Byxbee parkrun #36 August 28th 2021

10 Weeks of parkrun complete

Here's to many more!

Since our successful relaunch in June, the Byxbee community has enjoyed 10 weeks of parkrun Saturdays. We've celebrated milestones, welcomed guests, first timers and grown accustomed to the new course and finish line.


This week's post is dedicated to the 83 volunteers who have donated hours of their time to ensure Byxbee parkrun is ready to go every Saturday morning. While we love having these awesome stalwart volunteers, the truth is that parkrun is a community event. The people who run, walk and jog at parkrun also serve as its volunteers. Global parkrunHQ give us an awesome framework, but Byxbee parkrun belongs to the Bay Area, and we make it our own.


So for the next few months, we will be reaching out to everyone in our community and asking you to take a turn at being a parkrun volunteer. While it's tempting to tell yourself that you're "giving up" or "missing out" on your run, we ask you to consider what you'll gain. A new perspective and understanding about how the event works, new friends, and that warm feeling of being part of a great team. If every one of our participants volunteered once for every 3 or 4 times they ran, we'd always have a full roster!

Volunteers are recognised too!

Do you love purple? Because parkrun cannot exist without volunteers, they are also eligible for a milestone t-shirt to wear with pride. Don't forget, there are some great volunteer roles that let you record a count towards both your run total AND your volunteer total.

We're Turning 2 and it's a Fall Party!

On Saturday September 18, we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

We invite you to come dressed in something that shows what you love about the fall and there'll be some tasty treats waiting for you at the finish line.

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #34 August 14th 2021

Byxbee parkrun event #34 saw 22 people walk, jog and run the course, supported by 8 awesome volunteers!

We also had a brand new course record set by Thys Moreau with a time of 16 mintutes and 58 seconds! Congratulations Thys!

As always, we need volunteers for every parkrun, and we LOVE new faces! You can sign up for any available role on the Volunteer Future Roster by emailing

Art in Byxbee Parkrecord,

As you run around the course at Byxbee parkrun, you may notice some landmarks along the way. Not only are we so very lucky to have a parkrun located in a Nature Preserve, but Byxbee Park is also home to several Art Installations that feature prominently in the landscape.

A photo of the sign about the Art installation titled "The Chevrons"

The Chevrons

The first Installation you see after parkrun starts, the Chevrons are built into the side of the hill and directly align with the runway of the nearby Palo Alto Airport. You are quite likely to see at least one small plane coming into land while at Byxbee parkrun.


The Pole Field

Occasionally referred to as "The Sticks" - the Pole Field is a series of poles of graduated height that form a level plane. The current Byxbee parkrun course takes you all around The Pole Field, and birds can often be observed sunning themselves on the poles in the morning sunshine.


The Wind Wave

The Wind Wave sits higher up on the hill near the the bench where our second Marshal stands for the turn around point. This steel installation moves with the wind.

So next time you come to visit Byxbee parkrun, take a moment to admire the Art in our park!

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun returns June 26th 2021

Welcome back! It's been a long time and we have missed you!


byxbee parkrun flag

 We're delighted to announce that Byxbee parkrun will return to our regular schedule on

June 26th, 2021 at 8am!

Byxbee parkrun is only possible with to our amazing volunteers and

We need your help

Sign up here - Volunteer Future Roster

All volunteer jobs require zero experience and are a lot of fun!

What you need to know:

  • A reminder that participants cannot park in the Byxbee Park parking lots adjacent to the start area - a condition of the permit to use the park. Please allow sufficient time to park in the alternate areas and walk to the start. Aim to arrive at 7:50am for the pre-run briefing and 8am start. Parking is strictly enforced by the Park Rangers.


  • Due to upcoming works on the Adobe Creek Trail, we have changed the course to be 2 laps on a different section of the trail. Please review the Course Page for the new map and turn locations. Remember to be courteous to all other parkrun participants and and share the trail with other park guests at all times. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during parkrun. Dogs are welcome on a short leash, and bikes or scooters are not permitted during the run.


  • Be mindful that we will have masked and unvaccinated members in our parkrun community (for example, children under 12), so expect to see some of our participants and volunteers wearing masks in the start/finish area. Wear your mask if you need it, and do not come to parkrun if you are sick. We will be providing hand sanitizer, washing the tokens and vests between use and encourage you to wash your hands before and after coming to parkrun. We are all at different stages of getting back to normal, so we ask for your patience, kindness and understanding through this transition. You can view the parkrun Global COVID-19 Framework here.


  • Don't Forget Your Barcode - bring it every week! A printed barcode means faster results for you and less work for our volunteers! If this is your first parkrun, please register at to get your barcode.

See you on Saturday (once again known as parkrunday!)

COVID-19 protocols

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