Event #204: Happy 4th Birthday Fletcher’s Cove Parkrun!

Last Saturday's Parkrun at Fletcher's Cove proved to be a memorable event, measurable through some impressive numbers...


Firstly the magic number 4: Saturday marked the 4th anniversary of Parkrun at Fletcher's Cove, following the inaugural event which took place on Saturday 9th January 2016.  Since then, the community has continued to grow and Fletcher's has seen a total of 3,000 separate runners complete a total distance of 60,515 kilometers!

If you'd like to read a bit more history on this DC Parkrun, inspired by the hard work of a group of four self-styled 'Union Station Lads', then click on the link here.  Thanks Andres, Darrell, Dee & Henry!



Secondly, the number 133: this was the total number of runners on Saturday, the fifth biggest ever!  This was great to see, no doubt encouraged by fresh New Year resolutions, birthday celebrations and a rather surprising warm weather spell for DC in January.  These included 15 first timers and 24 runners who recorded a personal best time - welcome and well done to you all!


Thirdly, another magic number, 50: congratulations to Allan Dosik who racked up his 50th run on Saturday.  Well done Allan and we look forward to seeing you in your new red Parkrun t-shirt very soon!


 Fourthly, we celebrated Dan's (number withheld!) birthday and he treated us all to his musical talents once again!

82030786_2467681556819849_8234582625860190208_oIf you'd like to hear a rendition, then click on the link to the post on our Facebook page.


And finally, lucky number 13!  This were the number of volunteers who supported the event on Saturday - thanks Whitney, Dan, Chris, Lisa, Roberta, Zama, Emma, Linda, Matt, Paula, Kathleen, Ed & Maria!  Volunteering is easy and a rewarding experience, so please do join in and sign up if you get a chance.

Happy Birthday Fletcher's Cove Parkrun!