Run Report #164

Run Report for Event #164 Saturday April 6th 2019



After plenty of rain falling in the DC area on Friday, a calm, misty morning greeted the 59 runners and 11 volunteers at Fletcher’s Cove and by the time everything was cleared away the towpath beside the canal was bathed in sunshine! Conditions were ‘spot on’ for the parkrun – not too hot or humid, no strong breezes and a course with very few puddles considering the amount of rain there had been. There was a last-minute problem with a tree having fallen over the usual course, but this was easily rectified by the core team – arrange to run west to east and back, rather than east to west!

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Staff from the local Fire Department were also in attendance and gave information to runners and volunteers regarding what knowledge can be shared if any emergencies were to occur.

The full team of volunteers marshalled and organised the event with the great expertise led by Run Director Dan Owen – the following individuals are to be thanked for giving their assistance!
Andres FALCONER • Carter BEACH • Dan OWEN • David DUGGAN • Emma IMPAVIDO • Jolanta BLAZAITE • Michael BENDER • Nancy EDSON • Paula MATTISON • Roberta ALVAREZ • Sedwyn ANTHONY

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There are still spaces on the volunteer roster over the next few weeks, so why not try viewing parkrun from a different angle? Plenty of volunteering roles are available to be performed – please email if you are interested. Parkrun depends on volunteers - and it's easy to get involved and volunteer - click on the link to find out how...


It would also be useful if regulars to the parkrun could use the ‘opt in’ link within the results email that is sent out. Opting in means you will receive emails from the core team regarding such things as requests for volunteers, notice of any cancellations and other important information.
New to Fletcher’s Cove
This week eight people ran a parkrun beside the canal for the first time - six of them being debutants. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves sufficiently to return again soon – I was lucky to speak to Arnie and Emily Christenson and Julia Bucknall who all said they would come back soon! Other receiving their first parkrun result email were Matt Ferguson, Joanne Lin and Reshma Yaqub, and hopefully you’ll be back too!


Going faster than before
Everyone benefitted from the good running conditions and 13 people achieved Personal Bests! This is over 25% of the runners who had previously recorded times, a great achievement, especially as many others got close to their best times! Susan Crammond was running for the 84th time at Fletcher’s Cove and knocked almost 30 seconds off her best time – congratulations Susan and thanks for volunteering to marshal next week! Alan Dixon ran for the 7th time and his times have only varied by just over a minute, with this week being the fastest of them!


Those collecting low number tokens
First to the finish funnel was Alan Dixon (18:30) with Matt Perkins collecting token number 2 nine seconds behind. Nick Wecal was the third runner to complete the out and back course, in 19:55. First lady home was Susan Crammond in a time of 23:27, second was Llewelyn Engel in 23:49 and Alexia Cambon (visiting from Mile End, London) stopped the watch at 24:02 for third place.

Approaching milestones

Next Saturday, a hugely impressive milestone will be celebrated at FC as Stefania Falconer hits her one hundred and becomes the first junior in the US to do so - we are so immensely proud to have her as one of our rock, Stefania!


As a first time visitor to Fletcher’s Cove, I must say how much I enjoyed the experience, and say a huge ‘thank you’ to the volunteers and other runners for making me feel so welcome. I usually run and volunteer at Bedfont Lakes parkrun near to Heathrow Airport London. If anyone is ever in the West London area – please come and join us!

David Duggan



[Editor's note: David and his 250 shirt making us do some quick numbers matching ...]