parkrun by the numbers (Run Report #151)

Dr. LAWRENCE C. WASHINGTON, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park, was no stranger to the Paint Branch Trail when, in the fall of 2016, College Park parkrun began invading his regular running spot.

Known in his professional life for his research in the field of number theory and  his work on cylcotomic fields, Larry ran with parkrun as a first timer (and set a new age-group record!) at CP parkrun #19 on February 18, 2017 (part of a legendary cohort of CP parkrun #19 first timers).

Over the 917 days since joining up, Larry has become a fixture at CP parkrun. This February (at event #124) he earned a purple shirt for volunteering 25 times, along the way starting our tradition of timekeeper high fives. This week he earned a red shirt for completing his 50th parkrun. Congratulations, Larry!

(Footnote: Apparently, Larry claims that he completed his 100th parkrun last week but did not qualify for a black shirt because the parkrun organization does not recognize milestones using a base-7 numbering system.)


Larry Washington, outstanding in his field


College Park parkrun’s 151st event was held on August 24, 2019, the 236th day of the year. It was a beautiful day for running and walking, with temperatures at start time around 64°F. There were 149 finishers, including 10 finishers over the age of 70 (a new CP record).


This week’s 149 finishers accounted for approximately 7% of this week’s 2,130 finishers across the 36(!) parkrun USA events (CP extends a warm welcome and best wishes to Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun in Madison, WI!).

This week’s run brought the cumulative number of CP parkrun finishers to 14,736. So probably somewhere around 9:35am on Saturday September 7th, somebody will become the 15,000th finisher.


Congratulations to David King for completing his 10th parkrun and qualifying for a white milestone shirt!


Our 149 finishers this week included 17 parkrun first timers, 1 College Park first timer, 124 returning participants, and 7 finishers who did not scan. Returning participants included 9 second timers, and 11 participants who have completed more than 100 events.

Amanda Mercer completed her 81st parkrun in 81st position.


Welcome to first timer Clarence. Hope to see you back next week!


Welcome to first timer Ariela!


Welcome to first timers Donovan and Dylan!  Good luck to Donovan on your move to Chicago.  Dylan, hope to see you back soon!


Welcome to first timers Shaan, Saksham, and Cara!



Welcome to first timers John, Daniel, Louise, and Connor!



No fewer than 25 parkrunners had “personal best” times this week—too many to list every single one, so…


For n=1 to 25

{If pbflag[n]=”Yes” then Nice Job parkrunner[n]};



Consider yourself congratulated!

But to name just a few…

Congratulations, John R., for a PB on your 109th parkrun!


Big PB for Natasha! Like, 11 minutes big.


PB for John M. When John first joined us he was a 32-minute runner. Now he's a 23-minute runner.


PB for Janel


PB for Louis


PB for Nathan, shown here pacing Manuel, who was also en route to a PB.


And although it wasn’t strictly a PB for Nathan’s mom Becky, when it’s your fastest parkrun in 2 years, that’s good enough for us.


PB for Arnd


This face rings a bell. Congratulations to Zebi. She reported that it was her first time running the whole way -- nice!


PB for Marianne, one of this week’s many second timers.


PB for Cordell. *So* close to sub-30 now.




Thanks to our 14 credited volunteers, and the others who pitched in to help, and for everyone who contributes to make CP parkrun community so great. Including today’s 14, we now have reached a cumulative total of 1,985 volunteer occasions, by 315 different people. Can we get 15 volunteers next week and reach 2,000?

Thanks to Clare and Cameron for timing, Joel and Katie for scanning, and Kayla for tokens.




Thanks to Lori and Zebi for helping with the token aftermath, and thanks to Adrian for helping with the … beforemath?

Thank you course marshals Hump, Lisa, and Danny.  Thanks 1,000,000 to Janet for stepping in as tailwalker after an all night shift!


Thanks to Colin and Andrea for the 1,000,001 things you do to make this event happen every week! And to everyone in the CP parkrun community, if you are interested in volunteering in the future, please check out this page:

And if you are not on the email list that is used for the weekly volunteer call -- just one email per week from Andrea, and it has other cool CP parkrun news, too -- then please sign up. You can do this via your profile, which you can access from a link at the bottom of any parkrun results email. In your parkrun profile go to “email options”; under “opt in/out for different parkruns” select College Park, then click “opt in” and click the green save button below.

You can find all of the photos here and many more from the day in our weekly photo albums.

A couple of extra notes:

1. There are new parkrun events starting in the coming weeks in Madison, WI (starts Aug 24), Portland, OR (Sep 7), Palo Alto, CA (Sep 14), Cleveland, OH (Oct 5), and Atlanta, GA (Oct 5). Know folks in those areas who might be interested? Let them know!

2. There are renewed efforts to get a parkrun event going in Anne Arundel County, likely on the B&A Trail in Glen Burnie. The key step needed at this point is folks who would be interested in helping out from time to time. Do you know of anybody who might be interested? Let Colin or Andrea know. Similar for South Riding, VA (near Centreville/Dulles) and the NCR Trail north of Baltimore.

3. Date for your calendar: we are planning special events again this year on Thanksgiving (9am) and New Years Day (likely 10:30am).

Stewart Mayhew



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