Newsletter 9 July 2012

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In This Week’s Newsletter, Rick pontificates about registration and participation; ‘Getting Chicked’, Kids On The Go and our “parkrunner of the week’ feature.

Wow!! Five weeks in and we continue to have new parkrunners/walkers each week. Our followers on Facebook and Twitter are creating a buzz, not only locally but with a strong international following with likes from the United Kingdom and Australia. Livonia parkrun registration is nearing the 200 mark. In the last week, I’ve also been contacted by several other Michigan cities about parkrun for their communities. Thanks to each of you, Livonia parkrun is becoming the weekly sanctuary for runners and walkers in the community. I encourage you to invite your neighbors, friends, and work place colleagues, others you run or walk with to join us each Saturday morning. If you have not gotten yourself out of early Saturday morning slumber to join us, you are truly missing out on 3,1 miles of friendships, smiles, stories and swift feet running and walking. From those who are at the swim club too late the night before and dutifully wakeup early Saturday, to those who are asleep early on Friday evening with visions of personal bests the next morning, parkrun will be there for each of you every Saturday morning.




Run Happy!

Rick (email me)

Volunteer Reminder

A really big "thank you" to all of our volunteers each Saturday morning. Without your support, enthusiasm and commitment, parkrun would not exist. Special thank you to Robert Vance, our keeper of the clock. Robert, his wife Sara and daughters Olivia and Elizabeth travel from Saline each Saturday morning to Livonia parkrun. Is it Robert’s attention to detail or his sugar buzz from Arizona Raspberry Tea which ensures all of our parkrun participant’s finishing times are flawlessly clicked and recorded for downloading later in the morning?

With summer and vacations in full swing, it can be more difficult to recruit full volunteer teams to organise each event. Remember that all our events only happen because volunteers make them happen. Please do not wait to be asked, the organisers are sometimes bashful about asking for help, but they would be delighted if you stepped forward – our rule of thumb has always been that we ask all our most regular runners to volunteer three times a year. There are roles to suit everyone, and it is very enjoyable and rewarding experience each Saturday morning.

Workout Wednesday at Livonia parkrun

Several Livonia parkrunners who are looking to improve their road racing or cross-country performances have inquired of getting a group together on Wednesday evenings at 6pm for a workout session of either intervals, fartlek or a temp run. If you are interested, please email me for more details.

Event News

Livonia parkrun

At last week’s Livonia parkrun, the fellas were ‘Chicked’ in numbers. My memory seems to recall three gents and the remainder of parkrunners or walkers being of the opposite gender. Where are you lads and gentleman? Will not be long until collegiate star Julia Kenney, Callie Kane or another fleet footed fair maiden is first in with weekly consistency, possibly joining the Sub 17 Club. Then you lads will really have been ‘Chicked’! Come’ on fellas, Zip Up your man suit and get out here on Saturday morning!

The last few weeks at Livonia parkrun has seen an increase in the number of younger runner participants. Watching my own two boys Alex and Adam, my nieces Olivia and Elizabeth or other children of parkrun participants running each Saturday is truly a joy. One minute they may be looking for toads in the woods or frogs and crayfish in the creek, the next they are in full flight, even if only for the first kilometer, challenging anyone in their path. So much has been written about the health and lifestyles of our youth. From the “experts” policing school lunches including chocolate milk to how much running they should be doing, it’s refreshing to see the energy and excitement they display. parkrun is the perfect venue for young runners to develop their fitness for other sports and recreational activities or to begin developing their interest in the sport of athletics and running. parkrun offers the perfect environment; no pressure, no expectations, they can run as fast as slow as they’d like with their friends or family. parkrun will help to begin building their running identity, making them stronger both physically and mentally, more so than they may have ever imagined. If you find your son, daughter, nephew or niece developing an interest in running, encourage them to come to parkrun where they can begin to find their strength and to separate themselves, to stand out and be noticed. Watching these young runners on Saturday morning brings to mind words from country star Trisha Yearwood:

“I wanna go too far;
I wanna go to fast,
Somebody draw a line
so I can blow right past…”

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Feedback from the field

None this week, BUT
Drop me an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

parkrunner of the week

parkrunner of the week
Name:   Mark Bjertness
Club:   None
Age:   43
Home parkrun:   Livonia parkrun
Occupation:   Vice President and Senior Counsel – The Huntington National Bank – Legal Department
What are your future running and racing plans:   Nothing to fancy. My running plans are to keep running, and keep the weight I lost off (50 lbs). I would like to do a 10K this year and also have a goal of trying to run a 5K under 25:00 before the end of the summer.
How has parkrun changed your running:   I usually run on a treadmill during my lunch hour break. parkrun has renewed my interest in getting outdoors for a run. It has a nice park setting and reminds me of running cross country in high school.
What do you like about parkrun:   parkrun allows me to get out one more day each week, it’s a free event and gives me an opportunity to judge my fitness since it is timed.
Favorite Ice Cream:   Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Chip


Barcode reminder

Barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. No barcode, No result!

All questions answered

Do you have a question about parkrun? How do I get my barcode? All your questions are answered here.

Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

the parkrun show

The parkrun show

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