15K (Run Report #153)

At 8:40am the park was largely empty this week. Perhaps everybody had noticed what a lovely day it was, and they were going to chill on the front stoop instead of coming to parkrun.


Never mind! By 9:00am the park was teeming with parkrunners and parkwalkers. You’re experienced enough now that you can time the arrival to perfection.


Do note that on Sept 28th we’ll be sharing the park with the annual Muggle Quidditch tournament, so parking will be in short supply. So please plan on allowing extra time that day. Bike to parkrun if you can. Or park in UMD Lot 11b and take the 5 minute walk down the trail.

Also, as word continues to spread about our community, parking will become more scarce. So do plan accordingly.

This week we celebrated the 50-parkrun milestone for Jenn Augsburger. Congratulations to Jenn on completing 50 5Ks with us. (And volunteering A LOT also.)


But we also celebrated a 15K milestone for all of us. That’s 15,000 5Ks that we have completed together since CP parkrun started in October 2016. That’s almost two times around the earth.

The 15,000th finisher was this week’s 73rd finisher. It was George Sisson, who was completing his 23rd parkrun. Congratulations, George! Your prize: a lifetime of free 5Ks. And we had another 87 finishers beyond that, to make a total of 160 finishers.


We had so many great volunteers again this week. Keaton Ellis and Anna Tinnemore were in the all-important high-fiver role (which also includes a little timekeeping). Keaton was resting up ahead of his first ever half marathon the next day. Evan Hirsche was another volunteer resting up for a half marathon the next day. He was joined by Xinzi He on scanning, and by daughter Katie after she had zipped around the course.



Rebecca White joined Hump at his crossing, and brought her camera along, too, so we were treated to some great photos from an unusual vantage point. Thanks Rebecca!


Saul Goldberg walked up ready to help. Always happy to see Saul join us, together with his brother Joel.


Zoe Phillips distributed finish tokens. (And is happy to take commissions for the extra volunteer role of parkrun sketch artist. Just ask.)


Neil Jograj took everything in his stride as Run Director. Ably assisted by barkrunner Trista.



This week we welcomed 15 first-timers, and a cool 27 second timers, as many as we have ever seen. Some of the first timers were brought along by the second-timers, such as Judith Riordon, who was back this week with her daughter Margaret. The same goes for Deborah Ruddy, who was back this week with her son John. And also Martine and Pascale Gaujeanmay, who were back this week with dad Hubert. The more the merrier!




Among the first-timers were Kevin Camp and Sharon Razsap Skorbiansky. Kevin and Sharon visited Fletcher’s Cove parkrun a few times while living in DC. Now married and moved to the ‘burbs, we’re their new local. Looking forward to seeing them more in the future!


With the great weather we expected quite a few PBs, but we did not expect to see as many as 27. The PB bell saw a lot of action.


Sam Phipps was pretty excited to set a PB on his 23rd parkrun. He left the rest of us far behind as he finished in 17:03. Recall that Sam runs from Silver Spring before starting his parkrun. Then he runs home. So he’s probably running at least a 15K on parkrun days.


Kudos to Andrew Widman, who set a PB on his 12th parkrun. His secret: he brought along his son Nathan as an expert pacer.


Annika Dallmann and Wiktoria Dabrowska were back, and they both took a BIG chunk from their PBs. Like 6 minutes big.


Marianne Poon continued her streak: 4 weeks, 4 PBs. Not bad!


And Jimmy Tancabel and Vicki Stevens are building impressive parkrun resumes. 20 parkruns between them, and almost all of them PBs.


Zebi Brown has a practically perfect record of PBs in her 5 parkruns (we don’t count the crazy hot day when we were going for PWs instead of PBs). Zebi’s secret: as she was running she was trying to keep ahead of Judi Barnes’ walking. As many of you know, that’s harder than it sounds, because Judy is a FAST walker.


We welcomed 6 new members of our exclusive 5-timer club. Louis Green, Eileen Sullivan, Zebi Brown, Reese Madsen, Bonita Shelby, and Louise Godley. This club is so exclusive that there are now 610 members.




There was one new 10-timer: Michael Navarette. And one new 25-timer, Michael Cohen. Keep at it, guys, and the next thing you know you’ll be wearing the red 50 sash.


Coming attractions …


  1. Every week through the end of October. FREE Yoga in the Park, at 10am after parkrun. New teacher! New fun.
  2. Sept 28th. Muggle Quidditch Day. No, we’re not chasing snitches all the way to Lisa’s turnaround. But we are sharing the parking. So allow extra time, or bike, or park in UMD Lot 11b, behind The Board and Brew.
  3. Oct 12th. Regional parkrun meetup at The Board and Brew after CP parkrun #158. We’ll again be hosting the parkrun USA Ambassadors Conference. Come meet some of the big cheeses.
  4. Oct 19th. Our 3rd birthday! Can you help with cake or other celebrations? Let us know.
  5. Nov 3rd (Sunday). parkrun DMV meeting in College Park. Interested in helping to further build the DC-MD-VA parkrun community? We’d love for you to join us.
  6. Nov 28th (Thursday). Thanksgiving parkrun! With the possibility of a post-parkrun meetup with Kensington parkrun, for gelato. Just saying.

See you soon!