17 November, 2018 – Eagan parkrun CANCELLED due to ice

17 November, 2018 - This morning the setup crew immediately discovered that the main straight-aways from the parking lot to the finish line were covered with long stretches of very slick ice left over from the recent melting snow that had re-frozen on the blacktop running path.  We considered a quick set-up change to a three loop course, but too much of the inner loop was covered with ice.  Most of the dangerous spots covered the entire width of the path, and there was no "getting around" the ice for long distances.  Other icy areas were hidden beneath patches of wind-driven snow.  "The hill" also had many patches of incredibly slippery ice on the down-side leading to Thomas Lake Road.  The cancellation was relayed via the Eaganhelpers volunteer e-mail list, and also posted to the website, Twitter and Facebook by about 8:15 a.m.  Sorry to those of you who made the trip to Thomas Lake only to be told the bad news upon arriving.  We always try to make a cancellation decision as soon as possible in order to save everyone a trip.  You may wish to consider signing up for the "Eaganhelpers" volunteer e-mail (click on the "Volunteer" tab at the top of this page) as a good option for being informed of any future cancellations.  Please note that we do not cancel unless there are unsafe conditions.  Typically, cold weather will not be grounds for cancellation, unless it is extreme and unsafe, or during an active blizzard.  Participant safety is always our number one concern.

On a positive note, despite the cancellation, many who showed up today contributed to the Open Door food drive to end local hunger.  Thanks SO MUCH for your generosity and commitment to dropping off your donations!  All items collected will be delivered to the Open Door on Monday.  Your donations WILL help others in the area during the holiday season.

See you soon, and happy running!