April 14, 2018 – parkrun #61

As the pre-event crew was running the trail before parkrun this morning, we noticed something up ahead on the trail.  The comments ranged from thinking it was a group of cats,to skunks, to maybe even dogs, but as we got closer, it turned out to be three peacocks & a peahen from Kingwood Center Gardens.

It's  amazing what a week will do with the weather.  Last week it was cold & a bit white with snow on the sides of the trail.   Today the temperatures were in the mid-60's with just the beginnings of green on the bushes that line the trail.   We lucked out this morning, as the forecast was calling for rain, but it was clear skies till we were all off the trail & home.

There was lots to celebrate this morning.  We wished Joyce Dunham a happy birthday today.  Kieth Sammet  joined us as a first timer,  Kieth made the trek from Upper Sandusky with his parents Derek & Linda.  This family not only had Kieth come across the finish line first, but Derek & Linda had PB's too!   Congrats to Kelly Cropp & Diana Shealy for marking their 25th parkrun.


Shout outs to the following folks for new PB's, Derek Sammet, Linda Sammet, Stephanie Heestand, Bob Kline, Mike Bair, Jean Taddie!

Important Reminders:

*Starting May 5, 2018, parkrun will start at 8:00am.  It will be at 8:00am through September.

*Coffee will be at the park pavilion on Saturday, April 21st.

Thank you to the following for making our parkrun possible:

Karen CRANE • Steve CRANE • Karyl PRICE • Linda KLINE • Chris SCHOLL • Amanda STANFIELD • Jon FULWIDER • Ann ROBINSON • Adrienne RANDALL • Brittany FISHER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mansfield OH parkrun Results Page.



April 7, 2018 – parkrun #60

Definitely get the feeling that this winter is just never going to let up for Mansfield's parkrun. It was once again a crisp morning with the start of our run at 25 degrees. Although cold, the sun was peeking out between the clouds. we had 20 participants along with three dog friends for this our 60th parkrun. There were no PB's this week, but there was plenty of comaradery.

Here are a few photos from this morning's parkrun, some of our four legged friends along with our runners & walkers.


New to the parkrun community is Aspen, CO.  They are the 20th parkrun in the US. We gave them a big shout out this morning.  Sure they'll enjoy many fun Saturday's to come.
Important Notes: *Starting May 5, 2018 - Mansfield's parkrun start time will be 8:00am.  This will be in effect through September.
*Want to volunteer at a parkrun?  A sign up sheet is available at park pavilion each Saturday.  Or e-mail us at mansfieldohhelpers@parkrun.com
*Post run/walk coffee will be held at Park Pavilion this coming Saturday, April 14th.

Thank you to the following for volunteering for parkrun #60:
>Karen CRANE • Steve CRANE • Linda KLINE • Jon FULWIDER • Bob KLINE • Steve SCHOPP • Adrienne RANDALL • David COOPER
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mansfield OH parkrun Results Page.


parkrun #59 03/31/18

Sunshine welcomed 36 runners at the start of parkrun #59. Seven first timers joined us today! Welcome to Ian, Owen, Trent, Barrett, Ryan, Angie and Tamara! We hope to see you next week. Jeff Zeha, in town for a visit with the inlaws, claimed top honors as he completed 10 miles for the day. Great to see you, Jeff!


Jon is in the Easter spirit as he edges toward his 50th run. He is likely to be our first parkrunner to claim 50 runs!

Adrienne introduces Random who will soon be strong enough to join her as 'tailwagger'. Thanks for volunteering, Adrienne, and for letting us play with Random!


We are, as always, very grateful to our wonderful volunteers! Thanks to
Karyl PRICE • Linda KLINE • Sharon KOCHHEISER • Jon FULWIDER • Adrienne RANDALL • Jean TADDIE • Diana SHEALY • Joyce DUNHAM • Hudson CULP • Karen CRANE • Steve CRANE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mansfield OH parkrun Results Page.
Post parkrun coffee will be at the park pavilion building on Saturday April 7th.


March 24, 2018 – parkrun #58

We began parkrun #58 with crisp temperatures in the mid 20's but with partly sunny skies it felt pretty darn good. This week 34 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom seven were first timers and six recorded new Personal Bests.

At our pre-run/walk briefing we took a moment to welcome a new parkrun in Kensington, MD. We're sure they'll have many wonderful Saturday's to come.
parkrun, 3-24-18

We also welcomed visitors Ellen & Ryan Lambrix along with their six month old son. They were in from London to visit family in the Cleveland area. As they are regular parkrunners at Bushy Park, they traveled to Mansfield to run with us today. Always so much fun when we get visitors in from around the US & the world.
parkrun, 3-24-18

The event was made possible by nine volunteers: Catherine PERHALA • Chris SCHOLL • David MILLER • Dylan HUNTER • Karen CRANE • Kevin HORRIGAN • Linda KLINE • Stephanie MULHERIN & Jack SHARP

Catherine Perhala was tail walker along with Jack Sharp & her canine buddy Gus.
parkrun, 3-24-18

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mansfield OH parkrun Results Page.


Parkrun #57 3/17/18

It's still cold and snowy in Mansfield but we were so happy today to see a faithful turnout for parkrun # 57.
Thanks to Dave Cooper for traveling to join us today and to learn all about the parkrun system and to the great participants and volunteers we have in Mansfield. Welcome also to Troy,Jeff and Madelyn who joined us for the first time. Thanks to our volunteers today: Karyl as run director; Chris as marshall; Hudson and Kevin who timed; David our token person; Matt as scanner; and Ann (with V) as tail walkers. We appreciate the great photos by Steve Crane.

Personal best times were recorded by Karen, Ashley and Catherine. Great job to all!

We also were delighted to sample the yummy mint chocolate shamrock cookies generously baked and donated by Catherine Perhala. Thanks so much, Catherine!

We're having technical difficulties adding this weeks pics. Hopefully we'll have them posted shortly.

Complete results can be found here:


Join us next week for post run coffee at Relax, It's Just Coffee. See you Sat!

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