More milestones and PBs (Run Report #112)

It's December! Where did all the time go?


Judging from the photo, I think it's safe to say that for many of you, at least some of it went to parkrun. We had 104 parkrunners on Saturday, of which 19 had earned the 50 red t-shirt, all of whom are regulars at this course. Two of them marked milestones: Duane Rosenberg ran his 50th, and veteran turn-around marshal Lisa Wilson completed her 100th parkrun, which was her 99th parkrun at College Park. (More below on celebrations coming up this week.)

I might point out for the record that with Saturday's parkrun, we now have two local mayors who are in the 50-club. Duane is mayor of New Carrollton, and the other is Patrick Wojahn, mayor of College Park. I am not aware of any other parkruns in the US having two regulars who are mayors, much less two mayors who are in the 50-club. This is a record we are likely to keep for a while, I think. That's a mark of a healthy community.

All eyes are now on you, Andy Fellows (former mayor of College Park).


And I might point out that this is my 50th volunteer stint. Please consider volunteering! No volunteers = no parkrun. Plus, we know that everyone looks good in a yellow or orange vest! (OK, that last sentence is probably false. But you need to put one on to decide whether that holds true for you.)

Another remarkable fact about Saturday's parkrun was the fact that we saw 25 PBs. That's one in four parkrunners! Here's the official list, from least to most experienced: John Maneval, Laura Tiffany, Jessica Rojas, Cindy Flores, Moira Abenethy, Lillian Hawala and Erica Olmsted-Hawala, Wendy Young, Matt Gembecki, Magdalena Duhagon, Julian Gordon, Abba Milkii, Tomas Marambio, Mary Miner, Meghan Gieske, Lucas Aguilera Kelley, Eric Pino, Frank Snyder, Carly Mills (cheered on by her sister Erin), Daniel Walker, Dan Sarmiento, Valerie Silensky, Marc and Alexander Swisdak, and John Ramsey. The bell seemed to be ringing non-stop!


While we congratulated Duane, Lisa, and our PB-setters, we also welcomed seven first timers: Stepanie Baynham, Sandra Roper, Cathelyn Wang, Jacob Hyman, Jayna Resman, Firehun Necha, and Elizabeth Fellows (who came along with Andy), and a visitor from across town: Cory Kind (also a PB), who usually runs at either Roosevelt Island or Livonia, MI. We hope to see you back soon!

There were also some of you who were reaching unofficial milestones, en route to the ones that get you a spiffy free parkrun shirt. Keri Pierce is the newest member of our 25-timer club. Keri was wearing her Howarts hat this week, so 5 points for Gryffindor! We saw 4 new 10-timers: Mary Miner (PB!), Jorge Aguilera, and Ben and Meghan Gieske (PB!).

Finally, our volunteers. In particular, there are three people I would like to acknowledge: Misha Bernard, who stepped up the last minute to serve as timekeeper. Nan Shellabarger had never been to parkrun before, but decided that she would try volunteering and did a great job scanning barcodes with Joel Goldberg, who has stepped in to help with barcode scanning for more than a few times. And of course, thanks to the rest of the crew at the finish line -- Steve Feld (timekeeper), Kim Fisher (tokens), Colin Phillips (photos, cheering) -- and on the course -- Jake Foley and daughter Elizabeth (tailwalking and photos), Andrea Zukowski (photos, communications, etc), Hump Plotts and Lisa Wilson (marshals).


On that note, I also want to point out that this coming Saturday (Dec 8) is Lisa's 100th parkrun at College Park (and her 101st parkrun). So please come and congratulate her. There will be cake!

Further ahead, take note of our New Years Resolution parkrun & Double parkrun. On January 1st we'll be celebrating  the start of 2019 with a 10:30am special parkrun, in conjunction with our friends at Prince George's Running Club. We invite you to also do a special double parkrun by joining the 8:30am events at Kensington parkrun, or Leakin Park parkrun (Baltimore), or possibly  more. Then afterwards there will  be a big New Years parkrun brunch  at The Board and Brew, where we'll be welcoming parkrun friends from across the region.

Nick Huang