Byxbee parkrun #30 July 17th 2021


Hooray! We have completed 30 Byxbee parkruns!

Thank you to everyone who participated! This week 32 people walked, jogged and ran the course at Byxbee park, helped out by 9 volunteers.  Welcome to all our first timers! We hope to see you again soon!

The volunteer roster is looking a little empty for the next few weeks into August, and we've had a lot of familiar faces volunteering weekly - we'd love to see some new people stepping up to help make this amazing FREE event happen every week.

Check the roster here and let us know via email when you can help out. All of our volunteer roles are easy to learn, we will teach you everything you need to know.

100 parkrun Milestone

This week Sophie Starnes joined the 100 parkrun club! Congratulations Sophie!

A whiteboard showing the words Congratulations Sophie 100 parkruns, surrounded by words of encourgement

Sophie has run at 13 different parkruns in 2 countries, with 18 runs at Byxbee parkrun and 62 at Banstead Woods parkrun. She has also volunteered 6 times in 4 different roles. Between the COVID-19 shutdown and recovering from an injury, Sophie had to wait over 70 weeks between her 99th and 100th parkruns. We're so glad she's finally reached this amazing milestone, and that everyone at Byxbee parkrun got to celebrate it with her.

At parkrun, while we record your finish time, position and give you an age-graded performance rating, the most important number that we celebrate is your number of parkruns. We value persistence and participation above everything else, and it doesn't matter if you run all of your parkruns or walk all of your parkruns, we just love that you have joined in! You may have even spotted a few of our Byxbee regulars wearing their milestone shirts.

When you have completed 10 (juniors), 50, 100, 250 or 500 parkruns, you are eligible for a special t-shirt that you can wear proudly to celebrate your milestone. There's also a v25 shirt for our stalwart volunteers.

In the past, these milestone t-shirts have been free, but over 15 years the global growth of parkrun has made that element unsustainable. Some upcoming changes to the milestone program were announced during 2020 and you can read all about them here. But the good news is that you will still be able to obtain your milestone t-shirt and wear it with pride.

In the meantime, if you'd like to buy an apricot parkrun logo shirt, you can order one from Pro-Direct. You can even get one personalised with your name or home parkrun.

parkrun adventurer's podcast

Olly and Mel from the parkrun adventurer's podcast invited our Event Director Sarah Hudson to join them for a chat about what was needed to get Byxbee parkrun restarted, and how her parkrun journey brought her to Byxbee Park - you can download the episode here.

See you on Saturday!