a brave band of 38 runners & walkers turning up last Saturday for the 206th Parkrun at Fletcher's Cove - for those debating in the future over the thought of running through the wet spells, remember that 'skin is waterproof' and there is always a sense of real satisfaction when you've battled through a few puddles, especially when enjoying a post event hot drink in Black Coffee with great company!


Even though attendance was smaller than normal, we still managed to welcome runners & walkers of all ages, including 6 first timers!


along with young and budding future athletes,



as well as our usual 4-legged friends!


and with a smaller than normal pack, our trail walker Rob recorded an impressive time, whilst doing a brilliant job of ensuring that everyone got in safely!


Well done to Chris who shot off, glasses steaming from the humidity, leading the way and also to Muna, our first lady across the line - and a first timer at Fletcher's Cove as well!


Thanks to Phoebe for some excellent photos this week and of course to all of the other volunteers that helped make this event free and available for all - pats on the backs and big hugs to Whitney, Dan, Chris, Martin, Rodger, Nancy, Kai (great job as Run Director!), Linda, Sol, Rob & Paula!



Please also help in spreading the word; if you haven't done so already, check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fletcherscoveparkrun and also the Cove's Strava group: https://www.strava.com/clubs/fletchers-cove-parkrun which is a free tool for GPS tracking via suitable watches or smart phones and an excellent way to review progress and work towards those PBs!

See you all next week (there is supposed to be sun creeping in!), bring a smile as big as Ed's, and of course, remember your barcode!  Matt