Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #195 Run Report

Another Saturday. Another parkrun. Another morning of good vibes, buzzing energy, smiling faces, a happy congregation at the home-away-from-home that Fletcher's Cove has become to we faithful. Crisp morning air this mid-November, gorgeous blue sky and parkrun today magnificently orchestrated by first time Run Director, Maddie. We doff our caps and give special salutes to our younger, U18 volunteers.


Milestone day today for three of our own. Two juniors earned their sparkling 10s - white parkrun t-shirts soon will be yours. Well done to Zak O. and to Jasmin A. Well earned!!, now on you trundle to your 50th...


And celebrating the coveted 50 today, grand stand and cheers all round for Jason...


This week 73 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 12 were first timers and several were tourists. Kudos to the team of 11 volunteers who brought parkrun #195 to you: Jason LEGUM • Maddie GRIFFIN • Zama NGWANE • Manuel RIVERA • Michael BENDER • Matt CHURCHWARD • Michael PHILLIPS • Julia BUCKNALL • Edward KITT • Dan and Lisa OWEN  • Thomas CRONJE


You too can add your name to this heralded list of ever-present hi-viz heroes - sign up on the whiteboard or sign up by clicking on this text to add yourself to the roster for a future date.

23 of our last 35 first time volunteers (going back to June this year) volunteered with less than 10 parkruns to their credit. Volunteering is fun, easy and a great way to give back what you get out of parkrun.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Results Page.

Some highlights from today's outing, besides the milestone celebrants...Tom Coleman finished in 4th position on his 4th run worldwide and Rob Kempsell finished in 49th position on his 49th run worldwide. Well done, gents!

Worldwide, 20,499 people registered for a parkrun barcode for the first time this week.

Around the world, our Zak and Jasmin joined a further 483 people who gained entry to the 10 club. Jason joined 1,367 others worldwide who gained entry to the 50 club. We are rolling out the carpet in anticipation of Rob joining on his next outing the same coveted 50 club..

More global stats. 6,393,125 = total number of barcodes issued. 10 club has a total of 117,175 juniors. 50 club has a total of 231,781 members. 100 club has a total of 89,392. 250 club has a total of 7,808. 500 club has 90 members. The most runs completed is 747 parkruns by a single individual.

You are far from being alone ! See you Saturday,




co-ED, FC parkrun