Eagan parkrun planning our 3rd Thanksgiving parkrun!

Hope you can join us for a Thanksgiving parkrun at Thomas Lake Park.


November 28th, 2019

Afterwards, we'll be processing results at a different location as Starbucks will be close... but they do have coffee here.

Hope we see you there or you get to enjoy any number of Turkey Trots on that that day.


Eagan parkrun #87 Run Report – Polar Vortex

parkrun 87 is in the books and all 14 runners and 7 volunteers are now thawing out.  We had one first timer from Bloomington, Jim Gonnella who decided that the perfect first parkrun was when it was 2 degrees!  We promise its warmer in the coming months, but for today Jim earned some frozen eyebrows!

Parkrun 87

Jim Leffelman and son Mike enjoyed the tropical temps as Mike completed his 10th parkrun!

Parkrun 87

And congrats to Francine LePage who completed her 75th parkrun this week!

Finally, thanks to the brave popsicles, er volunteers today!  Steven DREGER • Michelle HORN • Anna DREGER • Scott HORN • Edward ANDERSON • Henry SCHAEFFER • Andy BORNE


Eagan parkrun June parkrunner of the Month


Congratulations to Rogers Anderson for being the June 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the month.  Rogers joined us each week in June and is a pleasure to see afterwards at the cafe as well.  Get to know Rogers a bit better with our Q&A below:


How did you learn about parkrun?


Word of mouth at the Pan-O-Prog in Lakeille in 2017.


How has parkrun changed your fitness/running?


It assures a race (run you mean...) for me every Saturday.


What do you like most about parkrun?


The social meeting after the race to meet old friends and make new friends.


What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?


Seeing running friends from past years.


What do you do when you’re not at parkrun?


Counting running and walking I still do 20 miles a week. I turned 89 in May.





May 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month – Steve Cox


A hearty congratulations to May's Eagan parkrunner of the Month Steve Cox!  Steve has become a fixture in Eagan and this is a well-deserved bit of recognition.
Steve spent his first thirteen years in Central America where his father worked for the U.S. government.  He attended high school in Northern Virginia and college at William & Mary in Southern Virginia before moving to Minnesota with his future wife.  Steve earned his law degree at the University of Minnesota and practices law when he's not at Eagan parkrun.
We put Steve through the Eagan parkrunner of the month Q&A drill:

How did you learn about parkrun? 

I originally read about the parkrun movement in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago.  Then last summer I read about Eagan parkrun in either a city or local publication.

How has parkrun changed your fitness/running? 

I started as a way to encourage my son Rio to get more exercise, because I thought he’d enjoy the community aspect of parkrun.  (Which he does enjoy!)  I’d never been a runner, I’d never been into exercise classes or groups, and I’d never done exercise before that involved timing my performance.  So I was in this solely to motivate Rio.  But it turned out that I really enjoyed trying to improve my time.  I had already decided last year to increase both the intensity and frequency of my exercise, and parkrun really helped by giving me another form of exercise and a motivation to improve my time.  I’ve lost 20 pounds since last summer.

What do you like most about parkrun? 

The combination of community, very low key competition, same day and time every week, and no cost.

What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? 

The time I was the first finisher when it was 10 below, but froze the tip of my nose to the point that it was white and hard, then sat in the van at the finish line to thaw it out.



April 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month – Eli Damro



Congratulations to Eli Damro, our April 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month!!  Eli set it as a goal to get this award and as it turned out, he was the only person to run each of our three parkruns in April.  April 14th was a huge snowstorm, so no parkrunning that day, but the other three times, Eli was hard at work.  He is now up to 9 different runs with 8 of them being at Eagan and his first at Brueton parkrun, near Birmingham, England.

Great work Eli... keep up the hard work!

Get to know Eli a bit better below with our monthly Q&A:

How did you learn about parkrun? 

We were living in England for a little while and we went as a family to Brueton parkrun.  There were 572 people there.  Then when we moved back to Eagan, my Dad started Eagan parkrun.


How has parkrun changed your fitness/running? 

Everytime I do parkrun, I pace my self better.  That's how it has changed my running.  I think I am faster than I was last year.


What do you like most about parkrun? 

I like the t-shirts the best.  I will get my 10 run t-shirt after I run one more time.  Then I will be going for my 50 t-shirt or my 25 volunteer shirt.


What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? 

On my first parkrun when I was running with my Mom in England, a 99 year old (or so) lady beat us.


March 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month – Andy Borne


Congratulations to Andy Borne, our March 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the month!!!  March was a tough month as we tried to break free of this winter... lots of melting and refreezing left us only three weekends to run.  Andy was there all three, running twice and volunteering once.  In addition to his efforts in March, he is set to Run Direct for the first time come this Saturday, May 19th.  Best of luck Andy, congratulations and thanks for being a part of Eagan parkrun! IMG_0947

Get to know Andy better below with our Q&A below:

How did you learn about parkrun? 

I was informed of it's existence by word-of-mouth from Al Barnicle. He and I are friends who used to work together at the same school.


How has parkrun changed your fitness/running? 

I am definitely fitter.  I try to exercise 5 out of 7 days when I'm not injured.


What do you like most about parkrun? 

I like how it's free and it involves the community.  I like the camaraderie.


What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment? 

Running when it was -10 degrees outside. It was so damn cold!


February 2018 Eagan parkrunner of the Month – Jessica Traeger-Link


Our parkrunner of the Month for February 2018 earned her stripes by being the ONLY person to run every Eagan parkrun for the month. Considering February had some of the most intimidating conditions we have yet to see, Jessica Traeger-Link is obviously a person who likes a challenge. As you’ll see in the Question and Answer section below Jessica’s running career pretty much started when she began coming out to Eagan parkrun in July of last year and parkrun number twenty is up next. Congratulations, Jessica!


How did you hear about parkrun?

It was posted as an event several times in my Nextdoor.com email newsletter.


How has parkrun changed your fitness/running?

My first parkrun was only the second time I had ever done a 5K (or anything close to it). When I heard about parkrun, I was interested in trying it because I really wanted to start a fitness routine. I've never really been enthused about going to a gym or signing up for paid classes in the past - and certainly not stuck with it.

I never guessed that I would enjoy running enough to stick with it even through winter!


What do you like most about parkrun?

parkrun has resonated for me because it's on a regular, convenient schedule, is outdoors, and timed. It's great to have the opportunity to try and improve a little each week.


What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?

When we ran up the snowy, unplowed Big Hill a few weeks ago. I think it felt like trying to run through sand. But it was a great workout that week!



Tales From The Winter That Wouldn’t End – Eagan parkrun #45 Run Report

Collage_Fotor 45 1

Every day it’s getting a little bit warmer but just not quite enough to alleviate some of our course trouble spots. That and a lack of plowing altogether in some spots meant course creativity for Eagan parkrun #45. A three-lap course of the inner park loop not only measured up to a 5K --- measured that morning by Event Director Nate Damro – but made for smooth sailing for runners, joggers and walkers. The course reconfiguration also got a thumbs up from Eagan parkrun veterans or maybe they were just happy to be running again... or relieved to not be running the hill!


Race time temperature was in the mid-20’s under a cloudy sky but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the 38 participants in this week’s event making it the second largest group so far in 2018. The best part of that crowd was the 17 first time parkrunners, a very healthy 45% of the total field. Word is getting out about Eagan parkrun. The consensus among this week’s eight volunteers seemed to be that the cold temps and icy course are behind us and warmer weather and faster times are in the forecast for the future.

Of course, we had to cancel last week due to some nasty icy spots... see below.


Not all of the Eagan parkrunners slept in that morning though.  Francine LePage and Michelle Pahl were in Florida and enjoyed the warm weather and warm welcome from Clermont parkrun.


Don’t forget: Eagan parkrun #46 will take place at 9:00 AM on Saturday March 17, 2018 and you know what that means. It will be the “Wearin’ O’ The Green Running Outfits”. Sorry, no on-course green beer.

Be sure to join us...!



Amit Parnerkar – Eagan parkrunner of the Month – January 2018

Collage_Fotor AmitEagan parkrunner of the Month for January 2017 is Amit Parnerkar.  Amit has been a great part of Eagan parkrun since event #6 on May 27th and has joined us 25 times now.   In 2018 has volunteered 4 times as well.  He is often seen with family, usually pushing a stroller and running with son Eshaan (who is about to hit 10 runs).  Below is a new addition we have added at Eagan parkrun in an attempt to get to know your fellow Eagan parkrunners.  Hope you enjoy and be sure to say "Hi" to Amit at next week's parkrun!

How did you hear about parkrun?

It was word of mouth. Our neighbor Jenn who was a run director told us back in May 2017.

How has parkrun changed your fitness/running?

parkrun added consistency to my running routine especially on those cold days when I would happily sit in home & do nothing. My next goal is to improve my speed by pairing up with someone who is say a minute faster than me. The good thing is there are enough runners with all kinds of fitness levels to make everyone comfortable.

What do you like most about parkrun?

I like that this is a family friendly event with age & fitness diversity and that even pets are welcome. This is very important to me because my goal is to involve my whole family including our 5 year old. The community feeling is great as well as I like to get connected with neighbors/people. I admire all the volunteers who come and support this event and to that end I am committing to at least 20% volunteering this year.

What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?

I wanted to start volunteering in 2018 & thought let's start as Tail Walker (thinking it will be easy) but the first parkrun happened on January 13 with a windchill of -18F and only 5 other runners showed up who were the most consistent and strong ones and I had to run for my life to keep up with those as Tail Walker! :D  IMG_0384


Ed Anderson – Eagan parkrunner of the Month – December 2017


Eagan parkrunner of the Month for December 2017 is Ed Anderson. Quiet but determined would be a great way to describe Ed. The Illinois native made his first Eagan parkrun appearance on May 6, 2017 at Eagan parkrun #3 and now has a total of 21 parkruns to his credit. Ed attended each of the four events in December running twice and volunteering twice. Ed is as steady as a volunteer as he is as a runner. Get to know Ed a little better with our new  parkrunner of the month Q & A below and be sure to say "Hi" next week:

How did you hear about parkrun?

My wife (sometime parkrunner/volunteer Penny Anderson) is a member of the fitness club at Eagan Community Center. She saw a flyer posted there, and mentioned it to me. I looked up the website and thought that was something I could participate in, and something that was especially good for our community.

How has parkrun changed your fitness/running?

Prior to joining parkrun, I ran Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings, usually after dark, usually alone. I still do Tuesday and Thursday evenings, because I enjoy the quiet, usually empty streets, but I find myself looking forward to Saturday mornings when I can get together with a bunch of other people, in an encouraging social situation and see how well I can go up and down those hills.

What do you like most about parkrun?

This will sound strange coming from as introverted a person as I am, but I enjoy the social aspect of parkrun. I think it's wonderful that we celebrate each other's milestones, that we recognize people who have come a distance to run with us; I'm thrilled that we have people from all over the world come out for a run in the park with us. It's nice to have people recognize you, call you by name, and let you know that they expect to see you next week. That keeps me coming back week after week, and keeps me training in between times.

What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?

I don't know why I have this peculiar difficulty, but when going around the "clubhouse curve" at the back of the course, I always want to turn left before the course does. On my second parkrun, I turned early, and found myself flying down a flight of steps. I sure didn't remember *that* from the previous week! But there was no stopping with the momentum I had behind me, so I got to the bottom of the stairs, and faced with the option of going back up the same stairs, or following the trail and hoping it led me somewhere familiar, I opted for the latter. I was relieved, if rather winded, when I found that after climbing up a steep hill, I was back on the clubhouse curve! Back on course, I got my mind back into the run, and then took the same wrong turn as before! Fortunately, I stopped myself before hitting the steps again, reversed course, and found the correct path!

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