Run Report parkrun #192 26 October 2019


parkrun #192 on 26th October saw 66 finishers, including a handful of tourists from the UK and Australia and 13 first timers. Our parkrun was this week both a chance for an ahead-of-the-game Halloween-minded costume party and a gentle warm up, towpath stretch for the several preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon taking place the following morning....spotted amongst the merry crowd, a pair of cosy sheep and a ......a what? ....a dinosaur?.....



On on you cuddly green colossus !

Big congratulations this week go to the following:

First and foremost, the eleven volunteers without whose labors this account would be pure fiction: hail to Sedwyn Anthony, Matt Churchward, Chris ConnorDaniel Connor, Andres Falconer, Martin Gambrill, Anuka Garaza-Anthony, Rob Kempsell, Elizabeth Nelson, Dan Owen and Olivia Skerlj....Fletcher's Cove needs just 1 more new volunteer to reach a huge triumph mark of 300 different volunteers. Be a new volunteer, or encourage a friend to do so to help us past this marker. Fletcher's Cove's event v-Index has increased to 21, which means that at least 21 parkrunners have volunteered there at least 21 times. Please send us an email, sign up by clicking on this text to add yourself to the roster for a future date or sign up on the whiteboard on parkrun day.


Mr. T-Rex for gallantly, unblushingly and unflinchingly traversing the entire course, surprising bystanders and wildlife in its wake



To Matt Perkins for earning his coveted red milestone shirt for running his 50th!


Well done Matt !

As ever, today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Results Page.

Two new parkruns have joined the US family this week: Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, TX and Third Creek Greenway parkrun in Knoxville, TN. More parkruns, the merrier. We are a movement that keeps growing and growing.

The autumn is upon us, the season's change, but some things keep going just as they are, come rain, come sun, come endless summer, come fall and winter, your parkrun weathers all weathers...



Two-legged, four-legged, come one, come many, come all..



See you next Saturday.....


Dan Owen

Fletcher's Cove parkrun co-ED