Fletcher’s Cove Parkrun #198 Run Report

Our 198th Parkrun at Fletcher's Cove saw us just break the 100 mark, with an impressive 101 runners turning up on a cold, but sunny Saturday morning.  The turnout was boosted by 15 first timers, largely in the JM10 category, many of whom were completing their 5K as part of 'Key Boys Run DC.'

image  IMG_0330

These young runners from F.S. Key Elementary School used Fletcher's Parkrun to show off their talents in the culmination of a 9-week boys track program, a great initiative that helps promote health & fitness amongst the younger students.  We hope to see many of these back at Fletcher's (along with their friends and family!) in the future.

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As well as our first timers, this event also saw 20 people record new Personal Bests including Evan as the fastest male (JM15-17) with a time of 19.24 and Kerstin the first female across the line (JW15-17) in 21.59 - the younger generation were certainly setting the pace on Saturday!  Eric also recorded a PB on his 94th run - just 6 more to that black t-shirt now Eric!

image  image

Thanks as always to the volunteers, without whom the event would be impossible to host: pats on the backs and big cheers to Andres, Whitney, Alex, Chris, Amory, Olivia, Kai, Mariana, Terry, Barry and Peter!


We had quite a few 'unknowns' this week, so spread the word on social media and encourage new runners to register at www.parkrun.us and get a print out of their personal barcode - it's free and always will be!

Just 2 more runs before we hit the magic 200 at Fletcher's!  See you next week, Matt







Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #197 Run Report

Three more runs to go before Fletcher’s Cove celebrates its 200th event. Fletcher’s will also be hosting a New Year’s day run and celebrating its 4th anniversary early in the  New Year, so be sure to opt-in to receive emails and notifications from us. You can opt-in to receive Fletcher’s Cove parkrun’s emails by clicking on the appropriate link in your results email.


Special thanks to our friends from College Park and Kensington for hosting Thanksgiving parkruns. Also a wonderful feeling to squeeze in two parkruns in one week. Kensington will also be hosting a New Year’s Day run, which will enable you to complete the New Year’s Day Double  (Kensington at 08:30 and Fletcher’s Cove at 10:30).


As it gets colder and colder, we appreciate our volunteers more than ever. We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Michael BENDER, Amory GRIFFIN, Barbara LEVEDAHL, Scott MADDEN, Mariana RAHAL, Alexander SCHONBERGER, Steven SCHONBERGER, David SILVER, Claire WIGGLESWORTH, Marcel WILSON. Steven kicked off this post-turkey parkrun with a fine performance as Run Director.




Special notes from the run:

-          Adam BERNOT finished as first finisher in his 1st parkrun;

-          14 Fletcher’s Cove first timers;

-          81 finishers in total; and

-          Kelvin GOWER visited from the UK to complete his 490th parkrun.

Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is a welcoming community led by two excellent Event-Directors, Andres Falconer and Dan Owen. These gentlemen are great ambassador for parkrun and everyone at Fletcher’s Cove appreciates the endless hours they have put in for us to enjoy our 5kms along the tow-path every Saturday.


Enough talking from me for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(co-ED's editorial comment -- > HUGE HATS OFF TO THIS WEEK'S RUN REPORT WRITER, SEDWYN FOR HIS DEDICATED SERVICE AND HIS SPECTACULAR MILESTONE DOUBLE TODAY - 50th run and 25th volunteer milestone achieved in perfect unison - thanks and well done, Sedwyn, all your efforts very much appreciated.../Dan)




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We look forward to welcoming everyone this Saturday to join us at Fletcher’s Cove and a post run coffee.

Warm regards





Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #196 Run Report

Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #196 run report

Another wonderfully sunny but chilly morning welcomed 55 runners, joggers, walkers and barkrunners to enjoy another weekly, free, timed 5km run along the tow path at Fletcher’s Cove. We were happy to have 4 parkrun first-timers and 2 tourists join us at this event. Fletcher's Cove also equalled its record for volunteers (12) for a single day in November, matching the record set on November 9, 2019. Thank you very much to Alice B, Claire W, Dan O, Kathleen D, Martha N, Matteo I, Nancy E, Rob K, Rodger P, Tim R and Zama N for giving up their time to allow us to enjoy our parkrun.


A special mention to Chris MCNEILL who joined us for the last time before returning to Melbourne after spending 6 months in the USA. Chris joined us regularly at Fletcher’s Cove, volunteered and shared the experience of his 189 parkruns when needed. It was great meeting Chris even though he insisted on wearing an Australian cricket team cap on every visit.


Run #196 also marked the 50th parkrun for Rob K. Rob celebrated the occasion by being tail-walker and bringing along a visiting guest to make sure the word is spread amongst his friends about this wonderful achievement. Rob is a regular volunteer and his Run Directing receives rave reviews from young and old. Well Done Rob, we look forward to seeing you in your red t-shirt soon.


Another Fletcher’s Cove regular, Tim R, volunteered for the 50th time at Fletcher's Cove (60 in the USA). Well done Tim.
In non-parkrun news, mighty congratulations to our Co-Event Director, Andres F, for completing the JFK 50 mile race. It was all made possible by the solid training provided by Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Each mile counts when preparing for such an epic challenge. We look forward to a PB this Thankgiving parkrun as your legs should have had plenty of time to recover by Thursday morning.

This week is one of the few occasions where it will be possible to do two parkruns in one week. Thanksgiving runs will be hosted by our friends at Kensington and College Park. This is the perfect opportunity to burn some calories before the big Thanksgiving meal and putting your feet up watching NFL and checking on the progress of your fantasy football team.
Please join us again this coming Saturday for a scenic run, jog, stroll, walk along the C&O canal, bring along all your Thanksgiving visitors and enjoy the welcoming community at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. As always all the latest news and updates, including results, can be found at https://www.parkrun.us/fletcherscove/ and be sure to opt-in for all emails and notification to stay up-to-date.
Happy Thankgiving and see everyone for Flether’s Cove parkrun #197 this coming Saturday.

Warm regards


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #195 Run Report

Another Saturday. Another parkrun. Another morning of good vibes, buzzing energy, smiling faces, a happy congregation at the home-away-from-home that Fletcher's Cove has become to we faithful. Crisp morning air this mid-November, gorgeous blue sky and parkrun today magnificently orchestrated by first time Run Director, Maddie. We doff our caps and give special salutes to our younger, U18 volunteers.


Milestone day today for three of our own. Two juniors earned their sparkling 10s - white parkrun t-shirts soon will be yours. Well done to Zak O. and to Jasmin A. Well earned!!, now on you trundle to your 50th...


And celebrating the coveted 50 today, grand stand and cheers all round for Jason...


This week 73 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 12 were first timers and several were tourists. Kudos to the team of 11 volunteers who brought parkrun #195 to you: Jason LEGUM • Maddie GRIFFIN • Zama NGWANE • Manuel RIVERA • Michael BENDER • Matt CHURCHWARD • Michael PHILLIPS • Julia BUCKNALL • Edward KITT • Dan and Lisa OWEN  • Thomas CRONJE


You too can add your name to this heralded list of ever-present hi-viz heroes - sign up on the whiteboard or sign up by clicking on this text to add yourself to the roster for a future date.

23 of our last 35 first time volunteers (going back to June this year) volunteered with less than 10 parkruns to their credit. Volunteering is fun, easy and a great way to give back what you get out of parkrun.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Results Page.

Some highlights from today's outing, besides the milestone celebrants...Tom Coleman finished in 4th position on his 4th run worldwide and Rob Kempsell finished in 49th position on his 49th run worldwide. Well done, gents!

Worldwide, 20,499 people registered for a parkrun barcode for the first time this week.

Around the world, our Zak and Jasmin joined a further 483 people who gained entry to the 10 club. Jason joined 1,367 others worldwide who gained entry to the 50 club. We are rolling out the carpet in anticipation of Rob joining on his next outing the same coveted 50 club..

More global stats. 6,393,125 = total number of barcodes issued. 10 club has a total of 117,175 juniors. 50 club has a total of 231,781 members. 100 club has a total of 89,392. 250 club has a total of 7,808. 500 club has 90 members. The most runs completed is 747 parkruns by a single individual.

You are far from being alone ! See you Saturday,




co-ED, FC parkrun



Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #194 Run Report

As parkrun day draws ever closer, and Fletcher’s Cove parkrun has run #200 within its sights, it is a good time to reflect on what was another splendid day on the tow path on Saturday, 9 November 2019.


Run 194 attracted 64 people, including 10 first timers (4 parkrun first timers and 6 tourists), who set about enjoying the beautiful scenery along the C&O canal. The sunshine was bright, but this week saw the appearance of wool hats, gloves and long sleeves for the first time. As the temperatures gradually drops, the role of the volunteers become ever so more important. 

A special thanks to the Ailce and Michael Bender for coordinating the roster and many thanks to Carter BEACH, Chris BRUCE, Dan and Lisa OWEN, Glen STIRRAT, Kai OLTMANNS, Matt CHURCHWARD, Michael NELSON, Rob KEMPSELL  and Scott Parke CAMPBELL  for giving up your time to let your fellow parkrunners enjoy their 5km run, jog, stroll or walk.

Fletchers26 (3)Fletchers40

This week saw 5 new PBs, 6 juniors and the event index increasing to 41, which means at least 41 parkrunners have completed the event at least 41 times. For more random and interesting facts, be sure to check out Tim Keer’s report he posts on the parkrun USA facebook group. It makes great Sunday morning reading.

Our Co-Event Director and parkrun USA Ambassador, Andres, ran all the way to and completed the Anacostia parkrun, in order to collect our newly 3D printed finish tokens tray.


To be one of the first to use it, be sure to sign-up to volunteer at https://www.parkrun.us/fletcherscove/futureroster/ . The Fletcher’s Cove team have some exciting news in the pipeline, so remember to opt-in to receive email updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date. Check out the latest results at https://www.parkrun.us/fletcherscove/results/latestresults/ .

This coming weekend sees the volunteer roster comprised of a number of South Africans and Englishmen. This time working together and not engaged in battle like during the Rugby World Cup final. If you interested in knowing the result of final, the game is currently being played on repeat at all South African residences around the world. Go SPRINGBOKS!!!!!

That concludes the round-up of Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #194 and I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.



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