Milestones Made Along the Anacostia

57486219_2192623150804645_8563037595532001280_oA gorgeous day - a gorgeous river - a great turn-out with both many Anacostia first-timers AND 14 parkrun first-timers -but wait - there's more! We had not one, but TWO 100th parkrun milestones! CONGRATULATIONS to Ted Poulos and Anacostia parkrun founder Darrel Stanaford who both joined our 67th race for their 100th - Woo Hoo! Anacostia parkrun hit our own milestone of 59 runners and walkers, and that's NOT counting all of the wonderful little ones who joined us in parkstrollers including two week old Miss Ada who came with Anacostia regular Tona and her husband - she completed her first 5K and was working very hard lifting her head in Daddy's arms to see what she had just done! A SPECIAL sing-out to participants of the Breast Cancer support Making Strides who joined us as part of their ongoing "staying fit" walking workouts - please keep parkrun on your walking calendar. Today's event ended with all enjoying the yummy assortment of celebration baked goods brought by Darrel & Svetlana Stanaford - Thank You for initiating Anacostia parkrun !


Many got their kicks at parkrun66

What an AMAZING Day!

Overcast - a sprinkling rain, not too warm until JUST when we're about to start when the rain stops and the sun comes out! We welcomed 7 1st timers - and celebrated 4 PB's - Andrew's occasional stroller pushing training is paying off! We look forward to continuing the growth of our parkwalkers and look forward to swelling those ranks next week when Making Strides comes to visit. THANK YOU to the 8 or 10 prkrun participants who stayed and participated in the Anacostia Clean-Up Day - what an impact many hands can have in a short period of time! Special Thanks to Chris McBride's making sure that trash bags were available (and THANK YOU for the water too!) and his daughter Mary's help let us use the "Funnel Manager" Volunteer Job option! Thanks VERY Much to all the Day of Volunteers - and always asking is Welcome. It's also helpful for planning if you can sign-up beforehand through the Volunteer Link. One time every few weeks makes a difference! Come ENJOY a BEAUTIFUL River Front next week at parkrun Anacostia!


parkrun #64

We caught a break from the cold at parkrun #64! The beautiful spring weather brought out 42 runners, walkers, and joggers, including 7 first timers and 2 tourists from the UK! 8 people recorded new Personal Bests! Congrats to Lajune, Angelique, Mary, Dawn, Matthew, Christopher, Derek, and Kevin! We were especially grateful to two new volunteers: Anna, our photographer, and Stefani, who passed out finish tokens while her daughter Faith ran for the first time.

We’re looking forward to seeing more newcomers this spring!

3.30.19   3.30.19-02


Run Report 63

The Good News is that the National Park Service is working to keep the banks of the Mighty Anacostia clear of the buildup of logs and debris deposited after a few winter high water peaks. The bad news was that they began work today just moments before the parkrun start - blocking part of our course! With flexibility and fast action parkrun was not to be deterred - parkrun Marshal Sarah Morgan directed runners on a slight course detour and a good time was had by all: On a sunny, day with a chilly breeze 19 participants joined today's event with new parkrunners, a visitor from England, a new walker on our inaugural "Promote parkun Walking" initiative, and two Under 10 First Timers who ran with their Mom - Great JOB!



parkrun #62


It was a cold, windy day at parkrun #62, but that didn’t stop us! 22 people ran, walked or jogged along the might Anacostia. 4 people joined us for the first time, including 2 brand new to parkrun and a tourist from South Africa. 6 people recorded their personal bests, including Maddox from the JM10 age group! Congrats also to Sarah, Elliott, Susan, Crystal, and Ty! Betsy went above and beyond as run director when she ran along the river to chase after our materials that had been blown away by the wind. We look forward to dedicating our next event to our walkers! Stay tuned for more details. 3.16.19-02  


31 for parkrun 61


31 people walked, ran or jogged their way down the Mighty Anacostia for parkrun 61! We broke some small but worthy records! We had TWO running strollers and FOUR Barkrunners! Nate nearly broke the course record with a time of 16:31 (16:21 is the record). Lots of repeaters but THREE newcomers - WELCOME Graham, Elliott and Kayla! Derek, Adam, Matthew, Crystal and Mary all had PBs today! Marie and Tim, brought their son Graham, home from college for a visit. We missed some of our friends who were across the river at the FitDC 5K. Thanks to Val for spreading the parkrun Anacostia Word! We missed our tailwalker but Tona does a super job!


parkrun #59

The Mighty Anacostia welcomed 31 fabulous parkrunners on Saturday at 9:00AM.
Ed and Nina joined us for their very first time and we had three tourists visit us from Brisbane!

Run 59

Despite a stopwatch error which added 15 seconds to initial times, we had nine people achieve Personal Bests! Congratulations to James, Kirk, Matt, Catherine, Robbie, Todd, Alex, Stephanie and Tonie, well done!

Speaking of stopwatch errors, we do apologize but it doesn’t happen frequently and hope it won’t stop you from coming on back.

Please note: our email address is now:

We look forward to welcoming everyone back for the Nifty Sixty parkrun.


Run #58

24 parkrunners walked and ran along the mighty Anacostia today.

24 parkrunners all indicated that the winds were evil, on the way out AND the way back.

24 parkrunners all returned safe, cold but with big smiles.

24 parkrunners all agreed that they will be back again!

20190209_090049 Group Small gif


Run 57


We didn't see the groundhog at Anacostia parkrun this morning, but the snowy day brought out a couple of deer, a bright red cardinal, and a small, but mighty, group of runners and walkers, total number 18!


Run #56


We had a great day at Anacostia parkrun!

It was chilly, but sunny and not windy - with another excellent turnout of 43 runners (44 actually but one gal asked not to be counted - this time - but plans to sign up now!)

Thanks very much to Tyrone, Sarah and Valerie for their great help, with a special thanks to Tyrone's processing tips! This was Kit's first time as Run Director and her first run report.

So much News of the day:
If I'm reading the results correctly, we had 17 new for Anacostia - 13 of these are parkrun 1st timers - Woo Hoo! A handful of Roosevelt Island refugees came, and a couple from Fletcher's cove. We cheered Marie Reed who reached her 50th Park Run (see photo next to flag on Facebook), and we were the 228th parkrun for a fellow from Canberra, Australia - his 2nd stop on a multi-week parkrun tour which began in Toronto and will go next to Sicily, Copenhagen and Frankfurt! Not only did he run, and join us at the cafe, he also earned volunteering credit offering to sort the tokens! Hype Cafe is a welcome post-race spot where we now regularly need a row for all our folk enjoying each other's company - and excellent coffee and food.