Run Report – Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #193 November 2nd 2019




A winter freeze advisory swept through the area in the wee hours of parkrun #193 today, generating first appearance in a while of long sleeves, jackets, nay even fleeces, gloves and hats. A chilly start soon blossomed into a gorgeous bright morning of sun, bountiful blue sky and air so fresh, you couldn’t help but feel uplifted....bit chilly were we, marshal Terry?


Uplifted this morning very obviously were our quintessential quorum of friends from South Africa, resplendent in the glorious green of their Springboks shirts, interrupting the run briefing with a public service announcement heralding the fabulous victory in the rugby world cup over England, driven as the papers described it “by a strain of desire few others can comprehend”. A few groggy parkrunners, who’d been up since 430am to watch….


First FC parkrun since another famous victory, that by the Nats, and more accolades delivered at the briefing as a consequence.

Kudos to the team of volunteers who brought parkrun #193 to you: Roberta Alvarez, Sedwyn Anthony, Michael and Alice Bender, Matt Churchward, Terence Dunbar, Kevin Ehrgott, Andres Falconer, Lucinda Fleeson, Anuka Garaza-Anthony and Dan Owen. You too can add your name to this heralded list of ever-present hi-viz heroes - sign up on the whiteboard or sign up by clicking on this text to add yourself to the roster for a future date.

Big shout out goes to Kevin Ehrgott who became our 300th different volunteer at Fletcher's Cove.


Today, we welcomed 62 runners and walkers to the towpath. IMG_7318

David Evans finished in 3rd position on his 3rd run worldwide. Glen Stirrat finished in 13th position on his 13th run at Fletcher's Cove. Kai Oltmanns and his barkrunner finished in 14th position on his 14th run at Fletcher's Cove.



Runners and walkers, forever you are all welcome. Tell your friends. Talk to strangers. Let's make our community a happy and healthy one. See you next Saturday,


Dan Owen

Co-ED, Fletcher's Cove