Byxbee parkrun #29 July 10th 2021

Last Saturday we hosted 28 wonderful people who walked, ran and jogged the course, assisted by 9 volunteers. We're continuing to see plenty of first timers - thank you for coming, we hope to see you again soon!


This week, let's learn more about barcodes and finish tokens!

Don't Forget Your Barcode (#dfyb)

We love that parkrun is absolutely free to everyone, every Saturday.

Make sure that everyone in your group has registered and brings their printed personal barcode with them - every week. This includes any children aged 4-11. You only need to register once. Then you can use your barcode at any parkrun event anywhere in the world.

A photo showing parkrun printed personal barcodes on paper, plastic key tags and wrist bands.

When you cross the finish line - look for the Finish Tokens volunteer, who will hand you a plastic token with your finish position on it. They don't want to chase after you, so please make yourself ready as you get close to the finish line. Then, take this finish token and your personal printed barcode to the Barcode Scanner volunteer, who will scan your barcode first, and then your finish token. Make sure you give back your finish token  - it's not a souvenir and we re-use them every week!

A photo of a parkrun finish token with the place 0001 and the words I belong to parkrun

Wondering why we don't encourage using barcodes on phones? Because simple things work. A printed barcode won't have a cracked screen, run out of battery, or be too dim in bright sunlight for our barcode scanner. A printed barcode means less work for our volunteers and faster results for you!

Tired of sweaty and soggy paper barcodes? We have a limited number of adhesive lamination cards that we're more than happy to give to you so you can laminate your card and make it more durable. Just ask any of the volunteers at the finish line.

If you'd prefer to upgrade to a permanent version or just love a fashionable running accessory, visit the parkrun shop, where you can order your barcode printed onto a plastic card, a tag (attach to your keys, shoes or hat), or a comfortable wristband.

Check out this great video from the parkrun team in Australia - if you're thinking of volunteering, Barcode Scanner is a great place to start!

See you on Saturday!