parkrun USA Newsletter 19th February 2013

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We bring you updates as parkrun USA continues to grow; our search for a national sponsor is closing in; no more blokes shuffling around in the snow; top reasons to join parkrun; Livonia parkrun points standings and our parkrunner of the month feature.

Livonia parkrun, the first ever parkrun event in the USA currently has 415 registered. Fantastic to see the interest and enthusiastic support from so many interested in being a part of our global parkrun community. As the day light hours grow longer and winter moves to spring, I fully anticipate those who are not fond of winter running or those reluctant runners who have registered but not participated to date will begin to show and truly appreciate what parkrun is about.

parkrun is not only about running as a sport, but offers participants in every other sport the opportunity to come out and run with a group, to socialize and ready yourself for your specific sport whether it be cross country, track and field, road racing, swimming, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball or whatever activity requires solid aerobic conditioning. It’s also a wonderful way to meet new friends and enjoy a morning workout with a close knit group of like-minded people.

With new parkrun USA communities ready to launch over the coming months and the looming interest from a national sponsor, the growth of parkrun USA will very soon compare to parkrun Australia, South Africa and United Kingdom. More information will be forthcoming about the USA national sponsor. I am very excited for what this partner / sponsorship will bring not only to parkrun USA, but also to their brand and market presence amongst the running consumer.

During my ongoing search for partnership / sponsors, I have contacted and spoken with “C” Suite Level Marketing / Promotions decision makers of nearly every major healthcare plan, pharmaceutical company, retail wellness pharmacy corporation, sports nutrition company and many outside the health, wellness or running industry, yes even McDonalds with minimal success. I find it ironic parkrun countries with a “government sponsored healthcare” model are readily sponsored and endorsed by the private healthcare companies to support and grow parkrun communities across their respective countries and truly find great value in what parkrun is all about. Certainly not the same here in a country exceeding thirty plus percent obesity rate amongst the population and a continuing upward trend in cardiovascular related disease.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
-Thomas Edison, Inventor

am not going to drag out my soapbox, but let’s just say, if you have been to parkrun, you know the sense of community, family, exercise and lifestyle changes parkrun offers to each of us.
parkrun is really all about... small groups of amazing people spending time together on a regular basis and appreciating the wonderful outdoor spaces that are there for all of us to use.

Have a great week. See you at a parkrun event somewhere.


Rick and Lori (email us)

Top 6 reasons to be a parkrun regular

From the parkrunfans.blogspot, these are the top 6 reasons to be a parkrun regular:

1) You will get fitter and faster.
2) You will make parkrun friends and feel part of the parkrun community.
3) You will earn your parkrun 50, 100 and 250 t-shirts.
4) You will become addicted (in a good way).
5) parkrun and therefore exercise will become part of your weekly lifestyle.
6) You will be eligible for sponsor prizes and monthly parkrun award

You may have your own opinions. There are plenty of reasons to be a regular at parkrun, but this list is limited to my top 6, so there clearly wasn't enough room for all the many and varied reasons that we all have.

If you would like to comment and add your own ideas they would be very welcome. Email us or parkrunfans blog to share your comments.

Volunteer Reminder

Big Kudos to our volunteers who are not letting winter get in their way of parkrun! We need more of You!! Livonia parkrun will only continue to happen because volunteers will make this happen. Please do not wait to be asked, we are delighted to see emails asking to volunteer. Every Saturday Livonia parkrun needs volunteers to marshal course direction, scan registrant bar codes and finisher place cards, assemble and clean-up the finish chute funnel and take photographs, (we’ll even provide the camera). Our rule of thumb has always been that we ask all our most regular runners to volunteer three times a year. There are roles to suit everyone including children. You’ll get your name in lights and you’ll gain points for the yearly competition!! We’d be delighted to have new volunteers each week! Contact Us to Volunteer

Come and join your parkrun community for coffee, hot chocolate and bagels or muffins at Bigbee Coffee - Livonia, located 33443 West Seven Mile, just west of Farmington Road.

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Event News


Follow-us on Facebook and Twitter to find out launch dates and venues in the following parkrun communities coming to you in 2013:

Raleigh, NC; Durham, NC; Houston, TX; Gainesville, FL; Orlando, FL; Clermont, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; San Francisco, CA; New Haven, CT; Atlanta, GA; Kennesaw, GA; Social Circle, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Prairie Farm, KS; Lexington, KY; Nashville, TN; Howe, OK; Bergen County, NJ; Rochester, NY


So much for blokes running around in the snow! Newcomer to Livonia parkun Thomas Priess has come out and dropped the course record by more than fifty seconds over the last two weeks in less than desirable running conditions. His 17:30 effort over frozen grass and rutted dirt bodes very well for sub 17 club efforts later this spring. British International Team Representative Mark Draper, from Bedfordshire, England, with best of 3:56 for the mile and 13: 27 for five kilometers on the track is currently living and training in Indianapolis, IN. Mark is a regular at UK parkrun events and has expressed his interest in “popping over to Livonia parkrun to give it a go” this spring and summer. Mark has run 14:20 at the Bushy Park parkrun event in the UK, so will be good to see what he can do at Livonia parkrun.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Jennifer GREVE (Unattached) 2729 pts.
Kim ZAMORA (Unattached) 2433 pts.
Callie KANE (Unattached) 2082 pts.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
William PEDERSON (Unattached) 2462 pts.
Greg COYNE (Unattached) 1868 pts.
Spencer GREVE (Unattached) 1793 pts.

parkrunner of the week

parkrunner of the week

This week’s parkrunner of the week resides in the city of Livonia with her husband and family, Her consistent arrival just miuntes before the 9am start signal Livonia parkrunners to make their way to the start line.

Name:  Kim Zamora

Age:  46

Home parkrun:  Livonia, MI

Occupation:  Theoretical Physicist

Got your attention now don’t I?
(I had to spellcheck physicist)

In real life I am now…oh…what do they call it? A Homemaker? I refuse to put that lame title in this spot – plus my husband would argue that I have not done diddly squat in the last 12 years to make this house a home, so legally I don’t think I can even claim to be one of those.

Number of runs:  22 (which just happens to be my favorite number...yes, I know you didn’t ask)

Number of times volunteered:  3

Best parkrun performance to date:  31:21

What do you do at parkruns when you volunteer:  Course marshal. I point parkrunners in the right direction and sincerely shout motivating words of wisdom to them like “Woo-hoo!, great job!, Looking’ good!, and Keep it going!’” and many other super inspiring and motivating sayings that you won’t hear anywhere else. I won’t reveal what those others are at this time…if you want to hear them, you have to actually come to parkrun…come to parkrun – come to parkrun…(hint , hint – to the 415+ people who are registered to date for Livonia parkrun!

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  Well….If I would have actually seen the snow angels Lori or Darcie fall face first into the snow last Saturday, then THAT would most definitely have been my most memorable park run ☺ (you know I am just joking ladies ) -- but since I did not, I guess it would have to be the one where I “ran” (I still prefer to say jogged) the entire 5k w/out stopping. I didn’t plan on doing that, I just realized I felt pretty good and kept checking in with myself at various points in the run, like this:

Me: Do you really think you need a walking break?

Me: You know what? I don’t think that I do….let’s see if we can make it ‘round the bend without one, shall we?

It gives me something to look forward to every week!

I like running on the grass and around the park. It is really beautiful and I love doing park run in all the different seasons

I love getting my little e-mail a few hours after with my official time and info for that days parkrun.

I love running by the Rugby players when they are playing --- kind of a nice distraction.

I love going to BIGGBY coffee after - hanging out and chatting about running stuff and this and that.

Oh, and I love that it gives me an excuse to escape my “homemaker” duties and responsibilities for a short time every Saturday morning.

I love that park run wants people in the community to just be more active, to be out & about running, jogging, walking, etc.

love that people of all ages do it and that family members come and do it together – I think that is so great! I wish my family would come!.........or do I?

I love that it is close to my house

I love that it is totally free

I love that parkruns never get cancelled –if you show up, there will always be others to run with

Future running goals:  To never miss a parkrun unless I absolutely have to!
To try trail running and see how I like it
To run the Livonia parkrun course under 30 minutes


Barcode reminder


Barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. Please collect and print your barcode here. No barcode, No result!

All questions answered

Do you have a question about parkrun? How do I collect my club T-shirt? How do I get my barcode? All your questions are answered on our brand new support site

Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

the parkrun show

The parkrun show

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