Durham, NC parkrun Event #448, May 27, 2023

Parkrun Event Summary
Date: 2023-05-27
Location: Durham, NC parkrun (@ Southern Boundaries Park)
Weather: Overcast, in the mid-50s with a few very light sprinkles at the end.
Attendance: 52 runners and walkers
First-time walkers/runners: 7
Personal bests: 7
Volunteers: 8

Happy memorial day weekend everybody! On an overcast morning with great running conditions we had 52 walkers/runners come out and spend their Saturday morning with us.

We welcomed first times: Wesley MICKLER, Matthew James FOX, Lilly BURDICK, Matthew BURDICK, Josie PITCHFORD, Emily MCCARTHY, Regina DAVIS.

Congratulations to the following speedsters that beat their former selves and set a new PB: Shane MCCARTHY, David JOHNSON, Jacob GOAD, Faith WALDRON, Homaira SHARIF, Esha MODI, Danielle NICOLE.

The volunteers were all fantastic, and made the event run smoothly. Thanks to Kelsey CONNER, Bob JOHNSON, Robert KAUFMAN II, Gordon KEELER, Heiko RATH, Andrew SCRIBNER, Deborah SPRINGER, Rees STILES for making today's event happen. Feel free to add your name to the volunteer roster for one of the next events by sending an email to durhamnc@parkrun.com
Special shout out to Andrew Scribner who now volunteered for the 51st time, thanks!

Overall, it was another great day for parkrun!

Here are some additional details that you may want to include in your event summary:


Durham, NC parkrun Event #442, March 15, 2023

After last night's storm we switched to the three loop course this morning, which meant our participants got to enjoy our (in)famous hill and Gordon's fork three times. Undeterred by that we had 49 runners/walkers finish, good job!

Big congratulations on reaching milestones today to: Iris TWIZEYIMANA (25), Susan HOERGER (50) and Raymond DOBSON (100)!

The following wonderful volunteers made today's parkrun happen: Kelsey CONNER, David CROMER, Douglas HENSEL, Bob JOHNSON, Gordon KEELER, Heiko RATH, Andrew SCRIBNER, thanks! If you'd like to volunteer at one of the next weekends please send us a note at durhamnc@parkrun.com.

We welcomed first timers Daniel SUMERLIN, Scott SYMES.

Shout out to the following speedy folks who snagged new PBs: Tome KREGER, David GORDON, Susan CHESSER!

See y'all next Saturday (unless you're heading over to volunteer/run the Angel's Among Us 5km that our own Gordon Keeler is organizing https://www.supportdukehealth.org/site/TR/Angels/AngelsAmongUs?fr_id=1800&pg=entry )


Durham, NC parkrun Event #437, March 11, 2023

On another lovely, but slightly chilly morning 63 walkers/runners (which happens to be the atomic number of the chemical element for Europium - I bet that wasn't the first thing you thought of) enjoyed the two loop course at Durham, NC parkrun.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who made today's parkrun happen: Jasper BROACHE, Jacob GOAD, Kelly JONES, Gordon KEELER, Julie Elizabeth MESSINA, Mary POUND, Heiko RATH, Andrew SCRIBNER, Hongyun ZHOU. If you'd like to volunteer at one of the next Saturdays please get in touch at durhamnc@parkrun.com.

As mentioned we are very excited that on 3/25 we will have a parkrun neighbor starting in Chapel Hill. For all the details check out: https://www.parkrun.us/umsteadpark/

We welcomed first timers: Kristin CHURCHILL, Kirongo PHILIP, Derrone BATES, Jennifer KNISS, Ola SOYINKA, John YACONO, Patty MCADAMS, Jaal GHANDHI, Caitlin H., Brian CHAPMAN, William BEAM, Mohan VOORA.

Congrats to the following speedsters who snagged another PB: Ashenafi Assefa BAHITA, James KLINE, Hannah KREIDER-LETTERMAN, Guy CHARRISON, Brian BARNES, Mary BEAM, Troy DANG.

Have a great week and see y'all next weekend!


Durham, NC parkrun Event #435, February 25, 2023

The forecast rain held off and this morning 53 walkers/runners enjoyed the two loop course. We had an influx of first timers as it appears the secret of parkrun Durham, NC is out.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for making today's parkrun happen: Ashenafi Assefa BAHITA, David CROMER, George FELLER, Chris GOULD, Thomas GRIFFIN, Gordon KEELER, Julie Elizabeth MESSINA, Heiko RATH, Andrew SCRIBNER, Rees STILES. If you'd like to help at one of the upcoming Saturday's take a look at the future roster (https://www.parkrun.us/durhamnc/futureroster/ ) and send an email to durhamnc@parkrun.com.

Congratulations to the following individuals who sped up to get a PB: Dan CARMODY-MORSE, Richard KESSELI, Mathias TWIZEYIMANA, Melissa SHANNON.

Welcome to the individuals who joined us for the first (but hopefully not last) time: Stephen ERICKSON, Taufiq Islam PROTICK,

We'll see y'all next week, same place, same time.


Durham, NC parkrun Event #433, February 11, 2023

During yesterday's parkrun #433 in Durham (NC, US not UK ;-) 68 folks ran and walked our wonderful two loop course while the weather had warmed up some compared to previous week's freeze.

This parkrun would not have happened without volunteers. This week's heros were: Zian CHEN, David CROMER, Chris GOULD, Thomas GRIFFIN, Gordon KEELER, Julie Elizabeth MESSINA, Heiko RATH, Rees STILES, Feng ZHANG. If you'd like to help send an email to durhamnc@parkrun.com

Welcome to first timers: Paul MCCALL, Ella MCCALL, Richard GALLAGHER, Susan MOORE, Joe DREIMANN, Deresa STROUD,
Marvin GILMORE, Zari MCFADDEN, Latrice MCFADDEN. You now know what to do Saturday mornings going forward :-)

Congratulations to the following folks who managed to snag a PB:
Richard KESSELI, Daniel LOCKHART, Brayden FIDLER, Josie ROGERS, Kelsey CONNER, Susan CHESSER, Yongnian XU.

Please join us next week for another installment of our favorite, free, timed 5km in Durham.

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