Dress rehearsal run, October 8th 2016

College Park parkrun officially launches on October 15th, but we're holding a dress rehearsal run on October 8th. We'll be testing out the equipment and the logistics, to iron out the inevitable kinks. The only difference is that this event will not be an official parkrun event, and so your run time or volunteer role will not be included in the parkrun database. But the run and the company will be just as good as any other week.

Please join us at 9am one the Paint Branch Trail at Metzerott Rd. If you run (or jog or walk), you'll be the first to cover our accurately measured 5k course. It's a little shorter than the course we've been using for our practice events since January. If you can't run, then you can be a pioneer member of our volunteer team. Drop us a line at collegeparkoffice@parkrun.com if you can lend a hand on Saturday.

Our regular post-run meetup at The Board and Brew will be as official as ever.

Most important of all, for this week and all following weeks: Don't Forget Your Barcode. Free one-time registration at parkrun.us.