A pretty, normal day (Run Report #133)

With Spring in full force it was a pretty day on the Paint Branch Trail this week. It was also a pretty normal day. 120-something people came out to run and walk (some went part way down the trail -- we’re cool with that). We had a great crew of volunteers from the community. We met some new people, we welcomed back old friends. Some set PBs, some took their time. It all went off entirely smoothly.


For Andrea and me, as co-Event Directors, perhaps the coolest piece of this is to see how different community members worked together to make the event happen, and simply knew what to do. Some of them had volunteered together before at parkrun. Some of them had not. Almost none of them knew each other a couple of years ago. All that Andrea and I needed to do was show up with the gear, take some pictures and do some cheering, and otherwise stand well back.


Mike McClellan was part of this week’s volunteer crew, scanning barcodes with Jake Foley and then JJ Su. Mike is approaching his 50th parkrun, but he was feeling a bit creaky this week, so he opted to volunteer instead. The creakiness is ok, as Mike turned 82 last week.


Brian Murphy, Larry Washington, and Clare Imholtz were the finish funnel crew: clicking buttons, handing out tokens, and giving high fives. Brian was regaling Larry with tales from the Boston Marathon 5 days earlier. In return, Larry regaled Brian with tales from the Boston Marathon before Brian was born.


Hump and Lisa were again away from their usual marshaling roles, as Hump is still recovering from shoulder surgery. But he came over to join us at the start, and Lisa completed the course faster than she has in a long while … and got her favorite token, #100. Meanwhile, Yancira Amaya and Eduardo Valente easily slotted into the course marshal roles, and all went off without a hitch.





Clark Ridge orchestrated the show as Run Director for the day, joined at some point by a one-armed Violet as assistant. Stewart Mayhew became Clark’s understudy for results processing at The Board and Brew afterwards. He’s working through the different roles, with a view to a future Run Director role (we like this!).


Eden Gray and her pup Foxy were our tailwalker and tail-wagger this week, joining us from Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC. Impressively, Eden has now volunteered at 14 different parkrun USA events, making her (by far!) the most prolific parkrun voluntourist in the country. Those two certainly got into the Easter spirit.


Just a few of the things that we noticed this week …


Dominique Lisiero is parkrunning for two these days. That’s impressive!


As he rounded the final turn, we noticed that Carlos Chaverri-Morales was limping. He seemed to have hurt his knee. Lisa Parsons was rapidly catching him and about to pass him right at the finish chute. But instead of passing, she stopped, checked that Carlos was ok, and then walked in behind him. See, it’s not a race.


Both of our mayors were looking spiffy in their red parkrun 50 shirts this week.


In fact, we had a LOT of people sporting their red parkrun 50 shirts this week. That’s what comes of spring shorts and t-shirt weather. And this was just a few of them.


Melanie Barzik was one of this week’s dozen PBs. She certainly earned her ring of the PB bell.


Lucy Younes continued her streak of PBs as she recovers from illness. This week it was with the help of a young entourage. Lucy’s now 20 minutes faster than the first time out.


Abba Milkii did his 25th parkrun this week. He seemed to be having fun.


Sheilah and Judy were pace buddies this week.


And it was a beautiful day for the walking crew.


Hope to see you next week, for event #134. Consider staying around for Maryland Day, the huge free event on the UMD campus, with fun activities for the whole family.