Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #197 Run Report

Three more runs to go before Fletcher’s Cove celebrates its 200th event. Fletcher’s will also be hosting a New Year’s day run and celebrating its 4th anniversary early in the  New Year, so be sure to opt-in to receive emails and notifications from us. You can opt-in to receive Fletcher’s Cove parkrun’s emails by clicking on the appropriate link in your results email.


Special thanks to our friends from College Park and Kensington for hosting Thanksgiving parkruns. Also a wonderful feeling to squeeze in two parkruns in one week. Kensington will also be hosting a New Year’s Day run, which will enable you to complete the New Year’s Day Double  (Kensington at 08:30 and Fletcher’s Cove at 10:30).


As it gets colder and colder, we appreciate our volunteers more than ever. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Michael BENDER, Amory GRIFFIN, Barbara LEVEDAHL, Scott MADDEN, Mariana RAHAL, Alexander SCHONBERGER, Steven SCHONBERGER, David SILVER, Claire WIGGLESWORTH, Marcel WILSON. Steven kicked off this post-turkey parkrun with a fine performance as Run Director.




Special notes from the run:

-          Adam BERNOT finished as first finisher in his 1st parkrun;

-          14 Fletcher’s Cove first timers;

-          81 finishers in total; and

-          Kelvin GOWER visited from the UK to complete his 490th parkrun.

Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is a welcoming community led by two excellent Event-Directors, Andres Falconer and Dan Owen. These gentlemen are great ambassador for parkrun and everyone at Fletcher’s Cove appreciates the endless hours they have put in for us to enjoy our 5kms along the tow-path every Saturday.


Enough talking from me for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(co-ED's editorial comment -- > HUGE HATS OFF TO THIS WEEK'S RUN REPORT WRITER, SEDWYN FOR HIS DEDICATED SERVICE AND HIS SPECTACULAR MILESTONE DOUBLE TODAY - 50th run and 25th volunteer milestone achieved in perfect unison - thanks and well done, Sedwyn, all your efforts very much appreciated.../Dan)




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We look forward to welcoming everyone this Saturday to join us at Fletcher’s Cove and a post run coffee.

Warm regards