parkrun #190 run report October 12th, 2019

Fletcher’s Cove Run Report #190


Two splendid vistas awaited those who thanked their lucky stars they upped and made it to parkrun’s 190th at Fletchers Cove this week, not counting the glorious panorama for the second week in succession of our much straighter line of sight down the towpath for the alternative course, to allow for a marathon to go ahead in the opposite direction from Fletcher’s.


The first was the sea of blue in the lower car park and a cacophony of energetic and spirited kids warming up – these the noble West NVHAA Cross Country Team Centurions who came by bus from Manassas to pay us another visit after their first trip a year ago. They took advice from the core team, parked their bus up the heights on the Boulevard to avoid car park congestion and narrow squeezes, imbibed the buzz of the atmosphere as they filed down the hill to Fletcher’s, warmed up and warmed our souls by beautifully bursting the seams of our more youthful cohort with the influx of Centurions added to the tally for today’s parkrun. The 34 who comprised the 11-17 group were our largest age cohort this week. Congratulations! You’re all always welcome.

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This is what parkrun is all about, striving for inclusion, the welcoming embrace of anyone and everyone who wishes to join, the seniors, the young, the mish mash in the middle.


The second panorama of note for celebration was our volunteer roster today, replete with 3 taking up the roles for the first time. This is the other thing that gets to what parkrun is all about, gaining love by giving love, giving back, being part of the active cosmos, doing your bit, pitching in. It is community service, it is volunteerism, and without it we would be twiddling our thumbs and starring gloomily into the abyss of our cereal bowls on a Saturday morning. Several first timers to volunteering today, some of whom have only very recently joined the parkrun ranks – hats off to Sipho and Vella! Living proof that you really don’t have to wait to complete your umpteen parkruns before you step up to volunteer. Zama “Empress of Cakes” Ngwane, Sipho Msiza, Vella Mapheto - 6 runs total between them and in this one occasion, can count their volunteer pitches as amounting to a full half of their parkrun appearances.


So please be nudged to send us an email, sign up by clicking on this text to add yourself to the roster for a future date or take the heroes’ walk next Saturday and sign up on the whiteboard and be heralded by wild applause.


We need just 3 more new volunteers to reach an excuse for another post parkrun cake at FC – 300 different volunteers….Your parkrun needs you!

A big field of 111 at Fletcher’s today and of those, a significant number of returnees – 70 in total. That’s a whopping number, easily top of the pile for US parkruns this week. Let’s keep working, all of us, on encouraging our first timers, second timers, third timers to come back, again and again.

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In sum, 37 first timers today and 39 runners under the age of 17. Big wave to Matteo Iacoviello who finished in 53rd position on his 53rd run at Fletcher's Cove and to Julia Moffett who became the 11,000th finisher at Fletcher's Cove.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Results Page.

Big thanks to today’s high vis heroes who made parkrun happen: Dan Owen, Emma Stirrat, Jason Legum, Laura Bruce, Matt Churchward, Matt Perkins, Reid Mueller, Roberta Gatti, Sedwyn Anthony, Sipho Msiza, Vella Mapheto, and Zama Ngwane.

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Andres and I spent the rest of the weekend at UMD at the parkrun USA Ambassadors Conference and will bring you more news on parkrun developments across the country in due course.


Dan Owen

Co-ED, Fletcher's Cove parkrun