Fletcher’s Cove Parkrun report #191

Hello all and it's time for your mid-week motivation, to remind you of the delights from last Saturday morning, then to inspire you to get out of bed, brave the changing weather and get your running gear ready for this coming event....

19 October saw a slightly smaller than average, but still a respectable number of 52 Parkrunners turn up at Fletcher's to support this wonderful regular community activity.  The weather was good and smiles were abundant, especially from those eight amongst you who recorded new personal bests.

image      image

We also welcomed two first timers - please come again William & Miles - along with five representatives from other clubs.

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As usual, a merry band of volunteers, nicely cajoled by Sedwyn, supported the event, so a high five and a big thumbs up to Andres Falconer; Laura Bruce; Steven Schonberger; Nancy Edson; Scott Madden; Sedwyn Anthony; Anuka Garaza-Anthony; Alexandra Iverson-Day & Barry Merritt!

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According to the Parkrun archives, last week recorded a total number of 298 separate people volunteer at Fletcher's Cove since the inaugural event on 9 January 2016, so we'll hopefully be able to highlight lucky number 300 on Saturday!  Parkrun globally relies entirely on volunteers, so please do consider helping out when you can.  Rob steps into the role of Run Director next week, so come along to hear his inspirational words in his delightful British accent.

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Bring a friend, relative, neighbor, congressman, senator, or just a smile - see you on Saturday!