At least we are back in one place (by Ian)

I was excited. Parkrun is back. Maybe only in New Zealand, a location whose existence I remain unconvinced, but all traditional indicators suggest New Zealand is real, and the Kiwis were going to lead the parkrun reawakening. In the early Saturday hours I was pumped.

I haven't completed a parkrun since my beloved home run along the Mighty Anacostia River took leave along with the rest of parkrun USA all the way back in March, and New Zealand would now take the first step back to my fading memories of parkrun bliss.

Now I know nothing of New Zealand other than their "Kiwi" label. So a bit hungover early Saturday morning (if you can't legally drink until 21 here then they should really ban it again after 40) I pondered the New Zealand time zone(s?). It's all the way around the world, right, so I guessed it's about 12 hours different? But half a day earlier or later? Does the international dateline come into play? As a traditional American my ignorance begins at our borders. I certainly don't speak... Zealandian? Maybe they speak Australian there? The greater point of my jingoism being: shortly post-dawn on the Fourth of July here in Washington, DC, what the heck time (day?) is it in New Zealand?!?

I passed the buck to Google, and the website replied that it was already Saturday night in New Zealand. So parkrun has returned! Maybe a world away but--on behalf of us all--our New Zealand brothers and sisters in running shoes officially completed parkrun today! Perhaps I overestimated the worldwide prominence of my (our) personal obsession, because "parkrun new zealand results" produced a fruitless and disappointing Google News search return, at least at 6am (EST) Saturday.

After a couple false starts I eventually figured the New Zealand parkrun URL to be, where I followed the "results" tab at the top of that page. I clicked "Anderson" parkrun at the top of the alphabetically-ordered "This week's first finishers" page that appeared. And I learned that speedster Chey DEARING completed the 04/07/2020 Anderson parkrun in 17:24.

While I would require a bicycle to finish a parkrun in 17:24, myself, Chey remains my inspiration today. And so in a couple hours I will join him and all of our New Zealand counterparts, at least as much as I can, by running a July 4 (not) parkrun.

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