Platinum Jubilee parkrun at Fletcher’s Cove


Fear not my colonial friends, Fletcher's Cove parkrun is not seeking to re-establish the former Empire, but we did allow some indulgence on Saturday for event #268 as our British volunteer cohort celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth's 70-year reign, during which she has met with 13 US Presidents.

This week also saw further celebrations as we recognized 10 years of parkrun in the USA (Fletcher's Cove followed with its first event in 2016).


On the theme of milestones, we took a moment to honor our own Fletcher's 'Queen Maria' who clocked up an amazing 50 volunteer credits, routinely taking on the role of timekeeper and offering much enthusiasm at the finish - thanks Maria, enjoy the cake!


Even with the heat we welcomed 57 parkrunners this week, with 7 first timers...


The heat prevented any PBs being recorded, although the youngsters put in an impressive display, taking Gold & Silver.


Platinum medals this week for our volunteers, without whom the event would not have been possible, thanks Chris (Royal Run Director), supported by Andres, Dan, Lisa, Nancy, Tricia, Bella, Dan, Bill, Luke, Queen Maria & Katherine.


Do please think about volunteering once in a while; we can't promise a knighthood, but you'll enjoy the experience and it's a great way to support the local parkrun community - if first timers or tourists wish to offer any reflections for a future run report we'll give you a volunteer credit and you'll be on your way to getting your own volunteer t-shirt... and maybe a cake!parkrun13

Returning to the Platinum Jubilee, I'll end on a message from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken:

On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the people of the United Kingdom on the occasion of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee and official birthday.

Her Majesty’s unprecedented 70 years of service to the United Kingdom are an inspiration to Americans, who deeply admire the Queen and are grateful for her decades of friendship with the United States.  Through our special relationship, common history, and shared values, we work together to uphold democracy, human rights, and the rule of law worldwide.  Our countries collaborate closely on virtually every significant challenge and opportunity the world over precisely because we have no closer partner.

The United States joins the British people in celebrating this historic and joyous occasion. I send my heartfelt wishes for peace, prosperity, and good health to Her Majesty and all the people across the United Kingdom.


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Snake surprise at Fletcher’s Cove #266 – Summer Days are Here, and parkrun is Here for it!

This Saturday we truly got a taste of summer 2022 with searing temperatures well into the 90s.

Sun and all, we had a strong field of 64 runners strut their stuff.


There must be a special buzz in the air at Fletchers, as we got to celebrate yet another century milestone this weekend! Congratulations to Alejandro who celebrated his 100th run in spectacular fashion with his family and lovely daughter, Eva, who completed her first parkrun!
Eva and Alejandro
Parkrun tourists are always part of the fun, and this Saturday did not disappoint! We welcomed runners from Seattle, Manchester, London, and Australia! With this group flying into town for graduation festivities… and of course a run on the towpath!


Visitors Parkrun
No parkrun Saturday is ever the same and this week were also visited by a rather slithery reptilian “parkrunner”. Our very capable and brave team of volunteers quickly escorted this fellow off the path.

As always, our runs are fueled by a wonderful team of volunteers who come out each week to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to show love to all our runners! We are always looking for volunteers to join us for some fun in the sun (or rain!) and we would love to have you. If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up on the whiteboard which is available every Saturday morning or drop us line at


Happy running and see you next Saturday!




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun #265

280135250_3127910137463651_5093620751241905099_nLet's run this report from back to front for a change, starting at our favorite post-parkrun coffee meet-up, at Black Coffee, where this day we not only feasted on our coffees of various declensions and breakfast bowls and scones. but also raised out mini cups in a hearty salute to things well worth celebrating, with equal doses of gladness and sadness..

Gladness for the combined double ton of Terry and Rob, each notching up their fabled centenary 100 run today.281026404_3127910724130259_8915788126148666100_n

Well done, fellas, just the short stroll to your next milestone shirt 150 runs from now.

Sadness as we bade farewell to Lisa, who celebrated her final fling with Fletcher's Cove by donning the haloed vest and serving as Run Director..


You can leave, but you can never retire from FC - our towpath door is always open to you for anytime you return. Thanks for wonderful RDing today.

For those of you unware, we habitually meet at Black Coffee after our parkrun is done and dusted, to sit around and enjoy some friendly banter. Come join - an easy way to extend the merriment of your Saturday morning parkrun outing.

59 parkrunners showed up this lovey Saturday at our 265th event, with 9 first timers, parkrun tourists from the UK and a visitor from Saudi Arabia and ages ranging from under 10 to over 80. Fine conditions under foot, fine conditions in the air.


280213953_3127909660797032_8871821215840322021_n 280188079_3127909800797018_5001572186159220692_n 281059098_3127910550796943_292397429983161181_n 280928478_3127909917463673_6422005277266447122_n 280757861_3127910694130262_2587768477540180695_n 280500186_3127909937463671_1424838363320864488_n 280451501_3127910384130293_3554364910101313730_n 280443473_3127910680796930_804188007150965119_n These two fine young fellas, Bekalu and Brooks, fought tooth 'n nail to the finish line !....280431686_3127909874130344_8615304691231722006_n280219142_3127910450796953_5421443855767446780_n280370165_3127910077463657_3985840407397950070_n


Last but not least, special thanks as ever to today's noble band of volunteers: Andres FALCONER, Daniel CONNOR, David ROYLE, John John HARROLD, Lisa EVELY, Dan OWEN, Maria GARCIA, Matt WILSON, Michael BENDER, Nancy EDSON, Owen MURPHY, Rodger POTOCKI, Skye HARROLD and Terence DUNBAR



Please volunteer. A whole new dimension to parkrun opens up to you and you join a wide community of happy heriones and heroes. Sign up with an email to us or your name on the whiteboard at Fletcher's.

Here's to enjoying the precious little time left to breathe breathable air before the summer hits us. Almost exactly one year since we resumed operations after our pandemic suspension. How time flies when you're having fun parkrunning..

See you Saturday




Down came the rain and washed the spider out

Congratulations to all 19 runners who participated in this wet May 7th Parkrun. You really are the ones that keep this event going. Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills our runners were on a quest to conquer the weather.

the quest continues

Speaking of windmills our small group saw representatives from 5 different Parkruns including two visitors from the Netherlands.

out of towners

It was not surprising, seeing how the runners had to either run around puddles or through them, that none achieved a personal best today.

wet as a dry ginAt least the weather wasn't cold and some actually enjoyed the rain and thought it was a refreshing experience.

wet all the way through

Others just got wet, splashed through the puddles and looked forward to warm showers and hot chocolates afterwards.


One interesting visitor to Fletcher Cove was Chris Dalton of Hoffman Club fame. What's that?! Never Heard of the Hoffman Club?! Check out the website run by Chris at

Chris recorded his 136th Parkrun at Fletcher's Cove without ever repeating a run at the same club twice! What an amazing feat!

thumbs up

Lastly this Parkrun as all others would not have been possible without the contributions of 11 very special volunteers. Thank you to Andres FALCONER • Alex FOXLEY • Nancy EDSON • Manuel RIVERA • Emma IMPAVIDO • Linda RAHAL • Matt CHURCHWARD • Rob KEMPSELL • Terence DUNBAR • Jennifer KNITTIG • Hakam TAKASH for making this run happen.

We recommend one volunteer for every 10 runs. It's not much, training will be provided and you will feel good knowing that you are helping the runs continue. If you would like to volunteer please use the whiteboard or drop an email to and have a fantastic week!



#263 – great to see kids from John Eaton Elementary School!


It was great to see numbers boosted on Saturday morning by kids, parents & teachers from John Eaton Elementary School!  We had 93 parkrunners, 41 first timers(!!!) and 10 recorded a personal best - great to see everyone and please do come again!
We also welcomed a few tourists and one of those, Teri from the UK (wearing a parkrun 250 t-shirt below), very kindly emailed us with her thoughts on Fletcher's Cove parkrun - thanks Teri!

This morning I visited Fletchers Cove parkrun from Southampton in the UK and what a warm welcome I received.  Not only was it perfect running weather (blue sky and sunshine) but the route looked really scenic.

I had toyed with the idea of taking an Uber to parkrun but instead I decided to use the Capital Bikescheme ($8 for a 24 hour pass). The scheme gets bad reviews on Tripadvisor, but just “slam” the bike into the dock and make sure the ride has ended on the app and you will be fine!

I picked a bike up from near my hotel in Georgetown. I planned a route that took me along a cycle path next to the canal. It was a flat and easy ride, about 7km so a nice warm up. There is no bike parking at the parkrun start, but I found a spot at the Palisades (at the corner of McArthur and U street). It does mean cycling up a steep hill but the bike made easy work of it!

It was a short walk (less than 1km) back down to the canal and the start of the run. There was a short welcome briefing by the RD (in a very smart crown!) and we were off to the start.  As the run follows the canal it’s an easy flat run. I also found everyone to be so friendly and I chatted non stop. It was a surprise when I got so quickly to the half way turn around point. 

Everyone was off to a local spot for coffee but as I only had 1 day in DC it was off to do some of the tourist stuff and see pandas in the zoo.  I do hope I have chance to transit through DC again in the future and can come back! Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.


Do let us know if anyone else fancies penning a few words - you'll even get a volunteer credit for writing the run report and all ages are welcome!  There are plenty of roles to sign up for and volunteering is a great way to keep Fletcher's Cove parkrun free, for everyone, forever!


Thanks to Alex for performing the Royal duties of Run Director this week, ably assisted by her loyal subjects: Andres, Dan, Susan, Nancy, Zama, Terry, Jennifer, Jennie, Jennifer, David, Maria and John John!



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