Karaoke, a 5K, and the Grand Canyon

This is the first in a new series of occasional stories about members of the College Park parkrun community. We are thankful to Rebecca White for sharing her story, which shows how one person's resolve, combined with a supportive community, can make a world of difference. 

My name is Rebecca Vandenbroeck White. I am 56 years old. I am a parkrun walker and volunteer at College Park parkrun. Over the last year parkrun has become a vital part of my living a healthy lifestyle.


Making a Choice

In August of 2018 I reached a crucial point in my life. I realized that at over 340 pounds I had a choice to make. I could either change the way I was living or face being housebound in a short period of time. It wasn’t just my weight that had caused this, but also an ever increasing lack of activity had left me so weak that I could not walk from my place of employment to the parking lot without stopping to sit. I could not stand for any period of time without my back screaming in agony. I could not even put on my own socks. When my family went to a museum, I had to be pushed in a wheelchair.

Most days I went to work, came home, lay on the couch, went to bed, got up and then repeated the same process. I’d come home Friday evenings and not leave the house again until the following Monday morning. Outside of family, work and Facebook I had no sense of belonging to a community. I was living in a self-imposed prison caused by obesity and lack of movement.

In August 2018 I started working out and logging my food intake. It was hard. It was frustrating. But being fat and out of shape was harder. I couldn’t lift five pounds. Honestly, I couldn’t lift 2 pound weights more than a few repetitions. But I began losing weight and getting stronger. I was able to take short walks. I felt hope, but I still felt isolated.

Making a List

One day I made a “bucket list” of things I wanted to do as a result of my new, healthier lifestyle and one of the things I listed was to participate in a 5K. I knew that was a long way off, but I put it on there next to going to the Grand Canyon, kayaking, and singing karaoke. A few weeks passed, and a high school friend posted on her Facebook page about participating in a 5K. I mentioned to her that I hoped to do that one day. Through the wonder of social media another old friend saw my post and told me about this thing called parkrun in Renton, Washington, and suggested I check to see if there was a local parkrun. I did and discovered there were a few within driving distance, with College Park being the closest.

Becoming a Lurker

I was interested in parkrun, but was it really for someone like me? Most of my workouts were strength training, stationary recumbent bicycling and water fitness. I didn’t run. I didn’t jog. And honestly, I still wasn’t walking all that much beyond the minimum required. So, I lurked. I read through the parkrun international website. I found College Park parkrun’s Facebook page. I even found a video of [co-event director] Colin videoing a parkrun with a GoPro. The route looked beautiful, and it was flat. Great! I saw smiling people. Great! Runners, walkers, families, babies in strollers, and dogs on leashes. Great! Hmmmm. Maybe this was something for me to check out. I figured I didn’t have to do the whole 5k, I could turn around if I wanted to. There was even a post on the parkrun Facebook page about someone who did just that, and when he was able to complete the whole event, people were happy for him. Cool!

In December of 2018 I registered for parkrun. Every week I read the Facebook page. Every week I watched the weather. Too cold. Too wet. Snow. Ice. It looked like there would never be a perfect weekend to go. Excuses, anyone?

Team Sloth: We’ll Get There When We Get There

Finally, I told myself to quit putting it off and I went. That was February 9, 2019 - one year ago. I had gotten a special shirt with the saying “Sloth Running Team. We’ll get there when we get there.” Two ladies saw my shirt and came over and introduced themselves. Lucy and Laurie really made me feel welcome, and the funny thing is they were first timers, too. What a gift. I found out the next time they are regular 5K and marathon participants but they had heard about parkrun and came to check it out. They’ve been regulars ever since.

Well, I’d love to say that I walked the 5k route with ease that day, that I have set personal bests (PBs) on a regular basis, and that I now run with the wind. But no. That is not my story.

That day I quickly found out how slow I really do walk - the sloth shirt proved to be prophetic. I was not prepared for the walk, or for the temperatures in the mid 20’s that morning. After a while I became concerned I wouldn’t be able to finish. I did not believe in myself. I was anxious. But I was not alone. The tail walker was with me. Misha had caught up with me and we talked as we walked. She never rushed me - she met my pace. And when I decided to turn back she took my picture so I could see how far I’d made it. I had gone one mile.


Tailwalker Misha took this picture when I turned back at the one mile mark, as a target for the next time I came back.

Of course, I had to walk back and at a total distance of 1.7 miles I stopped at Hump’s Crossing and Kim (subbing for Hump) gave me a lift back to the finish. I would need to learn how to dress for the weather and how to believe in myself.

The next Saturday I came back. The temperature was warmer than the previous week and the memories of the warm welcome were still fresh. I was not wrong to return. A woman I had met the week before walked almost the entire trail with me. Wow! Lori wasn’t the tail walker, and she definitely can walk faster than I can, but she chose to walk along and keep me company for the entire parkrun. Two others, Valerie and Lucy, came back out after they finished and met us along the trail and walked in with us. Basically strangers, but supporting me in a way that meant the world. Oh, I said “entire parkrun” didn’t I? Because on that day February 16, 2019 with a finish time of over 90 minutes I completed my first 5K. It was hard, but I just kept going one step at a time. Along the way and at the finish line, I was cheered and high-fived and it felt incredible.


Lori and Misha supported me the whole way



Complete a 5K - check!

The Struggle

A year has gone by now. I would like to say it has all been happy times, and mostly it has been. However, there were times when friction blisters or joint pain made it to where I could barely cross the finish line. But these physical pains were only part of it. The real struggle was dealing with crushing self doubt. That first week I did not realize the average finish time was under 40 minutes, and it had taken me more than twice that. When I realized how much of an outlier my time was, I again allowed anxiety to build up. I told myself I did not belong there. I was making the volunteers wait. They would resent me. They would quit volunteering if they had to wait so long in the cold, the rain, the heat, the sun ….

But, everytime I showed up, they cheered, high-fived, walked with me and came back out to walk me in. They told me in words and actions that I deserved to be a part of parkrun just as much as the 18-minute finishers. Others walked with me and helped me feel a part of the community - Andrea, Lori, Lisa, Valerie, Misha, Külli, Yancira, Anna, Ellen (with barkrunner Eli), and other tail walkers whose names I do not remember but whose faces are in my memory.


Since my first parkrun my times have improved. I will never be a fast finisher, but I set goals and have seen my times improve. On February 8th 2020, the one year anniversary of my first parkrun attempt, I finished in 70 minutes. It was a personal best and over 20 minutes off my first finish time.


In addition to walking, I have also volunteered many times. Photography is my favorite way to volunteer, but there are a variety of different volunteer jobs that I enjoy and that give me an opportunity to participate in and build the community I have embraced.



Filling my bucket

Of course, parkrun isn’t all there is to life, but it has sure added to mine. I have a community that I know will always be there, every Saturday at 9:00. On February 15 I will complete my 20th College Park parkrun. I have definitely marked completing a 5K off my bucket list. Although I haven’t yet made it to the Grand Canyon, I have been kayaking and I have sung karaoke in the past year. I continue to keep up other fitness activities - even adding in a weekly gentle round of racquetball with my son. I have now lost over 60 pounds and am working to lose more.

Through learning to quiet my self doubts during parkrun I find it easier to quell those negative voices in other parts of my life. Wanting to do better at parkrun yet having a distaste for treadmills, I started going outside more to walk. I have rediscovered my love of nature and hiking. I have taken up birdwatching and nature photography, and my life is no longer so insular. I am grateful for the second chance to actually enjoy the life I have been given.

Fill your bucket

If you have thought about going to parkrun, come along some Saturday. If you need an invitation, here it is. Come, see what parkrun is about. If you have come before but were worried that you weren’t fast enough, come back. parkrun is there for everyone.  And, if you have an empty bucket, bring it along. We’ll help you fill it with fun, support and community.



New Years Day 2020!

We are excited to host our 4th annual New Years Day parkrun, starting at 10:30am on Jan 1st, 2020. It's the same free, friendly, 5K run/walk as always, except that it's on a Wednesday, and it starts later than usual.

Read on for further information about additional attractions, parking, and more.NYD 2020 Flyer CP Square


To take part, simply show up with a printed copy of your FREE personal parkrun barcode. One-time registration takes just a couple of minutes, and then is your ticket to parkrun forever. When you sign up, please consider opting in to our once weekly email update about College Park parkrun news and volunteering. It's a dose of positivity in the middle of your week, and it's how we keep the event free, for everyone, forever.

Double Fun

If you're looking for an extra challenge, consider starting the day at Kensington parkrun or Leakin Park parkrun (Baltimore), both of which start at 8:30am. NYD is the one day of the year when you can record two parkruns, and so the start times are staggered to make this possible. Last year 43 people combined College Park with another parkrun to start the year, and we expect more to give it a try this year.

If you go to Kensington, we recommend to park in the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church lot. If you go to Leakin Park, parking at Winan's Meadow is limited, so we recommend to arrive in good time to secure a spot.

NYD 2020 Flyer Square

For your double you could choose to skip College Park entirely and head to Fletcher's Cove instead. They're also starting at 10:30am.


College Park parkrun is not only for runners. Parkwalkers are just as welcome, too. And NOBODY is too slow to fit in. We guarantee that you won't finish last, as we always provide the last finisher. That's the role of our tailwalker.

Whatever your pace, you will have company. And on our out-and-back course along the Paint Branch Trail, everybody gets to see everybody else in the course of the event, providing lots of opportunity to cheer one another.


We are looking forward to celebrating many things to start off the New Year.

  • Most of all, simply being together with a warm, supportive community in a beautiful natural setting. We are grateful to Prince George's Parks & Recreation for allowing us to use the trail for free every week.
  • We expect to celebrate a number of regular parkrunners who will be reaching the milestone of 50 or 100 parkruns completed. This may include Bonnie McClellan, who will be completing her 50th time just a few weeks before her 80th birthday. Seniors like Bonnie inspire us!
  • A few people will be celebrating a birthday on January 1st, so there may be cake.
  • We expect to welcome visitors from near and far, including parkrunners from around the region and from other states.
  • We always celebrate the volunteers that make our events happen every week. Hundreds of community members take turns putting on the event, and we will celebrate them just like any other day.
  • The show will be led on Wednesday by Pam Marcus, co-Event Director at Kensington parkrun. Pam was a regular volunteer and run director at College Park before heading off to start an event for her own local community. To start the new year she will be doing a unique double by being run director at both Kensington and College Park on the same day, with ace crews of volunteers on hand to support her in both places.


We're expecting a big, fun crowd in College Park. So parking at Acredale Park will be limited. Additional free parking is available at UMD Lot 11b, a 5-minute walk down the trail from the start, or at College Park Lanes bowling alley, across Baltimore Avenue from the Holiday Inn Express. Please allow a few extra minutes for parking. Or come by foot or by bike to parkrun.

Post-parkrun Brunch

All are invited to join for a big community brunch at The Board and Brew in College Park afterwards. And don't feel that you have to complete the 5K to join for brunch. If you or a family member would prefer to sleep in and just come join the post-parkrun fun, you're 100% welcome!

Dogs, Strollers, Kids

We very much welcome dogs at parkrun ("barkrunners"). But please keep your pup on a short leash, to help avoid mishaps. We also welcome strollers. They help the whole family to enjoy getting active outdoors together. Please buckle up your passengers - the lips on the bridges can be bumpy, and we don't want to see any kids go flying.

Also, kids age 4 upwards are welcome to take part with their own barcode. But we ask that under 11s always stay close to a parent or other responsible adult.





New Years 2019 parkrunning

On January 1st 2019 we will hold our 3rd annual College Park Resolution parkrun. It is a wonderful way to start out the new year, and we hope that you can join us.

The College Park Resolution parkrun will start at the unusual time of 10:30am on January 1st. This is because New Years is the one day of the year when it is possible for parkrunners to log two parkruns in the same day. Currently at least Leakin Park parkrun and Kensington parkrun have expressed an intent to hold an 8:30am event, and a couple of the DC parkruns  are considering this.

So you can sleep in a little longer, or you can try a double parkrun. Either way, plan on staying behind afterwards for a big start of the year brunch at The Board and Brew, with parkrun friends from our community and across the DMV.


Thanksgiving 2018 parkrunning

Subject to confirmation of permission by Prince George's Parks, we plan to hold our first ever College Park parkrun ("Turtle Trot"?), at 9:00 on Thursday November 22nd.

Thanksgiving is the largest running day in the world, with around 1 million people taking part in running events across the US. And Thanksgiving is all about family and community ... and the odd bite to eat. So a Thanksgiving parkrun seems like an obvious choice.

And of course it's totally free.


New Years Day 2018 at College Park parkrun

Start 2018 off on the right foot with College Park parkrun. January 1st 2018 is going to be special for us in many ways.

Resolution parkrun. On January 1st College Park parkrun starts at 10:30am [course; registration]. The one time in the year when parkrun happens at a time other than 9am Saturday. Our Resolution parkrun is a partnership with our friends at Prince George's Running Club. We teamed up in 2017, and are excited to do the same again in 2018.

Double parkrun! New Years double parkruns are a popular tradition in countries like Australia and the UK, but 1/1/18 will be the first time that this is possible in North America. Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore will start at 8:30am. So you can do a warm up at Leakin Park, then zip down to College Park for another. If you combine this with the regular Saturday parkrun, then you can make strong progress towards your parkrun milestone in one weekend.

Help us set a new attendance record at Leakin Park. And come see how parkrun and local partners are working to get people to revisit one of America's great urban wildernesses.

Brunch! Following College Park parkrun there will be a get together for all area parkrunners at The Board and Brew, where we will be joined by parkrunners from across the region.

Cake alert! 1/1/18 is also when co-event director Colin Phillips will be turning 50 years old ... AND doing his 50th parkrun (and his 51st). So chances of cake are above average.

Include parkrun in your New Years plans.

PARKING: We anticipate larger-than-usual turnout for the New Years parkrun, so consider parking away from Acredale Park. UMD Lot 11b is right next to the Paint Branch Trail, and perfectly placed for the post-parkrun brunch at The Board and Brew. Parking at AMF Lanes bowling on Route 1 is also available. Please park on the edges of the lot, so as to not interfere with bowling customers.



5 reasons we’re excited for 5/27 (plus parking and volunteering)

On May 27th we’re looking forward to a very special edition of College Park parkrun, with a visit by parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt, who will be joining from the UK. If you haven’t been to College Park parkrun before, or if you haven’t come in a while, THIS is the week to join us. Scroll down for notes on parking, brunch, and volunteer needs. We have lots of free parking, easily walkable to the parkrun, but allow a few extra minutes if you'll be driving this week.

Or if you want a map of all the locations, you can go directly here.


Five Reasons Why We’re Excited

College Park parkrun takes place every Saturday, year round. Here are reasons why this week is special.

  1. Paul Sinton-Hewitt. Paul’s little meetup with friends in a London park in 2004 grew into the world’s largest running event. He is an inspiring social innovator. With 1200 events worldwide every week to choose from, we’re thrilled that Paul will be joining us in College Park. Read Paul's parkrun story.
  2. College Park. We have beautiful trails, wonderful people, and a super supportive city that is currently on a roll. We’re proud that our free, weekly event helps to show off the cool things happening here. College Park mayor Patrick Wojahn and former mayor Andy Fellows are among the changemakers in town who are also regular parkrunners.
  3. #parkrunfamily. Paul’s visit will bring parkrunners from other parkruns across the region to College Park. We’re excited to welcome them here.
  4. New friends. We love meeting people who are new to parkrun, and we anticipate plenty of opportunities for this on Saturday.
  5. Record turnout? With good luck and good weather, we might be able to set an American Record for parkrun attendance. (193 is the total to beat for a single event, and 570 is the total to beat for the 9 events countrywide.)



Parking & Transportation

We have ample free parking, but the little parking lots right by the start/finish at Acredale Park likely will fill up early. We will have a parking marshal at the intersection of Route 1 & Metzerott Road, by Rita's Italian Ice. If you pull in there, you can get directions. Your other options, shown in this interactive map.

  • Ride your bike or walk/run. The Paint Branch Trail is beautiful and safe. (And it's about 2 miles from College Park metro station.)
  • University of Maryland Lot 11b (free). This is a very convenient place to park for the run and the post-run coffee. It is on Paint Branch Drive a half mile south of Route 193, in view of the Xfinity Center (UMD basketball stadium) and directly next to the Paint Branch Trail. It’s an easy walk along the trail to the start. It’s also perfectly placed for the post-run meetup at The Board and Brew. But the drive to there from the start/finish is a bit circuitous. Consider driving directly there.
  • AMF Lanes Bowling, 9021 Baltimore Avenue / Route 1 (free), College Park. Big parking lot a couple of hundred yards from the start. The bowling alley is opposite the Holiday Inn Express that overlooks the start/finish. Please park in spots away from the alley, then cross Baltimore Avenue and walk down the lane next to Rita’s Italian Ice. Don't park in the Pizza Hut lot next door, or the Holiday Inn Express across the street.
  • The Varsity, 8150 Baltimore Avenue / Route 1 (*paid*). From here it’s a few minutes’ walk along the trail to the start, but you’re perfectly located for the post-run meetup at The Board and Brew.


Post-run Coffee/Brunch

College Park parkrun is social. Every week after the run we meet up for coffee or brunch at The Board and Brew, an awesome café that’s just a few minutes’ walk along the trail from the start/finish. They have great coffee and treats, and it’s also a popular hangout for board game aficionados. It’s a great time to chat with old and new friends. Don’t know anybody at the run? Not a problem -- it’s always a super-friendly group. The Board and Brew is reserving extra space for us this week.

Where: The Board and Brew. 8150 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD.
When: after the run, for as long as you want.
Who: old and new friends.IMG_6136



Volunteers Needed

College Park parkrun is 100% led by volunteer parkrunners, and we have some extra volunteer needs this week.

  • A photographer and/or videographer (no fancy equipment needed)
  • An extra time-keeper
  • Pre-run help, directing cars and runners
  • Lead bike to alert trail users

Drop us a line at collegeparkoffice@parkrun.com if you or a friend can help.


Snow and Ice: Status for March 18th

FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE. Thanks to Mother Nature and a couple of hours shoveling snow and ice, College Park parkrun is all systems go for March 18th! We couldn't bear to go a week without seeing everybody! So we'll see you all on the trail in the morning. And this week we'll be welcoming guests from our partners at the American Cancer Society.

Good question! We have been out checking on the trail, and it's a mixed bag. Some sections of trail are quite clear already, including our start/finish area at Acredale Park. But the bridges and the shaded section near the golf course (over a third of the parkrun course) are rather icy. Not safe for parkrun. Temperatures should rise on Friday, and we will be back to check on the trail early evening.  With snow shovels.

Check back here for updates Friday evening or Saturday morning before you leave. If we have to cancel then how about joining us downtown for a spot of parkrun tourism at Fletcher's Cove parkrun? Their route on the C&O Canal Towpath gets more sun than ours, and is already clear. Same barcode, same friendly vibe, same unbeatable price.



Dog Days of Winter (Run Report #14)

The main story for this week was the warned ice storm that failed to materialize. Instead it was mildly cold, with intermittent rain. Enough to dampen our fur, but not our spirits. Turnout (27) was down relative to weeks with finer weather, but everybody had a good time.

An unexpected benefit of the weather alert was that Paint Branch Golf Course was closed for the day. This put our dedicated golf course marshal Hump Plotts out of a job, and so he got to join us for the start for once. Two other family members were on the trail: Lisa Wilson was your turnaround marshal, and their son Kenneth Plotts was a first-timer this week.

Even more unexpected was our second running Australian Cattle Dog. Ken Leonard and Scout are familiar faces at College Park parkrun (and they again set an age-category record this week). But this week they were joined by Tom Hornik and Martina. Tom previously ran Bury St Edmunds parkrun in the UK 50 times, earning him a red 50-club shirt. But after moving to Ellicott City in 2015, he had to wait 18 months to get to wear his shirt at a parkrun. For her part, Martina was sporting a dashing collar in the colors of the Maryland state flag. Needless to say, Martina and Scout were interested to meet each other, and are looking forward to meeting up again at parkrun.


Lisa Chilcote of Montgomery County Road Runners was a first-timer this week, and she proceeded to run the second fastest female time ever on our course. Nice work Lisa! Better yet, Lisa’s husband Damon stepped in at the last minute as finisher token volunteer. And cowbell ringer, a new volunteer role for us. Hope you can visit again, Lisa and Damon. With or without the bell.


We had no new members of our College Park 5 or 10 clubs this week, but expect many more in the coming weeks, with better weather in the forecast. But we did see an impressive number of PBs, with a third of finishers setting their best time to date: Ken Leonard, Evan Hirsche, Jenn Augsburger, Adria Schwarber, Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, Jeanette Novak, and both Dave and Denise Vause.


This week’s tailrunner was Sarah D’Alexander from UMD’s Office of Community Engagement. In addition to securing our guarantee that you-will-not-finish-last-at-parkrun, Sarah was also checking out the trail and the stream. Watch this space for news of what she and Andrea have been plotting together, and plan to be at parkrun on April 1st. Thanks Sarah!


It’s now one year since parkrun hit the DC area, and a lot has happened in that year. We went from zero to 3 weekly parkruns, with more in the pipeline. 2117 people have registered with DMV parkruns as their ‘home’ events, and 3825 runs have been completed, with around 700 of them in College Park since our official launch in October. Not bad.

Other volunteers this week included Thomas Parsons on barcode scanning, Debbie Levenson with the stopwatch, Nina McGranahan and Anouk Dieuleveut on photography, and Nick Huang as results-wrangler. We’re always happy to have new volunteers helping to make College Park parkrun free to everybody every week. You can contact collegeparkhelpers@parkrun.com to offer your help. Better yet, you can login to your parkrun.com profile and choose to receive our once-per-week volunteer emails. It’s a great way to contribute.

Next week, we will leave you in the capable hands of run director Rory Murphy, who this week was down at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, celebrating their first birthday. Next week (Jan 21st) Mansfield, OH parkrun will launch. This means that College Park will no longer be the youngest US parkrun event. Organizers Karen and Steve Crane visited for our inaugural run in October; Andrea and Colin will be driving to central Ohio to check out their new event.

You can follow College Park parkrun on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram, find loads of photos on Flickr, or join our Strava club. Or you can just show up 9am on Saturdays.

Colin Phillips


January 14th – All Systems Are Go!

We have been closely monitoring the weather forecasts over the past few days, as there was a risk of an ice event like the once that forced all DC-area parkruns to cancel on December 17th. But we are now confident that the ice risk is extremely low. So we are going ahead with today's parkrun. We'll keep the pre-run briefing, well, brief. And you'll warm up in no time.

We make every effort to bring you a free parkrun every Saturday, whatever the weather. Cold (Jan 7th), rain (Dec 24th), or snow fall are no problem. We just wrap up warm, and we always have a good time on the trail. The situations where we would cancel are ones where the trail is closed, as in a major snow event, or where your safety is a concern, as when roads and trails are icy (Dec 17th).


Shiver me timbers! (Run Report #13)

Shiver me timbers, that was cold! 20 degrees & blustery! Andrea here, with a confession: I am a wimp about the cold. But here’s the thing: running is just about the only way I know to overcome it. Every cold morning that I head out to run, I think ‘this is going to be the day that the cold beats me’, and every time, I’m wrong. Of course it’s cold at the start, but there always comes that moment—maybe a mile in, maybe longer—when you realize you’re not cold anymore, and in fact, you’re toasty warm. And every time it’s a reminder that you are beating the cold. It’s a little taste of a superpower. 

So congratulations to 33 mini superhero parkrunners who came out to thumb their noses at the cold with us last Saturday!


This week Sam McGranahan reached the parkrun 10 milestone (and we hope he has now ordered his free t-shirt so he can show it off). But more generally, our group of ‘regulars’ is growing all the time, even while we get first timers every week. This is great news for us, and great news for all of you repeat offenders!  

This week Jim Parsons joined the unofficial College Park 10 Club. And Chris Kujawa and Christine Becraft joined the College Park 5 Club. That brings our totals to 32 people who have run CP parkrun 5x or more, and 6 people who have run it 10x or more. Why do you people keep coming back?  Oh, right, the pancakes after. 


We also had 6 first timers this week. Congratulations to all of you! We had a huge number of people register for our parkrun during New Year’s week (resolutions?), so we anticipate that there are a lot of ‘closeted’ soon-to-be First Timers out there. Why not come out this weekend?

Despite the cold (or maybe because of it?), quite a few people set new PBs this week: Ken Leonard (and Scout), Chris Kujawa, Rachel Lukens, and Monique Bourque. Great running, all of you!

I want to give a special thanks to this week’s volunteers: Gus Campbell, Chris and Nina McGranahan, Jen Murphy, Hump Plotts, Cee Cee Swalling (and her pup), and Lisa Wilson. They didn’t get to warm up by running, and it took a long time for them to thaw out afterwards--maybe it’s no coincidence that every one of them did come to the post-run breakfast at Board and Brew,  Thank you so much, each of you, for helping out!

Have you been enjoying parkrun, and want it to continue every Saturday? Please help make that happen by taking a turn at volunteering with us. Remember, we are people-powered entirely!  Drop us a line at: collegeparkhelpers@parkrun.com.

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