May parkrunner of the Month – Mark Daniels!

Congratulations to one of our newest parkrunners, Mark Daniels, for being named parkrunner of the Month for May. Mark started coming to parkrun in April and has already volunteered a few times as well. Mark's easy going nature and sense of humor are appreciated by the other volunteers at the finish line. If he's running, he's sure to make everyone laugh when he passes by, tossing out a witty comment or two. We look forward to getting to know you better, and we're glad you're a part of the parkrun family.

Renton parkrun 6/2/18

Mark answered some questions for us, and his responses are below!
Home parkrun: Renton
# of parkruns: 5
Volunteer roles: Finish Tokens (1) Finish Token Support (1) Timekeeper (1)
How did you hear about parkrun?
I heard about parkrun from one of the Deans at the college where I work.
How has parkrun changed your fitness/running?
parkrun has made running something I look forward to doing every Saturday morning.
What do you like about parkrun?
I like the route (nice and flat!), running with people of all ages and abilities and the people in general. Runners are nice people!
What is your most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?
It has to be my 1970's freeze frame jump at the finish line a few weeks ago... or waiting for Mark Daniels to step up to accept his parkrunner of the Month certificate. I couldn't believe I didn't recognize my own name. That was too funny!

Renton parkrun #28


Celebrating parkrunners from Far and Near – Run Report for 6.9.18

With the Des Moines Creek parkrun starting the same day, It was great to see 41 runners and walkers come out for Renton parkrun #31. Many of our regulars were either attending the inaugural run in Des Moines as local tourists, or transitioning to their new home parkrun. Our numbers in Renton were bolstered by 11 parkrun tourists from four continents. 

Renton parkrun #31

We had an all Aussie sweep in first, second and third finisher positions. Pictured above from left to right are David Houghton of Sale parkrun near Melbourne (2nd finisher;) Robert Haynes; Michael Richardson of Rhodes parkrun, Sydney (3rd finisher); and Antoine Desmet of Maitland parkrun outside of Sydney (1st finisher).  

Renton parkrun #31

Antoine was pretty excited to get his first ever first-overall finish.

Renton parkrun #31

Heather and Brian Harper Enniskillen parkrun in Northern Ireland (the easternmost parkrun in the UK) chatted with Michael Richardson after the event. 

Renton parkrun #31

Khanya finished strong with mom Betsy Meyer from Winterton parkrun in South Africa.

Renton parkrun #31

Brother Joshua crossed the finish line just a few minutes later with his grandfather who lives in Enumclaw.

Renton parkrun #31

Keith Collingwood was in town for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon and used parkrun as a warm up. Welcome to parkrun, Keith! 

Renton parkrun #31

We celebrated two junior milestones with brothers Owen and Jack Johnson each running in their 10th parkrun.

Renton parkrun #31

The boys were good sports to run in their celebratory capes!

Renton parkrun #31

See you next week!

Written by Brian Thompson


Bright sunshiney days! Event #30

The weather is clearing up around the PNW and we've had plenty of sun at Renton parkrun!


Thankfully most of our trail is in the shade but we want to remind our runners and volunteers to pack a water bottle through the summer -- especially our volunteers who are always standing exposed in the sun. And don't forget your hat and sunblock!


Summer parkrun check list:

  1. Water bottle (freeze the night before for cold water)
  2. Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher)
  3. Hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. A big smile



Run Report- Renton parkrun #29

A cheerful crowd of 42 finishers and 10 volunteers enjoyed a beautiful morning at Renton parkrun.

Cathy Nelson flashed by the camera in her bright outfit at the turn-around!

Renton parkrun 5/26/18

Meanwhile, at the finish line Drea Lyon and Mark Daniels were ready and waiting for finishers with their stopwatches and smiles. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers this week!

Renton parkrun 5/26/18

Here are Renton parkrun first-timers Lloyd and Jasmine Droppers with a very coordinated lean at the first turn-around, and then smiling happily at the finish. Though it's been a few years since they last attended a parkrun in their home country of New Zealand, they had their barcodes at the ready and knew that they'd be welcomed as part of the global parkrun family.

Renton parkrun 5/26/18Renton parkrun 5/26/18

Russell and Logan enjoyed the course, but Logan was a bit more shy about having his picture taken...

Renton parkrun 5/26/18

Volunteer Stefano Gallotti (right), who scanned barcodes at the finish after he ran a quick 20:40 5K, brought along friend and colleague Matt Hedge (left) this week. Welcome to Renton parkrun, Matt!

Renton parkrun 5/26/18

After parkrun, Renton Co-Event Director Cathryn Burby helped Earl Harper, future Event Director of Des Moines Creek parkrun, practice results processing over breakfast at the Whistle Stop Ale House in downtown Renton.

Renton parkrun 5/26/18

Make sure to get enough sleep Friday night so you're ready for the next parkrun!

Renton parkrun 5/26/18


Leyla Johnson is our April parkrunner of the Month!

We recently awarded Leyla Johnson with the April parkrunner of the month award on the same day she ran her 10th parkrun! She is the first junior parkrunner to reach the 10 club and she claimed a shiny new PB that day, too. Congratulations on all of your achievements, Leyla!

She answered a few questions for us about her parkrunning experiences both running and volunteering, and her answers are below!

Renton parkrun 5/12/18

What's your favorite thing about parkrun and why?


My favorite thing about parkrun is that when I go through the finish line everyone is cheering me on because when people cheer me on I feel motivated to finish strong!


5k is a long distance to run.  When you get tired, what (or who) helps keep you motivated to keep going?


My dad, by saying I can do it because I have done it, and I can do it again.


You are the first person under 18 to make it to 10 parkruns in Renton.  What would you tell other kids who don't think that they could run a 5k (or 10)?


It takes a lot of practice and you have to work towards it but you can do it!


How does it make you feel to be a volunteer for parkrun?  


Being a volunteer makes me feel good because I can cheer other people on just like they do with me. 


What job do you want to try next?


Next time I volunteer I want to give out the finish tokens!
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