Byxbee parkrun #27 Saturday 26th June 2021

Volunteers at Byxbee #27


There have been exactly 68 weeks between Byxbee parkrun events #26 and #27.

The time spent sheltering in place, working from home, distance learning, and all the other things required to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of people in our community feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, isolated and running on empty. Everyone has had a struggle of some sort, and some so much more than others.

As the vaccination program in California has ramped up and cases declined, the mood has lifted and there is a cautious optimism that the worst might be behind us now. We are so thankful to the City of Palo Alto for giving us the time and space to use Byxbee park again, given that outdoor spaces have become our refuge from COVID-19 and that there was no guarantee there would be a place for parkrun as everything reopened.

On Saturday June 26th we were able to restart with 9 volunteers and 37 participants. Thank you for sharing your Saturday morning with us, we hope you felt safe and comfortable.

We need volunteers every week to make this event happen - head to the Future Roster page to see what's available and let us know how you can help out.

Saturday's run was the first on the new course. With upcoming works by the Valley Water Authority, the closure of a large section of the Adobe Creek Trail was a looming problem delayed by the pandemic. Saturday's restart was the opportunity to come back with a solution to that problem, and at the same time make the work for our Course Set-Up and Course Marshal volunteers a little easier. If you weren't able to join us, take a moment to have a look at the new course map. We will continue make some small adjustments to the Start and Finish areas as we get used to the changes, so we ask for your continued patience and cooperation. Let us know via email if you have any feedback.

Next week falls on a fun holiday weekend in the USA - Independence Day Weekend! Bring your festive colours and we'll see you on Saturday!