Depot Park parkrun #70

A chill was in the air this morning at Depot Park parkrun #70! The sun came out and we had an absolutely glorious morning!

We had 79 participants turn out with 24 first timers and 19 folks achieving personal bests! Asad & Carrie completed 10 parkruns & Terry has completed 40! Congratulations to everyone for these milestones!

We were so pleased to meet parkrun tourists Debra & Mitch Giulietti from England (shout out to #kingsburywaterparkrun!)

Thank you so much to our many volunteers this morning:
Alison IVEY • Amy WEBER • Brittany EVANS • Carl THOMAS • Christian LANDAETA • Jennifer WRIGHTON • Jonathan WRIGHTON • Joseph SMITH • Kristen BRYANT • Ludovica WEAVER • Pamela THOMAS • Ryder WUBBEL • Sara ZLOTNIK • Sukanya MCGRIFF • Thomas STORY • Veronica MEDINA
We simply would not be at our best without you supporting us! And, thank you Thomas for the awesome photos!

We had quite a few folks listed as unknown because they forgot their barcode today. Please remember #DFYB (Don't forget your barcode!)

Best wishes to those heading out to local races tomorrow and next weekend! We can't wait to hear how you all did!

See you next week!



Depot Park parkrun #69

Depot Park parkrun enjoyed enjoyed a beautiful morning for event #69, albeit a bit warm for this time of year. A total of 87 participants showed up and completed their free, timed 5K!

In that number we had 16 folks finish with Personal Bests and 19 first timers! Several first timers said their new year's resolution brought them to parkrun today, many said the fun and wonderful community helped them decide to come back next week!

No one reached a milestone today, but a handful are so close!

We had 2 parkrun tourists, welcome Roger from the new Atlanta parkrun, Northside Beltway and first timer Christian from France, who is heading back to check out parkrun there!

It's always nice to have Gainesville Area Rowing team join us, and help us push a little harder to keep up!

What a crew of volunteers we had today! Thank you to everyone who handled a larger parkrun for us like champs.

Brittany EVANS • Dari SMITH • Hugo MOON • Joan GONZALEZ • Joshua CROSBY • Kristen BRYANT • Laura ELENA • Phillip BRATANATAWIRA • Ryder WUBBEL • Sergio QUINTANA • Sukanya MCGRIFF • Veronica MEDINA

It also should be said that we did NOT have to enforce the no barcode no time rule because everyone had brought them! Well done!

Keep up the good work & see you next parkrunday!



Depot Park parkrun #68

Our parkrun participants did not let the wet conditions get in the way of starting their Saturday the best way - at Depot Park #parkrun #68!!!

37 people participated, including 8 first timers (well done!), 3 folks received personal bests (can’t wait to see what they can do in fair weather!) - Peter & Shauna ran their 20th parkrun and Veronica tailwalked her way to her 10th parkrun! Great job everyone!

Our volunteers get special kudos today for supporting us all in the bad weather. You all rock! Thank you Amy, Brittany, Joan, Joshua, Katie, Kristen, Marcia, Phillip, Rebecca & Veronica!

Need to waterproof your barcode? Try using packing tape or even a snack baggie. Remember, strict no barcode no time rule is in effect!

Huge thank you to Shauna for everything she has done in establishing and growing #DepotParkparkrun ! We wish you all the best on your new chapter! We will miss you and hope you can come back to visit soon!

#parkrunusa #loveparkrun

The whole group!

The whole group!


Happy New Year and more…

Happy New Year from all of us at Depot Park parkrun!! Join us in our special New Year's Day parkrun at 10 am tomorrow. A great way to start your new year and perhaps a resolution to do a 5k every Saturday!!

Set goals, achieve results and repeat. :)

For the past 15 months we, as a community, have worked hard together to grow and share this wonderful weekly event with our friends, family, tourists, volunteers and all who come out on a Saturday morning to exercise. My wish for 2020 is that it continues to grow and makes its mark in Gainesville as a consistent venue for people of all ages and abilities to have the opportunity to do a free, timed 5k each weekend, make new friends and meet tourists from all over the world who frequently join us.

As Event Director and founder of your parkrun, I wanted to use this platform to let you know that the new year will be bringing many changes for me personally, one of them being an amazing opportunity to pursue a new career out west. With this comes the reality that I will be leaving Depot Park parkrun, but with every intention of starting another one, should I be lucky enough to find a location as perfect as the one we have here in Gainesville.

You are in good hands with Kristen Bryant, who has served as the CO-ED for months already. She is every bit as passionate about parkrun as I am. Please reach out to her and lend a helping hand whenever you can. Without our volunteers (you), we could not have parkrun, and I would never have had the pleasure of meeting you and all of the wonderful people who have made Saturday mornings extra special week after week because of parkrun.

I am full of parkrun pride as I wish you a very happy and healthy new year and lots of parkrunning/walking in 2020 and beyond.

Fondest Regards,
Shauna Dixon.


New Year’s Day parkrun & double! (10:00am)

Happy Holidays!!
The New Year will be kicking off to a great start with the first parkrun of 2020 at Depot Park at 10am on the 1st of January.
Bring your friends, family and BARCODE! All ages and abilities welcome.

If you would like a challenge to begin your 2020, join us in the parkrun Double event, starting with Clermont parkrun at 7:30am and then making our way back to Gainesville in time to participate in our Depot Park parkrun beginning at 10am.
If you would like to volunteer at the 10am parkrun or any future parkruns please email us at

As our parkrun is growing and becoming a staple in our community we ask that you please bring your Barcode each time you participate, insuring that we get your time and place recorded for you. Keep it in your car, purse, or wallet so it is always there when you need it. Barcodes should be laminated for protection or may be purchased in many different forms, ie. wristbands, key ring tags etc. on the website under the 'shop' tab or

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season and looking forward to seeing you at parkrun!!

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