newsletter 25 July 2012

Welcome to this week's newsletter

In this week’s newsletter we endure another week of sultry weather, the start of the Summer Olympic Games in London, updates from Livonia parkrun plus our parkrunner of the week feature.

Here we are eight weeks in and I’m nearly a loss for what to write. With pen in hand and keyboard clear of my son Alex’s salty snacks from earlier in the day, we’ll see what pearls of wisdom flow across the pages. This Friday marks the opening ceremony for the much anticipated 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. AS we admire the talent and skill of these world class athletes, you’ll be surprised to know you have more in common with these Olympians than you think. Several middle and long distance runners who will represent the British and Australian Olympic Team use parkrun as part of their training from time to time; They put their socks and shoes on and head out to a parkrun on Saturday morning, just like you!!

In the coming months, look for various themes upcoming at Livonia parkrun including a Halloween and Christmas parkrun. Who knows, we may even have a parkrun theme ‘Running With (plastic) Scissors’, something our mom’s told us to never do!! Don’t forget to follow Livonia parkrun on Facebook and Twitter!!

Have a great parkrun this week, either in Livonia or if your travels are taking you to another parkrun country.


Run Happy!

Rick (email me)

Volunteer Reminder

We’re looking for more parkrun heroes….Our Volunteers!! Remember Livonia parkrun only happens because volunteers make them happen. Please do not wait to be asked, the organizers are sometimes bashful about asking for help, but they would be delighted if you stepped forward – our rule of thumb has always been that we ask all our most regular runners to volunteer three times a year. There are roles to suit everyone; it is very enjoyable and rewarding experience each Saturday morning. You’ll get your name in lights and you’ll gain points for the yearly competition!! Don’t be shy, email to sign-up and volunteer. Volunteer here.

Event News

Livonia parkrun

Hot Weather Training Alert!! This summer has been wonderful with copious amounts of sunshine and very warm days. While this weather is fine for sitting pool side or a day at the beach or on the lake, but not so much for your running or walking workouts. When the heat, humidity and dew points combine to unhealthy levels, make sure to scale back the workout and ensure you are consuming enough fluids throughout the day. Combining the actual Temperature and the Dew Point will give you suggestions for determining your workout.

Any value less than 80 is considered comfortable.
Any value greater than 90 is considered extreme.
Any value greater than 100 is considered hazardous.
Any value greater than 110 is considered dangerous.

Thank you to Livonia parkrunner Jen Greve for leading the post run yoga stretches. Everyone enjoys the cool down and learning new ways to keep flexible. Thanks, Jen!


Several Livonia parkrun participants have expressed interest in meeting midweek evenings for a structured workout such as intervals, threshold running or a fartlek session. Please drop us a message to find out more.

Great to see Stephen Ferguson at last week’s Livonia parkrun. Stephen was in town for business and took advantage of joining up with new friends at Livonia parkrun. Look forward to see you again, Stephen!!

July 21 Livonia parkrun images

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Feedback from the field

None this week, BUT
Drop me an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

parkrunner of the week

parkrunner of the week
Name:   Callie Kane
Age:   28
Number of parkruns:   4
Number of times volunteered:   3
Home parkrun:   Livonia parkrun
Occupation:   Physical Therapist at Dwight Orthopedic Rehabilitation Company in Farmington Hills.
Family:   I married my high school sweetheart in 2010. He runs and plays hockey recreationally. I have a younger sister who works at The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. My mom is my workout buddy and we keep each other on track. My parents, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, bother-in-law, and 3 year old niece all live close by and we see them often.
What do you like about parkrun:   Although I have good friends who run, I have loved meeting other runners and walkers who truly enjoy the sport. I love knowing that there will always be a group of dedicated people out there on Saturday mornings to workout with and I am proud to be a part of the first parkrun in the US!
How has parkrun changed your running:   I love cross-country running but have not done much of it for a long time. I have also enjoyed learning more about training and racing from other parkrunners.
What are your future running and racing plans? :   I have a couple of 5 and 10Ks planned for the summer and hope to run the Brooksie Way Half Marathon in Rochester at the end of September. I am happy to be back into the sport and plan to continue running for many years.
Favorite Music or Band:   ‘Bruuuuce’ Springsteen...Can't wait to see him play with the E Street Band at Wrigley Field in Chicago in the fall!


Barcode reminder

Barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. No barcode, No result!

All questions answered

Do you have a question about parkrun? How do I get my barcode? All your questions are answered here.

Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

the parkrun show

The parkrun show

You can download your copy of the parkrun show here. (iTunes)

The parkrun show is the audible roundup of the "goings on" of everything that caught the teams eye from the weekend in parkrunworld.

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