Teens Run DC, parkrunner(s) of the week!

We are so happy to share more about Teens Run DC as our parkrunners of the week. This Saturday they will be volunteering and running for the first time at Roosevelt Island!

Teens Run DC - parkrunners of the week

Teens Run DC (TRDC) is a local non-profit sports-based youth development organization. Through its youth mentoring and distance running program, TRDC promotes the physical, social, and emotional well-being of DC middle and high school youth. TRDC offers weekday programming at seven partner schools, as well as a community-based program that meets on Saturday mornings. Youth who demonstrate a strong commitment to the program are matched with individual volunteer mentors who help them to envision and work towards the achievement of running and life goals. Teens Run DC also participates in numerous races, community events (like parkrun!), service learning opportunities, and social activities throughout the program year.

Teens Run DC - parkrunners of the week

TRDC was introduced to parkrun in April of 2016 through Darrell Stanaford (parkrun USA Country Manager). The following month, they participated in their first ever parkrun at Fletcher's Cove. From that point on, Teens Run DC became increasingly involved in parkrun and they are proud to have hosted the inaugural Anacostia parkrun in November 2017! Since November, TRDC has continued to host (and participate in) Anacostia parkrun on a monthly basis. parkrun has provided a great opportunity for TRDC runners to track their progress more regularly; interact with members of other local running communities; and practice taking ownership by serving in a variety of volunteer roles.

Teens Run DC - parkrunners of the week

While Anacostia has become our home run, we are looking forward to our first visit to Roosevelt Island this weekend - for many TRDC students, this will be their first ever trail run!

Teens Run DC - parkrunners of the week

For more information on Teens Run DC, visit www.teensrundc.org. We also welcome you to join us for our 3rd annual Mentoring Matters 5K on Saturday, May 12 in Anacostia Park!

Teens Run DC - parkrunners of the week


Mia – barkrunner of the week!

Hi all, Foxy here. This week, I caught up with my friend Mia, a marvelous gal and barkrunner of the week, for an exclusive:

Mia - barkrunner of the week 4/11/18

Mia, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I came to DC from a South Carolina shelter after Lucky Dog Animal Rescue posted my picture and my humans asked to adopt me. My humans say they think I was a hunting dog. I suppose this is because I love to run and I am always trying to catch squirrels.

Cool, I’m a Lucky Dog alum too!
So, we met at Roosevelt Island parkrun - I’m curious, what do you like about parkrun? Have you had a chance to volunteer yet?

There are so many nice people who attend and they give me lots of attention. And just last Saturday, I helped out as tailwalker. I also love trail running.

Mia - barkrunner of the week 4/11/18

Trail running is the best. Where is your favorite place to run?
I love running with other dogs in Montrose park and of course Roosevelt Island.

Are there other activities that you really enjoy?
I like to jump against the back windows in my new forever home hoping that someday they won't be there and I will be able to get the squirrels that tantalize and torment me. Often times my humans let me out back, but the squirrels hear the door opening and are well up into the tree branches before I get far.

Mia - barkrunner of the week 4/11/18

Those darn squirrelly squirrels! They drive me batty too! Okay, time for the lightning round:

Favorite toy? Squirrel and chipmunk look alikes-

Your best party trick? Shaking and jumping like a helicopter, straight up, fast and high....

Preferred spot in the house? wherever my humans like to sit, the couches in particular...

If you could drive a car, what would it be? A Mia-ta of course. It is named after me because we are both fast and sporty.

Songs that help you get your groove on?
Me and Mia by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Mamma Mia by Abba, and Mimi (Mia) on the Beach by Jane Siberry.

Cats - Friends or Foes?
Not sure yet- My humans have cats. One of them paws at me and sits near me but I am wary because another scratched my face when I tried to get too near. I look at them with a sideways glance.

If you could have a human job, what would it be? I would be a rock star- I love attention, I love to be crazy, and of course I am always wearing black.

If you went to human school, which extracurricular activities would you participate in? Track and Field- Hurdles :) And film club - I loved the god-like fish man in "Shape of Water".

Awesome Mia! Thank you so much, and congrats on being barkrunner of the week! Well deserved!

Mia - barkrunner of the week 4/11/18 Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018


Roosevelt Island parkrun – Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Miserable weather was promised for our Saturday morning parkrun on Roosevelt Island. Rain, sleet, and snow were on the menu, despite the date - the identified peak bloom day for the DC cherry blossom. However, yet again, we were lucky enough to have dry weather and bracing temperatures – just right for a morning run. The numbers were slightly less than we had hoped for on a Spring morning, although we suspect some of our regulars took time out to save energy for the traditional cherry blossom 10 miler the next day (and it wasn’t a Spring morning).

As usual, the runners included a mixture of tourists and first timers. Again, an astounding 24 of our 51 runners were first timers. The tourists included visitors from several US states, Poland, Australia, Ireland, and several Brits (again Bushy Park was represented). Six 100 shirts and nine 50 shirts were in evidence, as well as six with 25 volunteering shirts (and I know that at least one of them would qualify for a 50 volunteering shirt if it were available). And yes, we had our regular assembly of barkrunners too, although Mia was limited to finish token volunteering this time, much to her obvious irritation as her ‘mom’ was tail-walker.

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018 Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Our newly introduced pre-race briefing was conducted by joint event director, Svetlana Stanaford. This has been much appreciated as the number of runners increases. We are looking out for these first timers to return and move on to collect 50, 100 & more parkrun shirts.

There are many performances to highlight, but two people need special mention. First the Gazelle from Norfolk, UK, Sam Thelwell, who skipped round to record his first (I believe) leading overall position. Second, mention must be made of Kendall Tata, who achieved an age grade of 82% to smash the VW 55-59 age category Roosevelt Island record with 21.46 (and 3rd overall). Kendall also caught the eye in her most patriotic of uniform.

The comments heard at the finish were enthusiastic. Our island course has yet to attain its spring beauty, but it stuns so many people that such a delightful parkrun site can be found in the middle of Washington DC. There is a unique charm in our boutique RI parkrun. All appreciate the challenge and the atmosphere. Moreover those coming from the larger foreign runs enjoy the smaller parkrun experience. I overheard an English family congratulating themselves for being in the top 50, an unfamiliar experience when your home run comprises many hundreds of runners.

Finally, many thanks to an Arlington County initiative, Hands2Hearts CPR training was on hand at Central Coffee, our post-run meetup venue. This training gave an introduction to CPR and served as a reminder to go a stage further to get CPR certification.

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018

Volunteers lubricate the cogs of each parkrun. We were graced with 12 such willing helpers this week. Thanks to all. Please opt-in for volunteering and let us know if you wish to join the Hi-Viz heroes at rooseveltislanddchelpers@parkrun.com. Looking forward to seeing you all next week when, I promise, Spring will be sprung!.

Nick Young
Run Director

Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018 Roosevelt Island parkrun - Run Report – Event #73 – April 7, 2018


Staying connected with family and friends through parkrun

On a bright, crisp morning, Roosevelt Island hosted a record 89 parkrunners for our Easter weekend parkrun. Saturday also marked another milestone in the parkrun community, as Jamaica Pond in Boston launched its first official parkrun. James Gusmer, a Roosevelt Island parkrunner (and this run reporter’s beloved brother!), who is currently studying in Boston, took a break from the books and made the 8 mile roundtrip from campus to the pond to participate in the opening festivities. To James and all the Jamaica Pond parkrunners: congratulations on a successful opening weekend! Jamaicin’ us excited to welcome another location to the US parkrun family!

Roosevelt Island DC parkrun # 72 - 31/03/2018

After giving Jamaica Pond a whiteboard welcome, runners were led around the island by the dynamic duo of parkrun tourists Mark and Aidan Banfield. Mark and Aidan crossed the line first and third, respectively. Katie Banfield was also on hand to help finishers with tokens and scanning. Way to go, Team Banfield!

Roosevelt Island DC parkrun # 72 - 31/03/2018

Mark Krumm defended his title of Fastest Stroller Runner with his two daughters, ages 3 and 5, in tow. His wife and 7-month old son were also present along multiple parts of the course to cheer on runners.

Roosevelt Island DC parkrun # 72 - 31/03/2018

Out of the 89 participants, 14 posted PBs, and 35 were first timers. Well done to all! We were also joined by many tourists, such as Nick Murray and James Walsh, who enjoyed the island’s scenery - but the hillier terrain, not so much…
One of our tourists, Laura Mallaghan from Waterworks parkrun, had been present for our inaugural parkrun back in 2016. Laura works as a school teacher in Ireland and sets aside class time every day for her students to run 1 mile. This gives students an opportunity not only to release energy, but also to practice calculating the conversion between kilometers and miles. Laura has spent the past week exploring the Adams Morgan neighborhood and enjoying a well-deserved holiday. Welcome back, Laura-and congrats on your 2 min PB!

Saturday’s run could not have functioned as smoothly as it did without the extraordinary efforts of run director Svetlana Stanaford and our other Hi-viz heroes: Connie Philipot, Katie Banfield, Lynda and Paul Heran, Mark Bernkopf, Mary Robert Carter, Nick Young, Rosemary Schwartzbard, Songman Gu, Terrot Marianne, and of course, our wonderful volunteer coordinators Joyce Adams and Travis Helms.

Roosevelt Island DC parkrun # 72 - 31/03/2018

Finally, special thanks to Svetlana for coercing/providing me the opportunity to contribute this week’s run report. Though I have always appreciated the energetic and welcoming atmosphere of parkrun, it was not until this weekend that I truly gained a more tangible sense of how unique parkrun is. I usually attend the RI parkrun with my brother James, so it felt weird going it alone this weekend without him. However, the reality was that I was not alone: though we were 450 miles away from each other, we were still able to connect with each other by running in an event on the same day, for the same distance, at the same time (okay, perhaps that last one’s a stretch; James probably finished at least 5 minutes before I did!). It was so amazing that my brother and I were able to maintain our strong sibling bond through our ties to our larger, extended family—that is, our extended family of parkun USA.

Karen Gusmer


Hillary, parkrunner of the week!

Hillary has become a regular at Roosevelt Island. In the past few months we have really seen our local parkrun community growing with familiar faces coming every week. With 10 runs complete at the island we wanted to hear more about her experiences with parkrun and what inspires her to keep coming back!

Although I have always been an active person, I didn't start running until just a couple years ago—when I was writing a thesis for my Master's program while working full-time. To say that I was experiencing cabin fever at the time is an understatement. Running provided me with an outlet that catered to my challenging schedule. However, it wasn't until after I defended my thesis and moved to DC that I first learned about parkrun and made running a habit.

Many studies point to the numerous health benefits of running: helping with problems of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Wanting to pursue a healthier lifestyle and capitalize on my newfound motivation for running, I set a goal to run every week. During that time, I read about parkrun in a community newsletter, thought it would be a great motivator to help me stay accountable, and started regularly participating.

Parkrun helps me achieve my fitness goals. Runs are held every week at the same time throughout the year. Because results are emailed shortly after each run, I can easily track my progress, which encourages me to push myself each and every week. The best part of all: parkrun is free!

What attracted me to parkrun was the casual, welcoming atmosphere. You don't have to come in with a prior history of running in order feel a sense of camaraderie. On the course you encounter a wide variety of participants: runners, walkers, dogs, strollers—parkrunners young and old. All are welcome.

In the midst of the urban sprawl of Arlington county's skyscrapers lies the gem of Roosevelt Island. Although there are several parkruns in the DC area, the Roosevelt Island course is one of a kind. The island boasts a monument, boardwalk, Potomac River views, and a nearby metro stop. In addition, the course regularly attracts an eclectic, international crowd; international visitors stop by to the Roosevelt Island parkrun as part of their DC visit.

Whether you are looking to take a quick break from a challenging schedule, live a healthier life, achieve fitness goals, meet new people, or enjoy the outdoors, why not give parkrun a try? You might get more than you bargained for.


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