GUEST RUN REPORT WRITER – THANKS EDEN! – Eagan parkrun #72 Run Report

Eagan parkrun #72

Eagan parkrun - Event #72 - 10/6/18

The saying “Minnesota Nice” is a very fitting description of the community at Eagan parkrun.  As a touristing parkrunner based at Roosevelt Island parkrun in the DC-area (with roots in Florida!), the chill in the air in early October caught me more off-guard than I care to admit, but the spirit at parkrun never fails to warm the heart.  The hot coffee before and after didn't hurt either!

At event #72, Run Director Andy welcomed all-comers and made the announcements while barkrunner Gus serenaded eagerly in the background.  A few minutes later, we were off to explore the peaceful, meandering course. The overcast sky created a beautiful contrast to the bright colors of the leaves, which were starting to transition to their autumnal glory.  

Eagan parkrun #72Due to an injury, I walked the course and was pleasantly surprised to be joined by a touristing parkrunner - Nikol from Renton parkrun in the Seattle-area.  The boisterous barkrunner Gus and his mama, a local parkrunner, completed our walking group. The best part about walking the 5k at parkrun is that you have more time to enjoy the journey.  Given I was touristing, I made a point to stop along the way to snap photos of the lovely trees and the stunning lake view. I also made a point to ensure the Eagan parkrun course was completed by Faux Foxy, the stand-in for my favorite barkrunner, Foxy, who didn’t make the trip.  You may know Foxy as the barkrunner correspondent for parkrun USA — if not, check out the parkrun USA e-newsletter more often :)   Eagan parkrun #72

While we were walking, many other parkrunners were pushing hard to the line. Congrats to all the parkrunners who achieved a personal best: Mark Lutterman, Michael Groskreutz, Christopher Prokop, Caitlin McMahon, Jordan Bowen, Francine Lepage, Melissa Howland, and Molly Hapgood.  And, a great big welcome to the parkrun family for first-timers Michael Haring and Brooke Paquette. We hope you had a fabulous time and join us again!


Many heartfelt thanks to this week’s volunteers: Andy Borne, Seth Borne, Jacob Damro, Carol Ferrazzo, Tammy Fluto, Naveen Kumar (who hit volunteer milestone #10 today!), and Nick Rogers.  We couldn’t have parkrun today without your awesome support!

Eagan parkrun #72


Eden Gray