Byxbee parkrun #38 September 4th 2021 – One week to our 2nd Anniversary!

It's our 2nd Anniversary! Let's Celebrate!

A reminder that this week (Saturday 18th September) is the celebration of our 2nd Anniversary! We're celebrating the change of seasons with a fall-themed parkrun! Come dressed in your fall-inspired outfit, and enjoy some seasonal sweet treats at the finish line.

Maybe you love the cooler weather (great for running!) or maybe you love that the Holiday Season is starting. Get creative!

Fall Party Header

An Epic Bike Adventure

Palo Alto isn't just home to Byxbee parkrun, it has a thriving cycling culture, and many of our Byxbee parkrunners arrive at the Baylands by bike.

Last week you might have seen our volunteer Winifred Homer-Smith helping as a Course Marshal. This week, she's heading off on an incredible bike journey across the USA - an epic ride that was delayed by the pandemic. Winifred, we wish you the safest of travels and the best of luck!

It's always amazing to hear the inspirational stories of people in our parkrun community.

If you'd like to follow Winifred on her journey, she's journalling her ride over at:

See you on Saturday!



Byxbee parkrun #37 September 4th 2021

Another great week for Byxbee parkrun. There were 30 finishers and a full roster of 11 volunteers. A big thank you to Heather Birchall who took a break from her usual role as Volunteer Coordinator, and took the lead as Run Director.


So let's talk a little about what the Run Director does, and what you need to know if you are interested in stepping up to this role.

No Run Director = No parkrun

The Run Director is in charge of all operations for a parkrun event on Saturday. Their duties may include:

  • Bringing the equipment to the course and arriving early for setup
  • Greeting volunteers and briefing them on their role
  • Greeting first timers
  • Delivering the pre-run safety briefing
  • Monitoring safety during the run and reporting any incidents
  • Enforcing the Child Safeguarding policy
  • Managing the finish line for accurate results
  • Collecting the finish line results from the Volunteers
  • Ensuring all the equipment is packed and the site left tidy.
  • Processing the results after the run, and helping with the Event Photos, Run Report or Social Media posts.

As you can see, there's a lot to do, but you don't do it alone. You have assistance from the Event Director, and the support of the volunteers.

It's a complex role, so it's preferred that Run Directors are experienced volunteers who have volunteered multiple times, especially in the key roles of Time Keeper, Barcode Scanner and Finish Tokens. A thorough understanding of the finish line procedure helps ensure smooth results processing.

If stepping up to be a Run Director at Byxbee parkrun is something that interests you, get in touch via email:

Happy 2nd Birthday Byxbee parkrun!

Mark your calendars! It's our birthday and we're turning 2!

Fall Party Header

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Byxbee parkrun on September 18th by wearing a fall-inspired outfit and enjoying some post-run cookies and cupcakes in fall flavours. Are you a great home baker? We'd love you to help out!

See you on Saturday!





Byxbee parkrun #36 August 28th 2021

10 Weeks of parkrun complete

Here's to many more!

Since our successful relaunch in June, the Byxbee community has enjoyed 10 weeks of parkrun Saturdays. We've celebrated milestones, welcomed guests, first timers and grown accustomed to the new course and finish line.


This week's post is dedicated to the 83 volunteers who have donated hours of their time to ensure Byxbee parkrun is ready to go every Saturday morning. While we love having these awesome stalwart volunteers, the truth is that parkrun is a community event. The people who run, walk and jog at parkrun also serve as its volunteers. Global parkrunHQ give us an awesome framework, but Byxbee parkrun belongs to the Bay Area, and we make it our own.


So for the next few months, we will be reaching out to everyone in our community and asking you to take a turn at being a parkrun volunteer. While it's tempting to tell yourself that you're "giving up" or "missing out" on your run, we ask you to consider what you'll gain. A new perspective and understanding about how the event works, new friends, and that warm feeling of being part of a great team. If every one of our participants volunteered once for every 3 or 4 times they ran, we'd always have a full roster!

Volunteers are recognised too!

Do you love purple? Because parkrun cannot exist without volunteers, they are also eligible for a milestone t-shirt to wear with pride. Don't forget, there are some great volunteer roles that let you record a count towards both your run total AND your volunteer total.

We're Turning 2 and it's a Fall Party!

On Saturday September 18, we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

We invite you to come dressed in something that shows what you love about the fall and there'll be some tasty treats waiting for you at the finish line.

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #35 August 21st 2021

 750 parkruns - 3750km

- over 10 years of parkrun -


This week we welcomed John and Lorraine to Byxbee parkrun.  Visiting from Redding in the UK, John and Lorraine are staying with family here in the Bay Area. They found Byxbee parkrun and joined us on Saturday. John is in the 250 club and Lorraine is the proud owner of a very rare blue 500 club shirt. To be able to host two parkrunners with over 750 parkruns between them is a real honour and such an inspiration! It's also a reminder of how big the parkrun global community is and how grateful we are to be a part of it.

Parking Reminder

Please Park Outside and Walk into Byxbee Park

Byxbee park gets thousands of visitors every week, and is a very popular destination for cyclists, hikers and runners. We expect to see more people out on the trails as the weather cools and school sports return to training. For that reason, we ask that you park in the alternate areas and walk to the start area. This leaves the main Byxbee lots free for the public to use, and helps keep our relationship with the Park Rangers and the City of Palo Alto in good stead. The parking is strictly enforced by the Rangers, so please pay attention to the posted signs.

Having a Volunteer Carpark Marshal is one way we can help everyone find somewhere to park and make sure we are upholding our obligations to the City. If you can help - email and we will add you to the volunteer roster. It's a great role because you get credit for volunteering AND running!

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #34 August 14th 2021

Byxbee parkrun event #34 saw 22 people walk, jog and run the course, supported by 8 awesome volunteers!

We also had a brand new course record set by Thys Moreau with a time of 16 mintutes and 58 seconds! Congratulations Thys!

As always, we need volunteers for every parkrun, and we LOVE new faces! You can sign up for any available role on the Volunteer Future Roster by emailing

Art in Byxbee Parkrecord,

As you run around the course at Byxbee parkrun, you may notice some landmarks along the way. Not only are we so very lucky to have a parkrun located in a Nature Preserve, but Byxbee Park is also home to several Art Installations that feature prominently in the landscape.

A photo of the sign about the Art installation titled "The Chevrons"

The Chevrons

The first Installation you see after parkrun starts, the Chevrons are built into the side of the hill and directly align with the runway of the nearby Palo Alto Airport. You are quite likely to see at least one small plane coming into land while at Byxbee parkrun.


The Pole Field

Occasionally referred to as "The Sticks" - the Pole Field is a series of poles of graduated height that form a level plane. The current Byxbee parkrun course takes you all around The Pole Field, and birds can often be observed sunning themselves on the poles in the morning sunshine.


The Wind Wave

The Wind Wave sits higher up on the hill near the the bench where our second Marshal stands for the turn around point. This steel installation moves with the wind.

So next time you come to visit Byxbee parkrun, take a moment to admire the Art in our park!

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #33 August 7th 2021

Another week of Byxbee parkrun has been completed! On Saturday August 7th, we welcomed 39 parkrunners and several barkrunners too!

The event was made possible by 9 volunteers - Thank you for your time!

Robert HYDE • Sarah HUDSON • Hannah METCALF • Lucie HYDE • Jill PAYONZECK LENGRE • Jennifer DELL-ERNSTROM • Aidan HYDE • Katherine INGRAM • Amy HYDE

Also this week, we congratulate Peter Starnes on finishing his 50th parkrun! Well done Peter! We can't wait to see you in your red milestone shirt soon!

Peter Starnes finishing parkrun #50

Have you volunteered yet at parkrun? We need awesome people to help us  every week! You can sign up for any available role on our Volunteer Future Roster by sending an email to

The volunteer future roster for August and September 2021

Keeping Our parkrun Community Healthy

Prepare for warm weather with Water and Sunscreen

We've been fortunate to have a mild summer in Palo Alto, but hot weather is still possible right through to November, so please pay attention to your hydration and bring extra water to drink - preferably in a reusable bottle! Palo Alto tap water is high quality and safe to drink. There is a refill station at the amenities block near the starting area. There is no water available out on the course, so you are most welcome to carry some with you. Sunscreen and a hat is also strongly recommended, as there is no shade on the course.

Apply insect repellent before coming to Byxbee park

Mosquito season has arrived again in the Baylands, and last week, we had several reports of people being bitten. We will have some insect repellent available in our kit bag next week, but we do encourage you to apply your preferred repellent before you arrive at parkrun.

To find out more about Mosquitoes in our area, head to Santa Clara County Vector Control.

Air Quality and Wildfire Smoke

There are currently multiple wildfires burning in Northern California that may affect Air Quality in the Bay Area. Should the AQI (Air Quality Index) reach a level greater than 150 (unhealthy to be outdoors) we will call off parkrun. We try to do this with as much notice as possible, so please make sure you have connected to one of our Social Media channels for the latest updates.

You can check the AQI for Palo Alto anytime at the AirNow website.

COVID-19 Framework

And finally, as we witness the Delta variant of COVID-19 spread through our community and local cases rising, we remind you to get vaccinated if you are able and to encourage your friends and family to do so as well. It's free for every Californian resident 12 and over. Free covid-19 testing is also available throughout the Bay Area - check with your local county for locations near you.

The latest information on COVID-19 measures in California can be found here:

We also ask that you review the parkrun COVID-19 framework below, and consider wearing a mask before and after running to help protect our volunteers and any unvaccinated children under 12 who may be present.

See you on Saturday!

The parkrun covid 19 protocols




Byxbee parkrun #32 July 31st 2021

Our numbers are growing!

Welcome once again to all the fist timers who came to give Byxbee parkrun a try!

This week we hosted 51 participants who walked, jogged and ran the course, with the assistance of 8 volunteers. Thank you to everyone who volunteered this week, we appreciate the gift of your time!

Are you thinking of inviting your friends, family or colleagues to parkrun? We'd love to meet them, but we ask you to make sure that they register first to get their barcode, and review our website for all the info about parking, the course and what to bring.

Volunteer Roles


Every parkrun around the country has a unique list of volunteers needed to operate smoothly and safely. You'll notice that we have a range of volunteer roles on the Weekly Roster that we  fill with members from our Byxbee parkrun community. If you're interested in volunteering, but not sure where to start, here's a list of each of the roles, and a brief description. We are always happy to have new volunteers and most roles are great for beginners.

A reminder that any children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and cannot volunteer on their own.

  • Run Director - This person in this role is often the Event Director, but can also be a more experienced volunteer who is able to oversee the event and give the Event Director a week off to run! The Run Director is expected to ensure that all the equipment and volunteers are prepared, and is responsible for processing the results that week. You'll need some extra training for this role, but get in touch with out Event Director if you're interested in stepping up.
  • Pre-Event Setup - Are you an early bird? The cones need to be laid out at the places where the Course Marshals stand, and anywhere else that might pose a hazard to runners. This role is be done before the run starts, so you still get to run! (Also an easy job if you arrive by bike)
  • Timekeeper (x2) - We try to have two timekeepers to ensure we get a reliable set of results - our timekeepers are humans and mistakes sometimes happen! You'll need to bring your phone for this role and use the Virtual Volunteer parkrun app.
  • Finish Tokens - Do you have a loud voice and are good at getting the attention of tired, sweaty people? This volunteer hands out the finish tokens to each parkrunner as they finish. They work closely with the Timekeepers to keep the results in sync.
  • Barcode Scanner - Do you have a loud voice and and are good at keeping an eye on tired parkrunners as they try to wander off with our precious finish tokens? The Barcode Scanner scans everyone's Printed Personal Barcode and Finish Token. You'll need to bring your phone for this role and use the Virtual Volunteer parkrun app.
  • Course Marshal (x2) - The two Course Marshals make sure that everyone gets around the course safely. They are there to alert the Run Director if there's any incidents, and to help collect the cones after the Tail Walker has completed their second lap.
  • Tail Walker - This is a very special role. The Tail Walker volunteers to finish last. For our less experienced parkrunners, the fear of crossing a finish line that's already packed up is very real. At parkrun, we make sure to wait for everyone to finish at their own pace, and the Tail Walker volunteer is our guarantee. More than one person can do this role if you'd like to Tail Walk with a friend - just ask!
  • Photographer - Do you love seeing photos of everyone at parkrun on our social media? So do we! It's much easier to get those photos when we have a dedicated Photographer volunteer. It's a great way to practice your sports photography skills, give your fancy camera a workout, or just snap away with your phone and capture all the smiles.
  • Carpark Marshal - This volunteer arrives early and helps direct parkrunners to the preferred car parking areas. This job is finished before the run starts.
  • First-Timer Briefing - Have you run at Byxbee several times? Have you memorised the course, and know the finish line procedures by heart? You might be just the person to help answer questions for our first-timers! Having this volunteer helps to shorten the pre-run briefing given by the Run Director, and also gives the Run Director more time to spend training the other volunteers. This role is finished before the run starts.

See what's available on the Future Roster, and get in touch if you can help out!

Clubs at parkrun

Did you know that you can add a club to your profile? Maybe you're part of a track team at high school or college. Maybe you run at your local sports store. Maybe you run with a group of friends from your neighborhood.

To add a club to your parkrun profile, click on the link to your parkrun profile - you can find this in your registration email, or any results email.

Once logged in - look for the Groups button

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 8.05.27 pm

Here, you can search for your club, and add it to your profile. It will show up in the results table every time you finish parkrun.

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 8.06.11 pm

Can't find your club? Here's how to get it added to the list. 

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #31 July 24th 2021

It's hard to believe that there's only one Saturday left in July!



This week we had 31 finish parkun #31 by running, walking and jogging on a blissfully cool and cloudy summer morning. Thank you to all of you for choosing Byxbee parkrun for your start to the weekend!

We need your help

As always, we are in need of volunteers for the next few weeks. You may sign up a few weeks in advance if you like to be organized! The next three parkruns are on July 31st, August 7th and August 14th. We would love to see some new faces volunteering - you'll experience parkrun in a completely new way, learn new skills and definitely make some new friends!

You are welcome to nominate a role you'd like to do, or we can assign something to you.

Check the Roster here and get in touch today!

Summer Running in the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve


We are so lucky at Byxbee parkrun to be able to enjoy beautiful weather most of the year. If you're planning a visit to Byxbee parkrun in the next few months, here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Apply sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses for the glare.
  • Hydrate well before running and bring a water bottle with you - there is a refill station at the amenities block.
  • Check the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (and this page) for updates. We will only cancel a parkrun in the event that the weather conditions pose a threat to our participants and volunteers. In particular, we will consider cancellation in the event of fire threats, extreme heat and associated poor air quality.
  • Take it easy on hot days. There's always another chance next week to seek that Personal Best.

A Reminder about the Child Safeguarding Policy

Volunteers at Byxbee #27


We welcome parkrunners of all ages and abilities - including families with children. We love seeing kids cross the finish line or help to scan barcodes at the finish line. However, it's important to note the Child Safeguarding Policy that applies to every parkrun event. You'll hear this policy mentioned at every parkrun pre-run briefing:

  • Children under 11 must be within reach of their guardian at all times during parkrun.
  • Children are not permitted to ride a bike or scooter during parkrun and must be on foot or in a stroller.
  • Children 4 and up who are participating in parkrun as finishers or volunteers need their own barcode to record their participation in the event.

Please bring your kids to parkrun, but make sure they're with someone the whole time.

If you'd like to review this policy in more detail - you can can find it here.

See you on Saturday!



Byxbee parkrun #30 July 17th 2021


Hooray! We have completed 30 Byxbee parkruns!

Thank you to everyone who participated! This week 32 people walked, jogged and ran the course at Byxbee park, helped out by 9 volunteers.  Welcome to all our first timers! We hope to see you again soon!

The volunteer roster is looking a little empty for the next few weeks into August, and we've had a lot of familiar faces volunteering weekly - we'd love to see some new people stepping up to help make this amazing FREE event happen every week.

Check the roster here and let us know via email when you can help out. All of our volunteer roles are easy to learn, we will teach you everything you need to know.

100 parkrun Milestone

This week Sophie Starnes joined the 100 parkrun club! Congratulations Sophie!

A whiteboard showing the words Congratulations Sophie 100 parkruns, surrounded by words of encourgement

Sophie has run at 13 different parkruns in 2 countries, with 18 runs at Byxbee parkrun and 62 at Banstead Woods parkrun. She has also volunteered 6 times in 4 different roles. Between the COVID-19 shutdown and recovering from an injury, Sophie had to wait over 70 weeks between her 99th and 100th parkruns. We're so glad she's finally reached this amazing milestone, and that everyone at Byxbee parkrun got to celebrate it with her.

At parkrun, while we record your finish time, position and give you an age-graded performance rating, the most important number that we celebrate is your number of parkruns. We value persistence and participation above everything else, and it doesn't matter if you run all of your parkruns or walk all of your parkruns, we just love that you have joined in! You may have even spotted a few of our Byxbee regulars wearing their milestone shirts.

When you have completed 10 (juniors), 50, 100, 250 or 500 parkruns, you are eligible for a special t-shirt that you can wear proudly to celebrate your milestone. There's also a v25 shirt for our stalwart volunteers.

In the past, these milestone t-shirts have been free, but over 15 years the global growth of parkrun has made that element unsustainable. Some upcoming changes to the milestone program were announced during 2020 and you can read all about them here. But the good news is that you will still be able to obtain your milestone t-shirt and wear it with pride.

In the meantime, if you'd like to buy an apricot parkrun logo shirt, you can order one from Pro-Direct. You can even get one personalised with your name or home parkrun.

parkrun adventurer's podcast

Olly and Mel from the parkrun adventurer's podcast invited our Event Director Sarah Hudson to join them for a chat about what was needed to get Byxbee parkrun restarted, and how her parkrun journey brought her to Byxbee Park - you can download the episode here.

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #29 July 10th 2021

Last Saturday we hosted 28 wonderful people who walked, ran and jogged the course, assisted by 9 volunteers. We're continuing to see plenty of first timers - thank you for coming, we hope to see you again soon!


This week, let's learn more about barcodes and finish tokens!

Don't Forget Your Barcode (#dfyb)

We love that parkrun is absolutely free to everyone, every Saturday.

Make sure that everyone in your group has registered and brings their printed personal barcode with them - every week. This includes any children aged 4-11. You only need to register once. Then you can use your barcode at any parkrun event anywhere in the world.

A photo showing parkrun printed personal barcodes on paper, plastic key tags and wrist bands.

When you cross the finish line - look for the Finish Tokens volunteer, who will hand you a plastic token with your finish position on it. They don't want to chase after you, so please make yourself ready as you get close to the finish line. Then, take this finish token and your personal printed barcode to the Barcode Scanner volunteer, who will scan your barcode first, and then your finish token. Make sure you give back your finish token  - it's not a souvenir and we re-use them every week!

A photo of a parkrun finish token with the place 0001 and the words I belong to parkrun

Wondering why we don't encourage using barcodes on phones? Because simple things work. A printed barcode won't have a cracked screen, run out of battery, or be too dim in bright sunlight for our barcode scanner. A printed barcode means less work for our volunteers and faster results for you!

Tired of sweaty and soggy paper barcodes? We have a limited number of adhesive lamination cards that we're more than happy to give to you so you can laminate your card and make it more durable. Just ask any of the volunteers at the finish line.

If you'd prefer to upgrade to a permanent version or just love a fashionable running accessory, visit the parkrun shop, where you can order your barcode printed onto a plastic card, a tag (attach to your keys, shoes or hat), or a comfortable wristband.

Check out this great video from the parkrun team in Australia - if you're thinking of volunteering, Barcode Scanner is a great place to start!

See you on Saturday!

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