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In this month’s newsletter parkrun continues to receive global recognition, nearly fifty thousand parkrunners participate on international parkrun day, we bring you ‘Feedback from the Field and celebrate the very first 50 club member from the Western Hemisphere.

Here we are nto November! Halloween behind us, Thanksgiving and the Christmas hustle and bustle closing quickly. Where has the year gone! One minute we’re running around in sun-block and shades and suddenly here we are, in the North at least, wrapped up in our Saturday best hats and gloves. The changing seasons do bring so much to our wonderful venues and you can’t really beat a crisp, fresh morning tramping through frosty autumn leaves under a bright blue sky or along the beach front enjoying cool ocean breezes.

Earlier in October, parkrun celebrated its ninth birthday with our self-proclaimed global parkrun day which saw 48,250 parkrunners taking place around the world. Who would have imagined on that first day nine years ago as 13 folks lined up to run the inaugural event that we would now be overseeing over 45,000 runs a week and have in excess of 630,000 parkrunners registered. Even more mind-blowing is the fact that each week over 4,000 volunteers take the time to make this all possible. From the first 13 parkrun pioneers and first ever volunteers, it is amazing to think how far we've come;

Number of events - 1 (Now 26,246)
Number of runners - 13 (Now 437,744)
Number of runs - 13 (Now 3,441,584)
Average number of runs per athlete - 1 (Now 7.9)
Average runs per event - 13 (Now 131.1)
Total distance covered - 65km (Now 17,207,920km)
Number of clubs - 6 (Now 3,074)
Number of locations - 1 (Now 324)
Total run time - 0 Years, 0 Days, 4 Hours, 52 Minutes, 58 Seconds
(Now 177 Years, 300 Days, 11 Hours, 39 Minutes, 59 Seconds)

Thank you for your parkrun support and passion.

Rick and Lori (get in touch)

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Volunteer News

Here is a super ultra-exciting once in a lifetime opportunity to make new friends, change people’s lives and generally do something wonderful. Volunteering opportunities at your parkrun. You can select a timer position, finish funnel organization, finisher token distribution, course marshalling or even a pacer position.

Please do rest assured that you are more than welcome to take part in parkrun without ever volunteering; we’ll never pressure you to get involved. But it’s an amazing thing to do, you’ll really enjoy it and every one of our events depends on people just like you receiving their volunteer emails and joining in.

north america's very first 50 parkrun club member

Jennifer Greve Livonia parkun

Jen began her 'reluctant runner' journey at the #4 Livonia parkrun event - walking the course with her husband Spencer in just over 50 minutes. In the weeks which followed nearly each parkrun effort presented a new personal best as Jennifer's current personal best is 33:24. Still reluctant to describe herself as a runner, Jennifer has ventured onto the road race scene around SE Michigan and has begun running 3-4 days or more per week in addition to her yoga classes. Jennifer's next running goal is to break 30 minutes for the 5k course at Livonia parkrun. Congratulations Jennifer on reaching your first parkrun milestone - 50 parkrun club member.

feedback from the field

Hi parkrun usa -
My dad is visiting from the UK and has been speaking enthusiastically about park runs "back home" (he volunteers weekly on the Isle of Wight). I'm a keen runner (although currently injured) and would love to get California's first park run "up and running"!
Katie Eldridge, San Jose, CA

Hi parkrun usa -
I have been running for twetny five years. There is a very active running community in the Phoenix area with the main running season from October to April. Several locations including Granada park in Central Phoenix attract many runners in the fall and winter months. I have been given provisional approval by the Park Department to use this park venue to host a 5k run. This location is free of any obstacles or traffic. I am a real advocate of parkrun and have participated several times at parkrun events throughout the UK. The Phoenix metro area could easily host several parkrun events every Saturday. What does it take to get this rolling?
Michael Brenna, Phoenix, AZ

Good Morning parkrun usa -
I'm moving to San Francisco for 6 months shortly and from what I can tell you guys don't have a park run there. I attend the Brighton (UK) runs and was looking to carry on in San Fran but it doesn't seem like you have one set up. If it's feasible I would like to help you guys set one up over there. Rich Bourne, San Francisco

parkrun usa -
Hi All, many thanks for the great reception last week - a pleasure to meet you all - we would love the opportunity for Livonia parkrun to road trip this way sometime. The North is much better than that London place Keep in touch and we'll make it happen.
Lee Simpson, Newcastle, UK

Hey parkrun usa -
My husband, Steve, is going back over to the US tomorrow and is going to join you at Durham parkrun next Saturday!! He's really looking forward to it. Jaqy Halstea, UK

Hi Clermont Waterfront parkrun usa - I just wanted to say a massive thank you for bearing with me for turning up 15 minutes late to yesterday's run, and for letting me still participate. You have a great event going, and I am already looking forward to my 2nd run with you, even if it isn't for a while. The Merthyr connection makes it all the better. James Ashely, Clermont parkrun

Clermont Waterfront parkrun usa - Thanks so much for the warm and friendly welcome you gave me, my husband, and our daughter, this morning. What a beautiful parkrun you have, and fab weather too, a far cry from what we're used to back in the UK. If any of you are over in Scotland, be sure to come to St Andrews parkrun, where we can return the kind hospitality. Good luck for the future, and to the continued success and growth of your parkrun at Clermont.
Vicky Charlton, St. Andrews, Scotland

Hi parkrun Durham,NC -
Thanks for your hospitality today guys. Really enjoyed the run and look forward to seeing parkrun USA and Durham, NC parkrun go from strength to strength. Michael Richardson, UK

Hi parkrun Durham, NC -
Thank you for making us feel so welcome, really enjoyed my first parkrun. Might leave it a few weeks till I do the next! Becky Louly, Durham, NC

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