Byxbee parkrun #39 – September 18th 2021 – Celebrations and parkrun Code of Conduct

Happy Anniversary! Byxbee parkrun is 2!



What a great turnout! This week 65 people walked, jogged and ran the course with the support of 9 volunteers. Miles Smith set a brand new course record at 15 minutes  23 seconds - congratulations Miles! Thank you to everyone who helped make it a special event.

Some amazing stats from this event:

Our first finisher's time: 15:23
Our Tail Walker's time: 1:03:54
Number of first timers: 21
Most experienced parkunner: 237 parkruns
Youngest parkrunner's age group: 4-11
Oldest parkrunner's age group: 65-69
Male/Female Ratio: M28/F35
...And only 2 people without a barcode #dfyb 

This really is an event that brings together people of all ages and abilities!

The parkrun Code

As we look ahead to another year of Byxbee parkrun, let's take a moment to review our parkrun Code of Conduct.

In any situation the number one expectation is:

Always be courteous to others

What does that look like at parkrun?

It's a run, a jog or a walk, not a race. All parkrun events will insist on safety and encourage regular participation.

Run on the right side of the trail at all times. Announce yourself before overtaking someone (call out "On Your Left!" loudly). No one is obliged to get out of your way. 

Slow down and take care around tight corners, and avoid jostling other runners at the finish line. There's always another week to try and achieve a personal best time.

Clapping and encouraging others is ok, but excessive noise is not. Do not bring bells, whistles, loud music or other disruptive noise makers to parkrun. Loud noise disturbs other park users and the wildlife.

There is no cutoff time at parkrun. It sometimes surprises people that the event keeps going long after they finished and went home. A one hour parkrun is the same distance as a twenty minute parkrun, and everyone comes to parkrun with their own personal goals. It is OK to walk the whole distance.

With that in mind, as a volunteer, be sure to allow *at least* one hour from the start time to when you leave. It's not fair to the participants or other volunteers if you over-schedule and need to leave early.

As a participant, show your respect to the volunteers by arriving on time, listening to the pre-run briefing, and making steady progress from start to finish, keeping ahead of the Tail Walker volunteers.

Be mindful that faster runners may need to pass you on their second lap and allow them some space.  If you can't finish for any reason, let one of the volunteers know and withdraw from the event. You can always come back next week.

Have your printed barcode ready to be scanned as soon as you finish.

If you are walking at parkrun, we invite you to volunteer as Tail Walker! We can add a group of tail walkers to any event, and it counts as a point to both your parkrun total and your volunteer total - but get in early - this is a very popular volunteering position!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article - it takes everyone working together to ensure we have safe and welcoming event for all to enjoy.

See you on Saturday!



Byxbee parkrun #38 September 4th 2021 – One week to our 2nd Anniversary!

It's our 2nd Anniversary! Let's Celebrate!

A reminder that this week (Saturday 18th September) is the celebration of our 2nd Anniversary! We're celebrating the change of seasons with a fall-themed parkrun! Come dressed in your fall-inspired outfit, and enjoy some seasonal sweet treats at the finish line.

Maybe you love the cooler weather (great for running!) or maybe you love that the Holiday Season is starting. Get creative!

Fall Party Header

An Epic Bike Adventure

Palo Alto isn't just home to Byxbee parkrun, it has a thriving cycling culture, and many of our Byxbee parkrunners arrive at the Baylands by bike.

Last week you might have seen our volunteer Winifred Homer-Smith helping as a Course Marshal. This week, she's heading off on an incredible bike journey across the USA - an epic ride that was delayed by the pandemic. Winifred, we wish you the safest of travels and the best of luck!

It's always amazing to hear the inspirational stories of people in our parkrun community.

If you'd like to follow Winifred on her journey, she's journalling her ride over at:

See you on Saturday!



Byxbee parkrun #37 September 4th 2021 – What does the Run Director Do?

Another great week for Byxbee parkrun. There were 30 finishers and a full roster of 11 volunteers. A big thank you to Heather Birchall who took a break from her usual role as Volunteer Coordinator, and took the lead as Run Director.


So let's talk a little about what the Run Director does, and what you need to know if you are interested in stepping up to this role.

No Run Director = No parkrun

The Run Director is in charge of all operations for a parkrun event on Saturday. Their duties may include:

  • Bringing the equipment to the course and arriving early for setup
  • Greeting volunteers and briefing them on their role
  • Greeting first timers
  • Delivering the pre-run safety briefing
  • Monitoring safety during the run and reporting any incidents
  • Enforcing the Child Safeguarding policy
  • Managing the finish line for accurate results
  • Collecting the finish line results from the Volunteers
  • Ensuring all the equipment is packed and the site left tidy.
  • Processing the results after the run, and helping with the Event Photos, Run Report or Social Media posts.

As you can see, there's a lot to do, but you don't do it alone. You have assistance from the Event Director, and the support of the volunteers.

It's a complex role, so it's preferred that Run Directors are experienced volunteers who have volunteered multiple times, especially in the key roles of Time Keeper, Barcode Scanner and Finish Tokens. A thorough understanding of the finish line procedure helps ensure smooth results processing.

If stepping up to be a Run Director at Byxbee parkrun is something that interests you, get in touch via email:

Happy 2nd Birthday Byxbee parkrun!

Mark your calendars! It's our birthday and we're turning 2!

Fall Party Header

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Byxbee parkrun on September 18th by wearing a fall-inspired outfit and enjoying some post-run cookies and cupcakes in fall flavours. Are you a great home baker? We'd love you to help out!

See you on Saturday!





Byxbee parkrun #36 August 28th 2021 – We Need YOU to Volunteer!

10 Weeks of parkrun complete

Here's to many more!

Since our successful relaunch in June, the Byxbee community has enjoyed 10 weeks of parkrun Saturdays. We've celebrated milestones, welcomed guests, first timers and grown accustomed to the new course and finish line.


This week's post is dedicated to the 83 volunteers who have donated hours of their time to ensure Byxbee parkrun is ready to go every Saturday morning. While we love having these awesome stalwart volunteers, the truth is that parkrun is a community event. The people who run, walk and jog at parkrun also serve as its volunteers. Global parkrunHQ give us an awesome framework, but Byxbee parkrun belongs to the Bay Area, and we make it our own.


So for the next few months, we will be reaching out to everyone in our community and asking you to take a turn at being a parkrun volunteer. While it's tempting to tell yourself that you're "giving up" or "missing out" on your run, we ask you to consider what you'll gain. A new perspective and understanding about how the event works, new friends, and that warm feeling of being part of a great team. If every one of our participants volunteered once for every 3 or 4 times they ran, we'd always have a full roster!

Volunteers are recognised too!

Do you love purple? Because parkrun cannot exist without volunteers, they are also eligible for a milestone t-shirt to wear with pride. Don't forget, there are some great volunteer roles that let you record a count towards both your run total AND your volunteer total.

We're Turning 2 and it's a Fall Party!

On Saturday September 18, we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!

We invite you to come dressed in something that shows what you love about the fall and there'll be some tasty treats waiting for you at the finish line.

See you on Saturday!


Byxbee parkrun #35 August 21st 2021 – 750 parkruns

 750 parkruns - 3750km

- over 10 years of parkrun -


This week we welcomed John and Lorraine to Byxbee parkrun.  Visiting from Redding in the UK, John and Lorraine are staying with family here in the Bay Area. They found Byxbee parkrun and joined us on Saturday. John is in the 250 club and Lorraine is the proud owner of a very rare blue 500 club shirt. To be able to host two parkrunners with over 750 parkruns between them is a real honour and such an inspiration! It's also a reminder of how big the parkrun global community is and how grateful we are to be a part of it.

Parking Reminder

Please Park Outside and Walk into Byxbee Park

Byxbee park gets thousands of visitors every week, and is a very popular destination for cyclists, hikers and runners. We expect to see more people out on the trails as the weather cools and school sports return to training. For that reason, we ask that you park in the alternate areas and walk to the start area. This leaves the main Byxbee lots free for the public to use, and helps keep our relationship with the Park Rangers and the City of Palo Alto in good stead. The parking is strictly enforced by the Rangers, so please pay attention to the posted signs.

Having a Volunteer Carpark Marshal is one way we can help everyone find somewhere to park and make sure we are upholding our obligations to the City. If you can help - email and we will add you to the volunteer roster. It's a great role because you get credit for volunteering AND running!

See you on Saturday!

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